Minecraft Skin Pack 2 to Feature Jet Force Gemini

Minecraft Skin Pack 2 to Feature Jet Force Gemini

Hinting at something bigger?

Written by litepink on 16 August 12 at 23:16

Between the previously released “Skin Pack 1” and the upcoming “Skin Pack 2” in MINECRAFT, there have been a lot of cross-promoting with other Microsoft titles. This latest preview for the second skin set is somewhat peculiar, as it features Juno, Vela, and Lupus from the Nintendo 64 title Jet Force Gemini. The intellectual property still belongs to Rare of course, which is has long been under Microsoft’s arm.

Skin Pack 2 - Jet Force Gemini

Skin Pack 2 - Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini has made other cameos before, including past titles such as http://www.trueachievements.com/Kameo-xbox-360.htm and Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise. What makes this appearance interesting is that 4J Studios, the team responsible for porting over Minecraft to Xbox 360 also handled the ports of Perfect Dark and http://www.trueachievements.com/BanjoKazooie-xbox-360.htm to Xbox LIVE Arcade, two other Rare titles. Perhaps this is a hint of things to come, or perhaps it's our imagination and speculation running wild (as there has been no indication of an XBLA port, ever).

"Skin Pack 2" will contain these and over 40 more to choose from for 160 MSP when it releases in the near future.
P4R4N0ID P4ND4 - next on the list Titanfall Thief and Watch_dogs
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Posted on 16 August 12 at 23:17
i don't have a clue what that game is
Detr0itz Pr1nce - About to wrap up MKX just in time for The Witcher 3
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Posted on 16 August 12 at 23:19
This just brings the thoughts of Killer Instint possibly coming into play.
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Posted on 16 August 12 at 23:29
P4R4N0ID P4ND4 said:i don't have a clue what that game isYou'd be in for a treat, then http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqj__3GSTag&feature=relat...
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Posted on 16 August 12 at 23:29
Never played it, but I think there was a poster for it in Banjo-Tooie.
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TrueAchievements ModeratorTrueAchievements Game Info Editor8,491 posts
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Posted on 16 August 12 at 23:29

Minecraft has officially gotten my hopes up.
I miss the good old days of WW2 Call of Duty
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Posted on 16 August 12 at 23:31
P4R4N0ID P4ND4 said:i don't have a clue what that game isFor shame warning

It was a game on the N64 that I have very little memory of actually. I only remember always picking the dog, ^^

Detr0itz Pr1nce said:This just brings the thoughts of Killer Instint possibly coming into play.If there were Killer Instinct skins I'd snatch them up immediately.

Even more important, if there were a port of KI I would scream like a little school girl.
How much for the whole kitten kaboodle?
SebastianSB - Contrast is super short, has terrible platforming, and is astonishingly glitchy.
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Last post: 21 Mar 14 at 23:52
Posted on 16 August 12 at 23:32
Jet Force Gemini is one of my all time favorites! Why isn't this on XBLA yet, Rare?
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donut77 - HARBL
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Last post: 13 May at 07:13
Posted on 16 August 12 at 23:39
Finished jet force about 3 times over, good stuff!
Lmsd944 - Some reason  Batman AC comes up twice
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Last post: 19 Dec 12 at 04:26
Posted on 16 August 12 at 23:40
They teased about it coming to Xbox live in Banjo Kazooie Nuts n Bolts but it never came around.
Tony Starc
Tony Starc - Change your passwords, just to be safe - http://www.cnet.com/news/derptrolling-leaks-psn-2k-windows-live-customer-logins/
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Posted on 16 August 12 at 23:47
i would pay $40 for an hd remake of this game

i'm jizzing right now
Son of Kyuss
Son of Kyuss
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Last post: 14 Apr at 20:33
Posted on 17 August 12 at 00:04
I've been dying for an HD port of JFG ever since they brought Banjo and Perfect Dark over to XBLA.
195,422 TrueAchievement PointsAchievement Completion Percentage: 84.84% (Includes owned DLC) - 13 more achievements required to reach 85%138 posts
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Posted on 17 August 12 at 00:09
Never understood why this wasn't ported already, hope its going to happen :)
RedBlinky - dmc 4 only 24.99? sounds good
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Last post: 19 May at 14:03
Posted on 17 August 12 at 00:18
Fun game the amount of ant head unlockables and stuff was great fun
Teh Paralyzer
Teh Paralyzer - Thanks for the encouragement guys but this gametag is banned.... goodbye forever....
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Last post: 25 Sep 13 at 12:29
Posted on 17 August 12 at 00:24
Wow, How sweet. Way to go Rare... hey howabout an Arcade game now?
LegendStormcrow - Running away from da horde... Which is missing...
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Posted on 17 August 12 at 01:14
P4R4N0ID P4ND4 said:i don't have a clue what that game isIt actually was an interesting sci-fi game where you fight alien ant people. You can play as a boy, a girl with a tiny skirt, or a dog with a backpack with lasers. I'm always suprised when they make refrences to it. T'was a solid game on the N64. Nice looking too but late in the life cycle, as was Conker's Bad Furday.
Meat Wisdom
Meat Wisdom
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Last post: 03 May at 05:14
Posted on 17 August 12 at 01:27
I'd be all for it, but not without modifying the Tribal collection segment (you have to find every last one to access the final level). Reducing the requirement (or giving a means to find them easier) and giving an achievement for finding them all would be the way to go.

And Killer Instinct can come too.
wbs 101
wbs 101 - First in the world to complete Naughty Bear & reach Rank X also first to complete NB Panic in Paradise & get Level 100
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Posted on 17 August 12 at 01:37
If they announce skins for Conker I will buy Minecraft immediately and if they do port Jet Force Gemini to XBLA it will be a first day buy no matter what price.
Loch Doun
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Last post: 20 Mar at 19:51
Posted on 17 August 12 at 02:53
MAGNUS 7000 - COD ghosts= shit
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Posted on 17 August 12 at 03:10
All I want to read from another Minecraft news bit are the words: Creative Mode.

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