Power Rangers Super Samurai Announced

Power Rangers Super Samurai Announced

Become one with the Kinect

Written by SgtDigglesworth on 08 August 12 at 22:32 | Credit to METAL MIN0TAUR

Namco Bandai recently announced that gamers will be able to morph into a cooperative MegaZord via the Kinect for their upcoming title, Power Rangers Super Samurai.

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Based on Saban's Power Rangers Super Samurai series, gamers of all ages will be able to immerse themselves into the Power Ranger world by mastering the elements of fire, earth, air and water. Morph into Blue, Pink, Red or Yellow rangers to overcome the evil Master Xandred and the relentless Serrator.

Build up your samurai skills by partaking in martial arts training and fitness exercises that enable gamers, either solo or cooperatively, to build friendships, use teamwork, and creatively work the "Black Box" to generate new morphing abilities and create new MegaZord combinations.

Namco Bandai has not released any information regarding when people can expect Power Rangers Super Samurai to be released; however, we will be sure to keep you posted as new information morphs into the light.
young tugboatz - BACK IN THE GAME
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:34
Power Rangers gotta catch them alll!, oh wait thats Pokemon.
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:35
Hmm, may have to get this.
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:36
<---- Look at avatar. Yes I am getting this.
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GriiZzY - Kappa
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:37
South Park TSOT - I think we can all agree that Xbox One ruined achievements.
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:38
Haha! I remember Power Rangers.Sounds like a good idea for little kids.
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:51
Grrr... I want this as a non-Kinect game!!
CM Trance
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:51
Noooooo!! Why it has to be a KINECT game!?!?!
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:55
IT'S MORPHIN TIME!!! I had to..lol
JasonXmurder - Destiny Beta vewy pwetty.
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:57
Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:59
i was more of the era of TMNT so when this came out i had no interest in it so theres no nostalgia attached to this so it will very much depend on how good the game looks
ShaunMichaels83 - Wahooo! BATMAN ARKHAM ORIGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 22:59
Wait... no Green or Gold Rangers??? LOL. Either way, it is indeed Morphin' Time!
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 23:25
Only buying if achievements are easy.
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 23:34
I was sooooooo pumped. Then I saw it wasn't the originals, which I can still deal with, but then I saw it was Kinect. Son of a...
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LG 360 bayb
LG 360 bayb
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 23:44
young tugboatz said:Power Rangers gotta catch them alll!, oh wait thats Pokemon.Digimon are the Champions!
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 23:47
Is that why there's Avatar Power Rangers gear now?
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 23:58
Hello Sexy ;)
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 23:58

'nuff said.

Anyway looking forward to more of this I loved the Power Rangers!
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The Captain097
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Posted on 08 August 12 at 23:59
This was at E3 this year, there are a few videos on YouTube. It doesn't look that great..but I'll get it regardless
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Posted on 09 August 12 at 00:03
Right in childhood *ouch*