Monaco Revealed For Release on XBLA

Monaco Revealed For Release on XBLA

Ocean's 11, top-down style!

Written by kbgray27 on 17 October 12 at 19:29

Pocketwatch Games has announced, exclusively to Joystiq, that Monaco, the four-player co-op heist-action game designed by Andy Schatz, will finally be arriving on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, after gamers "have been waiting for three years to play [it]".

The designer describes Monaco as being "like Ocean's 11". The game and movie are both similar and dissimilar in different ways. Playing alone, or with up to 4 players in total, gamers will have to plan and execute a daring heist on various game levels. The difference between Ocean's 11 and the new game lies in the viewing perspective, because the game takes place in a top-down fashion.

A short gameplay video has also been released. The footage probably does a better job of explaining the gameplay approach than I ever could. Furthermore, Monaco will feature several different character classes, each with specific skills, to allow gamers to successfully conduct their heist. Two of those skillsets have been confirmed. Firstly, the Hacker will be able to knock out the security systems, in turn allowing the Muscle to blow down walls and make entry easy. You can see those skills in action below.

Majesco, the game's publisher, has not provided any release date or pricing details for Monaco yet.
Posted on 17 October 12 at 19:39
What is Danny Dyer doing on those other videos you can choose from at the end lol

Anyway need to see more game play on this
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Posted on 17 October 12 at 19:53
oh man......sick cant wait
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Posted on 17 October 12 at 19:53, Edited on 17 October 12 at 19:54 by Katosepe321
The concept sounds great but we'll see how the actual game turns out. Still, I'll be keeping an eye on this. I'm always a fan of games I can bust out with my friends.
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Posted on 17 October 12 at 20:36
Really looking forward to it. The previews for this have looked really crazy and cool. So glad it's coming to XBLA.
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Posted on 17 October 12 at 20:53
Hmm not sure that this really grabs me at this stage...
Will wait to see more.
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Posted on 17 October 12 at 21:21
shakes her head..ahh no. I love new invigorating indie games but this is screaming boring.
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Posted on 18 October 12 at 02:21
This game looks seriously confusing.
sicsonic - next game=???
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Posted on 18 October 12 at 06:02
Jake2355 said:This game looks seriously confusing.It's really not. It's really easy to understand, although it seems like a lot at first.

This is good news! I played this at PAX, it's pretty good, a lot more fun in co-op.
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Posted on 18 October 12 at 08:24
I don't like anymore that from the top view. This console's can handle 3D.
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Posted on 18 October 12 at 12:23
DBB Klikopedia said:I don't like anymore that from the top view. This console's can handle 3D.Obviously the programmers cant laugh
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Posted on 18 October 12 at 17:30
Kind of reminds me of Warp a little bit. Definitely sounds interesting and looks fun.
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Posted on 18 October 12 at 20:01
What the hell looks confusing.
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Posted on 04 April 13 at 10:51
Looks a lot more interesting than Dollar Dash at least. Ill wait for a review and/or sale.
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