New WWE WrestleFest Screenshots Released

New WWE WrestleFest Screenshots Released

Ten new screens of WWE stars past and present

Written by Dave Horobin (DaveKinetic) on 05 August 12 at 12:12

THQ has released ten new screenshots from their upcoming XBLA arcade wrestling title, The game, which was announced back in February, promises to recreate the classic experience of WrestleFest, the arcade game released in 1991, and was released earlier this year on iOS devices.

Screenshot 10

Screenshot 9

Screenshot 8

Screenshot 7

Screenshot 6

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 1

There is still no definite release date as of now, but as soon as it's announced, we will let you know.
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 12:15
I can't tell if this is really unique or really.. bad?

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Posted on 05 August 12 at 12:17
man thats one old wwf sign lol when it was wwf
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 12:22
Looks dreadful.
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 12:28
Would have thought they would have upgraded the graphics a little bit from the iPad version..
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 12:30
Have to max it like all WWE/Wrestling.
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 12:41
Well I do like wrestling, but this looks crappy...better not be 1200 msp
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 12:51
This looks like some crappy Flash game, it's an insult to the original game, to WWE fans and to good wrestling games in general, what little truly great games in the genre there is out there.
Maybe it will play fine, but visually it's appalling...
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 12:53
No, just no!
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 13:14
Ninja Scroll
Ninja Scroll
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 13:37
Due to the WWE license and THQ desperate for money, I will put this XBLA release price at a 1200 Microsoft Points minimum. If it's 800 you may have a deal out of me. What they need to do is re-release WCW vs. nWo Revenge, No Mercy, & Wrestlemania 2000 on XBLA and most of us will pay whatever the asking price is as long as it's a direct port w/ cleaned up graphics (not a remake). I would prefer the original rosters personally. And no tweeking the gameplay whatsoever. Of course this is what a dreamer does, dream of the obvious that will never happen. THQ deserves to go out of business w/ all these crappy buggy recycled ps2 engine WWE annual releases on 360.They never listen to what the fans want and therefore they will continue dying a slow death.
Ninja Scroll
xI Jason93 Ix
xI Jason93 Ix
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 13:52
Looks.. interesting.
Gob B1uth
Gob B1uth
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 14:12
Will definetly buy if 800 looks very similar to the arcade, although I would have preferred a direct port with original wrestlers. And I too still dream of a No Mercy port. Still the greatest wrestling game ever made in my opinion.

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Posted on 05 August 12 at 14:14
it looks bad
the man panda
the man panda
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 14:46
I wouldn't play this game with YOUR dick.
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 15:13
Seija Kessen
Seija Kessen
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 15:25
The original Wrestlefest was a ton of fun.

This looks lacking.
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 15:49
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

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Posted on 05 August 12 at 16:05
I don't think I've said this in my xbox career to date but, day one buy for me! Jake The Snake and the DDT baby!!!!
Mike United 007
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Posted on 05 August 12 at 16:30
Jesus looks crap. I hope its no more then 800 msp. I dont think i will get this 1st day!!!
GT: Mike United 007
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