Winners: Borderlands 2 Strategy Guide

Winners: Borderlands 2 Strategy Guide

Your guide to Pandora awaits

Written by DavieMarshall on 25 September 12 at 11:14

OK guys, the entries are in and the winners have been picked. It's my pleasure to announce the following two winners of these awesome Borderlands 2 strategy guides from Brady Games.

We simply asked you why you wanted to get your hands on a copy. The top response we liked out of all your submissions, and the winner of the Limited Edition version of the guide (pictured below) is Skinstakovic with the following:

Special guide

I'd like a copy for all the bonus information. I think developers put a lot of work in to their games and many gamers brush over it for a quick completion or gamerscore. Like in mass effect, I read every new codex entry as it unlocked and I had a much better appreciation for the game world as I knew all about the races and technology for example. Having a copy of the guide and this information will just mean I enjoy this awesome game even more.Well done mate! I wish I could say I wasn't jealous, but this is currently sitting in my games room and it's packed with great artwork, suggestions, tips, maps, bios... plus it has that 'new book' smell that even the best YouTube videos can't provide!

Our second winner takes home the Signature Series Edition of course, and this honour goes to for the following entry:

Standard guide

I really enjoy strategy guides. I don't buy them for games like Gears of War, Halo or Assassin's Creed, but I normally pick one up for the big RPG games.

It's not because I can't finish the games on my own, it's because I like being able to reference the guide at any point, without having to search the internet. To me, a strategy guide is a collector's item, and that's the main reason I buy them. I love my collection of guides, though my collector's editions are severely lacking due to lack of funds. I have three; Final Fantasy XII and XIII, and Zelda: Skyward Sword.

The Borderlands guide looks stunning, and would make a great addition to my guides that I display proudly. To win the guide would be fantastic, as I imagine by the time I can afford one, they will be sold out.
Both of these answers struck a chord with our voting Newshound panel. There are some games which just beg for a complimentary guide. Not so that you can waltz through for an easy completion, not so you can quickly locate the best loot to level up more quickly, but because the game deserves to be enjoyed in full. Pandora is such a rich world I know these guys are going to have a blast diving in with their guide for accompaniment as they hunt out all the Easter Eggs and admire all of the associated artwork and additional content that Brady Games bring to the table.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and to the guys at Brady Games for this awesome opportunity. Don't forget, if you've missed out here there's still time to pick up the Signature Series Edition for yourself. If you're really quick you can secure a Limited Edition copy while stock lasts.
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Posted on 25 September 12 at 11:16

Gratz to the winners.
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Gratz to the winners!
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Great entries!
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Well done Skinstakovic !
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Congrats to the winners. toast
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Nice one guys! Congrats and enjoy the spoils. smile
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Congratulations. I shouldn't have used my wanting to get rid of my gf as an excuse.

Cheers to the winners!
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Kudos. Enjoy your swag.
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FailedSeppuku said:FIX!!!!Nah I didn't win, thanks for the shoutout though.
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skins - well done
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Congrats guys. Enjoy the game!
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Congratulations to the winners. For those still considering the guide I noticed Amazon has the paper copy for $13 - $14. Great deal if you have a prime membership
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Well done winners
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Well done guys, cant say that im not jelous though!
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Just bought mine, it's very useful!
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Well done people!
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Cheers boys, mega excited for it to arrive! Thanks again to TA and Brady Games :)
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