Pid's Hard Mode Detailed

Pid's Hard Mode Detailed

Spikes... they're everywhere!

Written by Michelle Balsan (Matrarch) on 10 October 12 at 21:19

In the nine months that have passed since Might and Delight revealed their platformer Pid would be coming to XBLA, we've come to learn quite a lot about the title. From its co-op gameplay, to its music, straight to assorted trailers and screens, we have a good handle at this point on what the title will offer.

Today, the developer threw a wrench into things by introducing a hard mode for the game. Now, instead of taking the time to admire the aesthetics of each level, you'll be tasked with memorizing the timing to get through these new tests of your patience and skill. To give you a taste of what to expect, take a look at the newly released trailer and screens.

Hard Mode Screen 1

Hard Mode Screen 2

Hard Mode Screen 3

Hard Mode Screen 4

Hard Mode Screen 5

Pid is expected to be released at some time later this year.
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Posted on 10 October 12 at 21:22
Wow, that's a considerable difference.
Deicide Saint
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I don't even know what I'm looking at in these pictures.
SpiralGamerpro -
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Posted on 10 October 12 at 23:46
It wouldn't be a platformer without spikes!
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Looking forward to the challenge.
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Can't look at this game without sniggering.
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sweetness, another game to put my SMB skills to the test!
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Crimson Drifter said:sweetness, another game to put my SMB skills to the test!Precisely! Although it certainly doesn't look as hard (thank god).
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Love the art style of this game. It's so soft and easy.
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Each new piece of info on this game makes me want it more. In all honesty though, the spikes don't appear to be that hard to maneuver around. I mean, after besting Super Meat Boy, I think I'm prepared.