Doominatorx6's Friends

Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 RedmptionDenied RedmptionDenied 1,034,319
Munitions Plant - Skilled in TimeShift
2 flyingmario5404 flyingmario5404Summer has officially started for me. so excited. 705,985
I Removed a Stain in Charlie Murder
3 YODA12320 YODA12320WTF Fifa 14 redid manager task list on a new FUT account and still won't pop! :/ 694,565
Just Getting Used to it in BLAZBLUE CS EXTEND
4 Doominatorx6 Doominatorx6Oh look. More EA stuff. I DIDN'T FORGET WHAT YOU DID TO COMMAND AND CONQUER YOU FUCKS 641,061
The Volunteer in XCOM: Enemy Unknown
5 Chaos Mythology Chaos 620,237
Trueblood in Ryse: Son of Rome
6 OdorlessFurball OdorlessFurballWow, now that SS4 is free, there are an amazing amount of faggots and mexicans with shitty connections playing. 567,213
Five Points Gangsta in Painkiller H&D
7 TricKyRicKy xD TricKyRicKy xD30G in the past 5 days, yeah im doing okay :P 549,774
Let's Go Streaking in Microsoft Jackpot
8 Best ln Philly Best ln Philly"I like doing retail games. I do. My heart's with Arcade games. The games you can bang out in a day" -Wraithrock 527,617
Water Tower in MLB® Stickball
9 Frank9080 Frank9080You are all scrubs 519,003
Motor Like No Other in NBA 2K14
10 planting42 planting42Period 29 has been extended. 4 teams are now facing elimination. 498,907
優愛とChu☆Chu! in CHAOS;HEAD らぶChu☆Chu!
11 Mister Buds Mister Buds 489,177
Experienced Commander in Raven Squad
12 MidgetsInactive MidgetsInactive 467,737
The Last Suit You'll Ever Wear in The Bureau
13 AKA Swede AKA Swede 395,967
14 oxHARMONxo oxHARMONxoLooks like we have 2 new apps to check out. USA NOW and SYFY Now for the one. 374,755
Just Getting Warmed Up in Syfy Now
Initiated in Gotham City Impostors
Deadly Performer in BattleBlock Theater
17 Eskobar M92 Eskobar M92Busy with Destiny beta. it rocks. 347,844
One Careful Owner in Mafia II (JP)
18 FEAR PointMan24 FEAR PointMan24I need 3 more people interested in doing all the mp in Bioshock 2 PC asap. Please comment to join my group. 346,336
Look at the shiny stars! in SpongeBob Surf & Skate
19 KillerBEA XBA KillerBEA XBA 328,310
Getting Weird Around Here in Assassin's Creed® IV Black Flag™
20 Elmo TeH AzN Elmo TeH AzNSo Anyone For Halo CE Co-Op? 313,270
Into the DiRT in DiRT 3
21 CONKER1182 CONKER1182Does anybody have the link for XB1 voice studio? 272,195
Pro-Am in Real Racing 2
22 xs Silence sx xs Silence sxAs soon as I can figure out why my HDMI capture device isn't working on Ubuntu, I'm going to gold star Toxic in DC2. 260,219
Aced! in Peggle 2
23 MuscularTea MuscularTeaGot me the EA ACCESS. 259,404
Beyond the Trees in Walking Dead: Season 2
24 Derek Mania Derek Mania 257,572
Chapter 3 Complete in Mirror's Edge™
25 TheOceanic815 TheOceanic815Anybody up for a game of zombies in like 2 hours? Just for fun. Looking for two more people 254,046
Piece of Cake in Duke Nukem 3D
26 tractakid tractakididk what happened to my gamerscore obsession. i blame planting. 247,281
Double Double in Wordament Snap Attack
27 Will072 Will072 233,078
Beat your Frenemies in Wordament
28 omgeezus omgeezus 225,759
Guest of Honor in Tropico 3
29 alklein92201 alklein92201People are stupid. 214,545
Distinguished Service in Halo: Spartan Assault
30 Mystic Typh00n Mystic Typh00nI'm back. 203,516
Toe in the Water in Warface
31 Bytyqi BytyqiJust picked up another 360 with 3 controllers, 27 games, 2 steelseries headsets, 1 turtle beach headset, and 2 DJ hero 201,087
Now THAT'S using your head! in SAW2
32 Callumpy 189,941
Pro Keys Apprentice in Rock Band 3
33 BROOKER 513 BROOKER 513let's see what this week brings 184,230
Killing Spree in Alien Breed Episode 1
34 Maelstorm95 Maelstorm95Knowing how to think empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think. 179,325
Mer-man in Assassin's Creed® IV Black Flag™
35 ShottyEddie ShottyEddieCS Global Offensive: God of War: 10.000/10.000 176,678
36 Xbox Skully Xbox Skully 176,174
37 Brknhero BrknheroIt's always darkest... just before it goes pitch black 171,624
Gun Thugs in State of Decay
38 Beachem BeachemDestiny beta is awesome! Can't wait to get the full game in September. Really fun game to play with friends. 167,552
Fuzzy Locks in Jetpack Joyride
39 ShadowMonkey987 ShadowMonkey987Don't know whether I should start on my GFWL Games. I've got quite a few to do. 167,053
Estus Flask in DARK SOULS
40 KiNG Y0Y0 KiNG Y0Y0That midnight launch was nuts. 200 people in to hours. 164,823
Trading Pure Alpha in Grand Theft Auto V
41 Se4nzZ WoRLd Se4nzZ WoRLdIs now single and ready to mingle...with my xbox 164,647
Master Librarian in The Wolf Among Us
42 Epic Debaser Epic DebaserWatch the England game or play Forza 5? Not sure if I can be bothered watching eleven overpaid shitheads play football. 158,327
Viva La Resurrección in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
43 Kid Vranic Kid VranicOn an adventure playing all my games I have collected over the years! 156,620
Hello World ! in BlazBlue
44 King Nothing King Nothing 138,222
Pick Pocket in Batman: Arkham City™
45 Vicious Goetz Vicious GoetzSo frustrating when achievements don't unlock 137,371
Battle-Hardened in Warface
46 xXIzaHovaXx xXIzaHovaXxDay 16...I think. 129,980
47 WingZ3ro V2 WingZ3ro V2got the job 126,932
Some more Special than Others in NBA 2K14
48 Duskdorm DuskdormWorking on: nothing in particular. 126,529
Good head on your shoulders in FIFA 09
49 z RagnaroK z z RagnaroK zWow it's been a while, my how the site has grown and changed. What's up everyone? 125,310
Seasoned Performer in BattleBlock Theater
50 Sleepwalker18 Sleepwalker18Finally got a new 360. Thank you so much Nick! I love you <3 115,313
Bomb Squad in Sleeping Dogs™
51 The Ice Player The Ice PlayerSkyrim, you're up next! 115,001
Thunder's Endurance in Killer Instinct
52 Confused Shelf Confused ShelfTA Pro has expired! Crazy to think it has been 2 years since I wrote my blog leaderboard. 110,347
With Friends Like These… in Skyrim
53 Cause CauseI'm stuck at 98.33% in GTA IV [angry] 109,736
Link Repeater in Battlefield 4
54 Layth DireBeard Layth DireBeardWhere can I find the beandive option? 104,730
How Hospitable of you in NHL® 14
55 General Kill 27 General Kill 27 99,834
Dual-wield expert in Wolfenstein: The New Order
56 Stuartneeg Stuartneeg 96,635
Stick Up Kid in Grand Theft Auto V
57 BuckSatan2VP BuckSatan2VP4 More Cheevos until I have 3000! 91,579
Beyond the Trees in Walking Dead: Season 2
58 STZ513 STZ513Finally picked up Halo Anniversary. Now to get Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3 and Skyrim GotY when it comes out 70,318
Welcome To Zeta in Gears of War 3
59 Javier Bardem Javier BardemThat ball's OUTTA HERE!!! Chase Utley, you are the man! 65,115
Zombie Slaughter in Dead Rising 2
60 SamuelC4 SamuelC4SSX is the best sports game I've ever played, definitely recommend it to everybody 57,215
Trading Pure Alpha in Grand Theft Auto V
61 BDSLiVe BDSLiVeWho has enough money for all the new games that are coming out? 43,462
Smart Alec in 5th Grader
62 iF White Boy iF White Boyxbox service alert sign ins are unacceptable for how much we pay a year. 24,368
Ironman in NASCAR Inside Line
63 abtimbad abtimbad 4,934
Need a Deck Of Cards in Aliens: CM
64 Jizo Bosatsu Jizo Bosatsumirrors edge completed 1250G! Fifa world cup 2006 completed 1000G!! 4,479
Win the World Cup in 2006 FIFA World Cup™
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