BioWare Shows Off Dragon Age III Concept Art

BioWare Shows Off Dragon Age III Concept Art

A quick look at what's coming next

Written by Jonathan Barnes (osubluejacket) on 23 October 12 at 09:17

Last month, BioWare pulled back the curtain on Dragon Age III: Inquisition. I know I was in the minority of gamers who actually enjoyed Dragon Age II, but when BioWare's Mark Darrah says that they're listening to feedback that gamers gave on both Dragon Age: Origins and its oft-maligned sequel, I get a little tingly on the inside. With that gym class, rope-climbing flashback of sensation in mind, try not to get too excited by these three shots of concept art for the next title in the series.

Dragon Age III 1

Dragon Age III 2

Dragon Age III 3

These screens do come with another nugget of info, courtesy of the twitter feed of Cameron Lee (producer of the game):

...customization is going to be bigger than Dragon age origins. Follower customization etc. #DA3So there you have it... nice looking concept art, a promise of more customization, what more could a gamer want?*

* Please note that this is a rhetorical question and the obvious answer is, of course, ice cream.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition currently does not have a release window or (for that matter) confirmation that it isn't a "next-gen" title. As always, we'll be sure to keep you informed as details emerge!
Posted on 23 October 12 at 09:29, Edited on 23 October 12 at 09:32 by mitchcraft1980
Nice quality screens anyway but i am sceptical about this game after all i have heard about dragon age 2 it sounds like they pulled a Fable on us and if they are continuing down that path further then no thanks, if however they are going back to their roots i welcome this with open arms!
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 09:30, Edited on 23 October 12 at 09:32 by Thief44
Sweet I'm very excited for this please be more like DA O :D
Papa El Loro
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 09:31
Looks pretty sweet. I liked II aswell but the repetitive areas were a let down.
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 09:32
DA2 was better than DA:O for me, but both amazing games. As long as this one is like the other 2 I will be happy.
Captain Evileye - Put on your gaming pants Redeye!!
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 09:35
As long as it get the Epic feeling of the first im happy :)
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 09:36
Ugh. I hate EA and I want to stay away from their products because of the direction they've been taking things...but my extreme love for DA:O will make this difficult. I hated DAII, but if Inquisition here actually has varied environments and deeper customization that DA:O? I may break.

Need...more details...
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 09:45
Looks... stunning. I'm deterred because of EA and because I haven't finished first two games as well.
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 09:57
After the slap in gamers' face that is DA2, I'll wait for more details before deciding if I'm going to buy this. Only because DA:O is that awesome.
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 10:01
Dove DA2 a month or two ago along with a bunch of other RPGs...liked what I played of it actually, but I suppose when I actually get around to it we will see what happens...
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 10:03
I'm incredibly skeptical about anything Bioware says. Period.

We'll see what happens when the game is done and out.
Knuckles Maloy - Beaty Swollocks
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 10:25
Wow love the artwork. Will definitely be keeping an eye on this title.
TrueAchievements ModeratorSite Help Manager1,542 posts
Last post: 24 Feb 14 at 09:01
Posted on 23 October 12 at 11:33
Whilst i whinged my way through DA2 complaining about the same reused areas over and over, I still really enjoyed the game, not GOTY material by far, but still a really enjoyable game.

I'm very excited for DA3
xLil SheWolfx
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 12:25
Wow looks awsome i cant wait for this one i love the dragon age series clap
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 12:26
I really enjoyed both Dragon Age games so definitely getting this! Cannot wait =D
Kupo Kupo
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 12:58
Never played DA2, but Origins was an epic game and very enjoyable. I hope they return to that style of game and combat (very KotOR like).
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 13:22
BW announced that you will only be able to play as a human in DA3. (look at pretty much any other gaming news website). So I'm not sure what they mean when they say there is going to be more customization.
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 13:37
I'm boycotting EA products there servers are horrible and they ruined dead space with coop, I know the studio makes the game but ea pushed for it
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Last post: 16 Mar at 14:13
Posted on 23 October 12 at 14:23
as long as Varric narrates again LOL I wont be getting this new.. you know the whole fuck EA and Bioware thing... but I will probably get it one day
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Posted on 23 October 12 at 15:02
Looking Beautiful. Loved both the first games.

P.S. No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.

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