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some one tell me a game to complete on my list

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games and who i am doing them with
if there is a game here that you want to do and you do not see your name next to it please send me a message

Aegis wing --> Cooke4LadyByng, i am 4orty2wo, totalpen1000

air mech arena --> no one

air mech arena (xbox 360) --> Cooke4LadyByng, Banemaster117

aliens vs predator --> no one

assassins creed 3 --> NismoR034, Cooke4LadyByng, se7ense7ensR49, totalpen1000

assassins creed unity --> Cooke4LadyByng, totalpen1000

assassins creed revelations --> NismoR034, Cooke4LadyByng, se7ense7ensR49, totalpen1000

batman arkham origins -->se7ense7ensR49, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

battleblock theater --> Bathtup47, i am 4orty2wo, totalpen1000

battlefield 3 --> Cooke4LadyByng, Bathtup47, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

battlefield 4 --> no one

battlefield 4 (xbox 360) --> Cooke4LadyByng

bad company 1 --> no one

bad company 2 --> Cooke4LadyByng, totalpen1000

bioshock 2--> Corran Trucido, cpjchriston, Degduar Marte

borderlands 1 --> NismoR034, Cooke4LadyByng, Degduar Marte, totalpen1000

borderlands 2 (xbox 1) --> Flattmeister, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

borderlands the pre squeal --> Shin Gatsurai, Banemaster117
, Flattmeister, totalpen1000

borderlands the pre squeal (xbox 360) --> Flattmeister, Banemaster117

bullet storm -->NismoR034, Cooke4LadyByng, Banemaster117

burnout paradise --> se7ense7ensR49, Banemaster117

cod black ops 2 --> i am 4orty2wo, totalpen1000

cod mw3 --> Cooke4LadyByng, i am 4orty2wo, totalpen1000

cod ghosts --> Cooke4LadyByng, Bathtup47, i am 4orty2wo

cod WaW --> Degduar Marte, i am 4orty2wo, totalpen1000

castlestorm --> Flattmeister

castle storm definitive edition --> Flattmeister

charile murder -->NismoR034, Cooke4LadyByng, totalpen1000

C&C 3: tiberium wars --> cpjchriston

crack down--> cpjchriston, Cooke4LadyByng, i am 4orty2wo, totalpen1000

crackdown 2 --> no one

crysis 2 --> Corran Trucido, Cooke4LadyByng, Bathtup47

crysis 3-->Corran Trucido, Cooke4LadyByng, Bathtup47, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

dead island --> Cooke4LadyByng, totalpen1000

dead island riptide --> Cooke4LadyByng, Banemaster117

Dead rising 2 --> Cooke4LadyByng, Banemaster117

dead rising 3 --> Cooke4LadyByng, Degduar Marte, totalpen1000

dead space 3 --> Corran Trucido

defiance --> Cooke4LadyByng

dirt 3 --> Cooke4LadyByng, Banemaster117

dungeon defenders --> cpjchriston, Cooke4LadyByng, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

dungeon siege III --> Cooke4LadyByng, Flattmeister, Banemaster117

F1 2013 --> NismoR034, Banemaster117

fable 3 --> Cooke4LadyByng, totalpen1000

far cry 2 --> no one

far cry 4 --> Shin Gatsurai

fear 2 --> no one

fear 3 --> no one

forza motosport 5 --> oo Storm86 oo, totalpen1000

gears 1 --> Cooke4LadyByng (campaign), Degduar Marte, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

gears 2 --> Cooke4LadyByng, Degduar Marte, totalpen1000

gears 3 --> Cooke4LadyByng, Degduar Marte, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

gears judgment --> Cooke4LadyByng, Degduar Marte, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

gotham city impostors --> Bathtup47, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

halo odst --> NismoR034, Cooke4LadyByng, i am 4orty2wo, totalpen1000

halo 4 --> cpjchriston, NismoR034, Corran Trucido, Cooke4LadyByng, Degduar Marte, totalpen1000

halo 5 --> i am 4orty2wo, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

halo spartan assault --> NismoR034, i am 4orty2wo

halo TMCC --> cpjchriston, i am 4orty2wo, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

happy wars --> no one

happy wars (360) --> Cooke4LadyByng, i am 4orty2wo

how to survive storm warning edition --> Cooke4LadyByng, Bathtup47, Banemaster117

inversion --> handydarkness, Shin Gatsurai

kane and lynch dog days --> Cooke4LadyByng

kane and lynch dead men --> Cooke4LadyByng

killer instinct --> Cooke4LadyByng, Bathtup47, totalpen1000

knight squad --> Cooke4LadyByng

left 4 dead -->Cooke4LadyByng

left 4 dead 2 --> Cooke4LadyByng, i am 4orty2wo

lost planet extreme conditions --> Cooke4LadyByng, Banemaster117

lost planet 2 --> no one

marvel ultimate alliance--> no one

marvel ultimate alliance 2 --> no one

max payne 3 --> cpjchriston, NismoR034, se7ense7ensR49

monaco whats yours is mine -->totalpen1000

ms splosion man --> Cooke4LadyByng (maybe), Bathtup47

mx vs atv alive --> Cooke4LadyByng, Banemaster117

naughty bear --> kromork

never winter --> Cooke4LadyByng

operation flashpoint dragon rising --> cpjchriston, Cooke4LadyByng, Banemaster117

overlord --> kromork, Corran Trucido

overlord 2 --> kromork

payday 2 --> cpjchriston, Cooke4LadyByng

plants vs zombies garden warfare --> Cooke4LadyByng, totalpen1000

pool nation FX --> Cooke4LadyByng

portal 2 --> thedude722, Cooke4LadyByng

rage --> no one

read dead redemption --> NismoR034, Cooke4LadyByng, Degduar Marte, totalpen1000

red faction guerrilla --> NismoR034, Cooke4LadyByng, Banemaster117

saints row --> NismoR034, Cooke4LadyByng

saints row 2--> NismoR034,

shadow run --> no one

shoot many robots --> Cooke4LadyByng

smite --> no one

soulcalibur IV --> Degduar Marte, totalpen1000

ssx --> Cooke4LadyByng, Shin Gatsurai

star trek --> no one

storm rise --> JuicyJames, BROOKER 513

supreme commander 2 -->cpjchriston

syndicate --> Shin Gatsurai, Banemaster117

terraria --> no one

terraria (360) --> Cooke4LadyByng(maybe), Banemaster117 (maybe), totalpen1000

tetris splash --> totalpen1000

the bureau xcom declassified --> cpjchriston, totalpen1000

the chronicles of riddik assult on dark athena -->Flattmeister, Banemaster117

the darkness --> NismoR034, Cooke4LadyByng

the darkness 2--> Cooke4LadyByng

rainbow six vegas -->Banemaster117, totalpen1000

rainbow six vegas 2 --> Cooke4LadyByng (maybe), Banemaster117, totalpen1000

splinter cell conviction --> Cooke4LadyByng

tomb raider --> Bathtup47, se7ense7ensR49, PhatDaemien, Banemaster117

tomb raider defintive edition --> Cooke4LadyByng, Bathtup47, se7ense7ensR49, PhatDaemien, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

toy soilders cold war --> Cooke4LadyByng, totalpen1000

turok --> OutProduceman, xTheJoker85x

viva pinata party animals -->totalpen1000

warframe --> Cooke4LadyByng, PhatDaemien

watchdogs --> NismoR034, Degduar Marte, totalpen1000

world of tanks (360) --> Corran Trucido, Cooke4LadyByng (maybe), Bathtup47, i am 4orty2wo, se7ense7ensR49, Banemaster117, totalpen1000

zombie apocalypse --> Cooke4LadyByng
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A productive evening indeed.

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Cause he sucks....

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