The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Hero Vote

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Hero Vote

Choose your favourite version of the game's protagonist

Written by ChewieOnIce on 31 October 12 at 23:38

After deciding to ditch the original character design for their game's protagonist, Neocore Games have put it to the community to decide which of the Van Helsing clan should lead the fight against all manner of beasties in the upcoming hack-n-slash, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

The choice is between the well-spoken Chevalier, the tough-talking Veteran or the mask-wearing Mysterious Stranger. Check out the following 'casting session' video to get a closer look at each option and cast your vote at the game's dev blog here

The reason for the decision to switch up the original protagonist, who can be seen in this teaser trailer, is because the game's developers felt like he may have seemed too young and inexperienced to take on the hordes of monsters in the fictional land of Borgovia, as they detailed in a recent blog post.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is an action-RPG set in a universe that closely resembles a 19th-century Eastern Europe where monsters, magic and weird technology is real. The game is focusing on the trials of Van Helsing, son of the legendary monster hunter who teams up with his father’s former enemies to save the land of Borgovia.

Being the son of the legendary hunter, we always knew that our hero couldn’t be an old, grey-haired veteran, but as soon as we saw our young Van Helsing in action, he still struck us as a bit too young and inexperienced for the grand adventure we had in mind. Meanwhile, the feedback from our excellent community increased our doubts. Here, at NeocoreGames we value our fans tremendously, so we wanted to keep everything they liked and change what they didn’t: the hero of the story.

It is always difficult to let someone go, but after long, restless nights we decided that Van Helsing Junior has to be replaced. We wish this young man plenty of success for his future career as a hunter, but we need someone tougher, a more experienced member of the Van Helsing family, a real expert on monsters. Someone who can definitely save the world – again.

So we have begun our search for the real Van Helsing, this time with the help of our fans. We want to include our friends in the decision-making process, so each member of the community will be able to pick his or her favorite character concept by vote.
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is due on XBLA towards the end of this year.
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 00:08
Honestly first one was just bad, Veteran is a little cool and the mystery guy was... interesting. I don't know who I would choose but none of them really scream "Van Helsing" in my opinion. Either way they look better then that youngster they had as Van Helsing, he looked like a baby Cloud Strife.
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 00:19
this could be a good idea. depending on how many people actually vote.
exactly what i was thinking
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 00:20
the Veteran please
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 01:01, Edited on 01 November 12 at 01:02 by Katzpaw
Honestly............anything would be better than the original character. The Veteran best fits the image I have of Van Helsing however I do hope we will be able to customize. Maybe too much to ask for an XBLA game?
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 01:54
Voted mysterious stranger, reminds me a little of Hugh jackman from the movie
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 02:48
Yu no take alucard?
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 04:50
I vote for the first one.

He reminds me of Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Plus, with him as the main character the game might actually be funny enough to purchase. The other two choices are pretty generic and lifeless.
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 07:24
I vote none. None of them strike me as Van Helsing. If I have to choose one the Veteran I suppose.
Beez 808
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 13:00
The last two are almost the same character. The differences aren't obvious enough to make them unique and separate choices.

It also seems to be a little too much, "Peter Molynieux does Van Helsing."

Whichever one gets picked, I can't see myself getting too excited for this one.
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 13:08
hmm...I vote for the guy vaccuming at the beginning of the video
Ant McGrittz
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 15:29
The developer can't make these decisions on their own?! Weak, don't care they all suck...
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 19:58, Edited on 01 November 12 at 19:59 by Subjugator 22
I think they should all be selectable from the beginning (this includes the baby cloud strife that someone mentioned above). I think that choice and customization would help sell the game more than any one main protagonists' personality popularity contest.

That being said I could have a character who never uttered a word and still buy the game based on the quality of the gameplay so here's hoping that is their main objective and focus over at Neocore.
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Mor a Grefa
Mor a Grefa
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Posted on 01 November 12 at 20:50
This is going to determine whether I buy the game or not. The first two choices are really shitty. I hope it ends up as the mysterious stranger
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Posted on 02 November 12 at 14:54
Katzpaw said:Honestly............anything would be better than the original character. The Veteran best fits the image I have of Van Helsing however I do hope we will be able to customize. Maybe too much to ask for an XBLA game?I don't think we should hold the arcade games to much of a lower standard. Personally I'd love it if customization were in everything, truth be told. Agreed on the note of The Veteran though.
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Posted on 04 November 12 at 15:03
voted stranger that guy looks awesome
I just win