iLIKEchicken007's Friends

Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Stallion83 Stallion83Assassin's Creed Chronicles - China for $2.50 (Digital Code) 2,193,491
Marksman in Just Cause 2
2 smrnov smrnov 2,151,105
Duck And Cover in Tentacles: ETM
3 Rand al Thor 19 Rand al Thor 19Come check out our special guest Mike Mika on this weeks TXR Podcast!! 1,706,212
Full House in Need for Speed™
4 jimmyhova jimmyhova 1,462,409
AAs revenge in Battlefield 3
5 Pigimus Prime Pigimus Primeim going to a barsby wedding this july! 1,338,652
Out With A Bang in Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone
6 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehSo the now 5 achievements not unlocking total 1873 TA. D= 1,101,170
A World of Pure Imagination in Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone
7 Omega Deez Omega Deez 923,835
Restin' In Power in NBA 2K16
8 Flava1975 Flava1975Can someone help me with the 50 Tornaments on Table Tennis? Need 1 more, thanks!! 809,216
Prince Regent in Gems of War
9 VodkaFlockaFlme VodkaFlockaFlme 800,741
Mathematical Pharaoh in Equalicious
10 AHP Elite Dawg AHP Elite DawgI need active neverwinter people to run stuff with hit me up on the xbox lets get you into the Achievement Hounds Clan so we can all hook up 793,520
Give It a Rest in Rock Band 4
11 b30118218 b30118218Giving away 3x GoW remastered beta codes, go to for a chance to win 785,981
Wanderlust in Microsoft Bingo
12 acedawg4 acedawg4Where did the What's Your First Achievement article go??? 752,372
The Pressures of Family in Game of Thrones - Episode 1: Iron from Ice
13 CRAZE KILER CRAZE KILERHalo Sparton Strike for windows is on sale for 10 cents 725,924
Banana race master in Monkey Pirates
14 bongohawley bongohawley 725,793
Not out of Gobblegum! in Call of Duty®: Black Ops III
15 moroniccow moroniccowRecording Ep 212. Anything we need to talk about? 664,861
Homerun! in Fallout 4
16 mfeforever mfeforever 589,143
My Pet, Monster in Saints Row: The Third
17 Matty to tha G Matty to tha GSpartacus: current level 39/50 577,872
Up All Night in Dance Central 3
18 Snowsux SnowsuxSo tired of achievements not popping when they are supposed to on the one. 537,650
Speed Bumps in [PROTOTYPE]™
19 NightHawk673 NightHawk673Tomb Raider > Fallout 503,432
Aiding the Outcasts in Fallout 3
20 RDW040 RDW040Rayman fiesta run on windows 8 has had 25gs removed from the base game wtf is that even allowed?... 490,020
I suggest a new strategy in STAR WARS™ Battlefront™
21 Lord of Orion Lord of OrionHaving trouble determining what I am most excited about for Xbox One ... Halo 5, Quantum Break, Crackdown 3, or HALO WAR 2 ... YES, HALO WARS 2!!! 471,676
Mercenary in Fallout 3
22 Omfamna OmfamnaHo Ho Ho Bitches! 457,490
Creator of Life in Doodle God™ Blitz
23 PE0014 PE0014I am actually loving guitar hero live... 450,324
Mining for Gold in Microsoft Solitaire Collection
24 Hickster Hickster 436,709
Warlord in Halo 5: Guardians
25 crmygoodness crmygoodness 435,016
The Beginning of the End in Call of Duty®: Black Ops III
26 toddycst toddycstOff hiatus 421,752
The First Step in Fallout 4
27 bigdaddy1622 bigdaddy1622 409,952
Quite A Tumble in Rise of the Tomb Raider
28 Efford Effordachievement for killing 200 people in the evil within didnt pop. hmmm 405,824
Re-up in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
29 Phantom Zero Z Phantom Zero Z 392,319
Night Court in Destiny
30 iLIKEchicken007 iLIKEchicken007Making a comeback? 390,651
Tactical Specialist in Call of Duty®: Black Ops III
31 B8TINGU B8TINGUDamn it Ben 10, you screwed me...sigh looks like another playthru. 388,908
Shooters Rejoice in The Simpsons™ Game
32 FLYN NE WEATHER FLYN NE WEATHERWhy do Forza games have to be so grindy? Operation complete engage. 384,832
Strike! in Call of Duty®: Black Ops III
33 Obb Shank Obb ShankIf I pop another achievement without actually earning it I'm gonna quit. 373,696
Hmmmmm in Borderlands 2
34 Wiznyatt Wiznyatt#1 for Truescore in Minnesota for Sports Games. Not much...but it's something to build on. 372,870
Locked and Loaded in NHL® 14
35 TuftyAlx312 TuftyAlx312Anyone that can help me finish Halo:MCC drop me a message, I will do my utmost to return favour! 358,759
Not On InGen's List in LEGO® Jurassic World™
36 CasperTC CasperTCHalo Wars 2!! Now that should be awesome on Windows 10. 355,303
Reunion in The Walking Dead: Season Two
37 wtbuffs87 wtbuffs87new milestone: 48% completion! Haven't been there in a while.. 353,549
Leveraging Resources in Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone
38 dez1729 dez1729I sometimes miss the simple days of cheevo-hunting. 333,501
Legacy in Halo 5: Guardians
39 OzzysShadyDisco OzzysShadyDiscoDragon Mania Legends: 2c32 332,812
Show off in Dragon Mania Legends
40 Steaksaucepie SteaksaucepieKiller Instinct has a 21gb patch that I had to download. What. The. Fuck. 328,375
Let's Go Streaking in Microsoft Jackpot
41 soul in a jar soul in a jarNCAA Football 2007-2012 Madden 2006-2012 327,702
King of Kings in Gems of War
42 A KING 84 A KING 84Games, Games, Games...... more Games 319,893
In the Zone in Dragon Mania Legends
43 pTartTX pTartTXCheck out my member of the month interview: 289,965
Become a Star in Microsoft Solitaire Collection
44 NitrousSpeed NitrousSpeedFor some reason it won't let me use my Bejeweled 2 save from 360 to play it backwards compatibility & continue from where i left off on Endless mode 286,310
Mr Lonely in Thomas Was Alone
45 mast3r 0r0m1s mast3r 0r0m1s 262,179
Alex's Luggage Combination in Rock Band 3
46 TAZ98 TAZ98 259,606
Prisoners in Yasai Ninja
47 Hailz666 Hailz666Spartacus about to fall then Metro Last Light and South Park TSOT. 251,662
Holy Knockout Batman! in Injustice
48 HappyCampersII HappyCampersIITips for Make It Rain: If you have problems with achievements, try a second WP device to pick up the buggy achievements. 250,465
Fake Smile in Rayman Jungle Run
49 CSARdiver CSARdiverFried chicken & C12 - it's a date! 244,710
Your Team is Your Weapon in Halo 5: Guardians
50 DSTEW DAS DSTEW DASI've jumped to PS4, solely to play baseball. New gt- DSTEWtheGOD. I'll be playing MLB The Show 15. Church! 238,051
Intruder alert! Intruder alert! in LEGO® Batman™ 3
51 Mrs Munkeh Mrs Munkehbeen absent too long, time to reject my children and show my xbox some love :D 211,374
Shadow Apprentice in Killer Instinct
52 orgazmo44 orgazmo44games games games 211,069
Deadly Specialist in Call of Duty®: Black Ops III
53 Wein Simmons Wein Simmons 210,949
Mankind-Redefined in Fallout 4
54 Vascoa Vascoaso may achievements earned offline, nooooo!!!! Hope all is still going well with all of you 208,375
Singularity Mastery in Mass Effect
55 Apokalyp5e Apokalyp5eDoes anyone know if the new Ultimate Edition Gears online kills will stack with what you've already done in the original game?? 5,900 out of ????? 207,511
Commonwealth Citizen in Fallout 4
56 Shady Van Guy Shady Van GuySilence Is Golden 183,641
My Rules in Halo 5: Guardians
57 kewlkid360 kewlkid360not touching another game besides civil war until I get forza 3 solid gold.....join me on parallel kingdom on mobile 180,473
Run 'N' Gun in NBA 2K16
58 Micmaz2234 Micmaz2234 161,180
Diamond Hard in Grand Theft Auto V
59 MLC2074 MLC2074 159,896
Ring the Bell (Undead Church) in DARK SOULS
60 NevrSurrender NevrSurrender 140,289
Go for the Bronze in Microsoft Sudoku
61 Tupacalypse129 Tupacalypse129 139,580
2-Peat in MLB 2K13
62 AssyrianDuke AssyrianDukeGrad school starting soon, leaving very little to no room for games. Thankfully it is only one year. 127,808
Fisherman King in Runemals
63 iAmKingAces iAmKingAcesTime to start working my way back up to 100,000(G)!! 117,159
Destructive Beat in Bulletstorm
64 O0slimO O0slimO 109,772
Outta My Way! in Halo 4
65 tellenbu tellenbu 94,917
Liberation Day in Assassin's Creed IV
66 IgnotusVirtus IgnotusVirtusI am back and better than ever. Time to get my Gamerscore up and my games completed even higher. 89,813
Homerun! in Fallout 4
67 Vulker707 Vulker707Does anyone have TimeShift and want to boost the multiplayer? 86,224
Conspiracy Theorist in Mass Effect 3
68 eagleboyrules eagleboyrules 84,465
Dungeoneering in Neverwinter
69 Muska Flip Muska Flip 80,753
Looking Cool in MX vs. ATV Alive
70 Paschal015 Paschal015Friend me on PS4 or Truetrophies if you like, but I'm not done with my 360 yet XD 79,924
Dead man's chest in Remember Me™
71 viper1829 viper1829Always be yourself! Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman. 76,159
Experienced in Halo: Spartan Strike
72 xProphesy xProphesy 31,024
Why not me in the Super Bowl in Madden NFL 16
73 DaGr33nGoblin X DaGr33nGoblin X 26,523
Inconspicuous in Hitman: Absolution™
74 Bad lnsomniac Bad lnsomniacIs there a way that I can send a message to all of my friends on TA? Also please CHECK MY BLOG! 23,057
Licence to Kill in Quantum of Solace
75 Truly Skitzo Truly SkitzoAchievement hunting is back on. I disappear a lot, I know, but with reason. Anyways I'm back! Once and for all! 15,580
War Hero in Call of Duty: WaW
76 EVIIL Alucard EVIIL AlucardIt's official, add: RoadTo 100k GS 12,667
Perfect Turn in Forza Motorsport 4
77 Mercenary Benz Mercenary Benz 11,857
Crackshot in Call of Duty®: Black Ops III
78 NaturallyMosaic NaturallyMosaic 8,217
There is a Ruler in Mortal Kombat X
79 TwHu TwHu 3,611
Pack Hunter in LEGO® Jurassic World™
80 Jewels80688 Jewels80688New xbox member, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. 1,336
Professional Player in SMASH COURT TENNIS™ 3