Demo Roundup: November 20th, 2012

By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
Two weeks have passed since our last demo roundup. Over the last couple of weeks we've seen four new demos hit the Marketplace, two of which were released today. In an attempt to bring you up to date, here are the four demos:

DmC: Devil May Cry
Size: 1.30 GB
Download the DmC Devil May Cry demo now! Play through 2 levels of the game where not only demons, but also the city of Limbo itself, will try to stop you. Then face the mighty Succubus in an epic boss fight. And if you have what it takes, unlock another difficulty level for even more challenges.Download link:

NHL 13
Size: 1.33 GB
Featuring the biggest innovation for the franchise in six years, NHL®13 accurately captures the speed, creativity, and strategy of today’s NHL with revolutionary True Performance Skating. Sync up with friends with the real-world of hockey in GM Connected, the first-ever online multiplayer dynasty mode with cooperative and Online Team Play, or relive the greatest moments from today’s NHL in NHL Moments Live. With core gameplay innovation, connected experiences, and the deepest feature set ever, NHL®13 is the definitive hockey experience.Download link:

Both of these demos are exclusive to Gold Xbox LIVE members for one week but they will become available to all members on November 27th.

Although the following game releases this week, the demo was released on November 16th. The demo remains exclusive to Gold Xbox LIVE members until November 23rd.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Size: 1.05 GB
Download the demo today to play Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Sonic and the All-Stars cast line up on the starting grid once again to battle for supremacy in the ultimate race. It’s not just racing, it’s racing transformed! Fully Transformable vehicles which change from car to plane to boat mid race, each with their own unique gameplay. Over 20 legendary All-Stars each with their own transformable vehicle. A multitude of modes including Grand Prix, Battle Arenas and the incredible World Tour. Unleash ingenious weaponry and your character’s All-Star move to beat the opposition. 20 dynamic tracks which challenge you on land, water and air. Race up to ten players online, or challenge your friends in four player split screen.Download link:

The final game was released at the start of this month, but the demo didn't hit the marketplace until November 13th. The demo is now free to all Xbox LIVE members.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)
Size: 1.49 GB
Play the most award winning game in Need for Speed history. In this Single Player demo, experience a section of the open world to race, chase and explore. Autolog 2 tracks everything you do allowing you to compare and compete with friends to be first, get the fastest speeds or longest jumps. Everything is up for grabs in the race to be Most WantedDownload link:

As a final note, many of you were upset by the fact that the Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two that was released on November 6th was exclusive to North America. Today, the demo was released for the rest of the world and can be downloaded from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueGaming Network. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. She'll occasionally go outside.
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ECOTz McChicken
201,756 TrueAchievement Points362 posts
Last post: 25 May 14 at 02:38
Posted on 21 November 12 at 00:17
DMC demo for me I think ;)
I still have to play through DMC HD collection and finish DMC4! :(
Achievement Completion Percentage: 60.66% (Includes owned DLC) - 35 more achievements required to reach 61%TrueAchievement Ratio: 1.9195599 posts
Last post: 25 May at 07:13
Posted on 21 November 12 at 00:22
Aw, I wanted to see a Far Cry 3 Demo. I want to test it out for free before deciding if I want it or not.
Saiyan Ruuku
Saiyan Ruuku
51 solutions2,681 comments2,737 posts
Last post: 29 Jun at 18:04
Posted on 21 November 12 at 00:49
Sonic & Sega for me, tried it, loved it.
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Donated to TrueAchievements.com1,906 posts
Last post: 12 Dec 13 at 03:48
Posted on 21 November 12 at 01:12
DMC! Read please :3
Detr0itz Pr1nce
286,882 TrueAchievement PointsAchievement Completion Percentage: 90.03% (Includes owned DLC) - 82 more achievements required to reach 91%774 posts
Last post: 11 May at 16:18
Posted on 21 November 12 at 01:40
Downloaded DMC this morning. I can't wait to try it out; but first I have to find time between these new games.
154,748 TrueAchievement PointsAchievement Completion Percentage: 40.00% (Includes owned DLC) - 1 more achievement required to reach 40%311 posts
Last post: 25 Jan 13 at 20:20
Posted on 21 November 12 at 02:21
I was really looking forward to trying out DMC, however I'm very disappointed.
I don't give a shit what Dante looks like. But that's not Dante. No charisma, not funny, not witty. Just vulgar and annoying.
And Vergil's only line in the demo makes him sound like a bitch.

Sadness fills my heart :'(
222,719 TrueAchievement Points885 posts
Last post: 24 May at 19:52
Posted on 21 November 12 at 03:32
DmC downloading now. Pumped for it. Definitely going to be my first game purchase for 2013.

Then time to play...HITMAN!
BOB101910 RFP
BOB101910 RFP
512,208 TrueAchievement Points280 posts
Last post: 09 Mar at 02:03
Posted on 21 November 12 at 06:10
DMC was really fun and it definitely felt like a DMC game. Still think it will be hard to top DMC3, but so far all doubts about the new Dante are gone. He's funny, more mature, and still kicks a lot of ass. The boss fight in the demo has a potty mouth lol

Now I'm really curious to see some crazy combo videos with the new moves he has available.
TrueAchievement Ratio: 2.6320Achievement Completion Percentage: 97.83% (Includes owned DLC) - 12 more achievements required to reach 98%835 posts
Last post: 16 Jun at 22:10
Posted on 21 November 12 at 07:08
I knew DMC wouldnt dissapoint already feels like a much better game than 4
Heres hoping they do the same with resi evil because i dont want them cocking up Re2 HD
Bring The OG Resi Trilogy To Xbla!
195,347 TrueAchievement Points1,366 posts
Last post: 27 Jun at 15:29
Posted on 21 November 12 at 12:22
Wait, the NHL 13 demo came out in August, did they reuploade it, Whats new with this demo?
I'm Awkward With Potential: Boss Major
247,594 TrueAchievement Points568 posts
Last post: 13 Aug 14 at 01:41
Posted on 21 November 12 at 14:02
DmC looks great, the combat system seem to have a lot of potential but it will probably take some time to get used to it. Dante sure has a lot of tools at his disposal. Can't wait to try the full game.
BF3 Col.100 - Engineer Service Star 93
72,355 TrueAchievement Points38 posts
Last post: 09 Nov 13 at 20:09
Posted on 21 November 12 at 14:56
DMC demo is amazing. Ninja Theory knocked it out of the park with regards to visuals and gameplay. As long as the story is solid, it should end up being one of the best DMC games in the franchise. I loved the new Angel and Demon, LT RT control scheme, giving you 3 different weapons that you can mix and match at any giving time with a simple press of a button. I always wanted to try the other weapons in the other DMC games, but never wanted to lose the awesome Rebellion and the Stinger combo, etc. Now its a non-issue. Can't wait for this release.
Obsidian Rocker
252,341 TrueAchievement Points628 posts
Last post: 27 Jan 14 at 16:52
Posted on 21 November 12 at 15:45
Christ, this new Dante is like it was written by a 12 year old RPer. "Donte. LIKES: Swearing, guns HATES: Demons, ppl telling him wat to do, pizza". About as likeable as a cum stain on a kids bed sheet.
144,312 TrueAchievement Points68 posts
Last post: 03 Aug 14 at 00:30
Posted on 21 November 12 at 18:49
Tried the demo now. It's allright. I miss the Lock-On and i would like to just hold x to shoot but it's bareable. Germansynchro feels like a letdown as allways but english might be better.

To sum up, seems like a solid game but wouldn't call it DmC
Meinungen haben Hoden - Varric
220,733 TrueAchievement Points205 posts
Last post: 17 May at 04:11
Posted on 21 November 12 at 20:42, Edited on 21 November 12 at 20:43 by PistolMcAwesome
The demo was alright. it was certainly different and didn't have that Devil May Cry charm to it but it seems like a decent action game at least.
16,535 TrueAchievement Points1,179 posts
Last post: 15 Dec 12 at 15:10
Posted on 21 November 12 at 22:11
Hustlinonradio said:Wait, the NHL 13 demo came out in August, did they reuploade it, Whats new with this demo?Goooooooood question...
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296,622 TrueAchievement PointsTrueAchievement Ratio: 1.936419 posts
Last post: 21 Nov 12 at 23:53
Posted on 21 November 12 at 23:53
DmC demo was terrible.
16,535 TrueAchievement Points1,179 posts
Last post: 15 Dec 12 at 15:10
Posted on 22 November 12 at 02:16
That DmC demo is pretty freakin stylish. I'm digging it.

Probably won't be getting the game though.
My empty cup, could never fill another. I have spilled all I've had to make things better.
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