Anarchy Reigns Videos Show Off Pre-Order Goodies

Anarchy Reigns Videos Show Off Pre-Order Goodies

Bayonetta and two exclusive game modes

Written by Michelle Balsan (Matrarch) on 21 November 12 at 04:24

It was only a week ago that details were revealed as to the special Limited "Day One" Edition version of Sega and Platinum Games' Anarchy Reigns were announced. Included in that reveal was confirmation that the LE, which is presently only confirmed for European markets, would include Bayonetta as a playable character and two exclusive game modes, Dogfight and Mad Survival.

Today, Sega has released a pair of trailers showing off both pre-order incentives:

The Limited "Day One" Edition of Anarchy Reigns will set you back £19.99 / €29.99. Sega has promised that they are working on securing similar items for the North American release.

Anarchy Reigns will launch on January 8th, 2013 in North America and January 11th in Europe.
Posted on 21 November 12 at 04:44
So stoked. I am beyond happy I fought my urges to import this.
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Posted on 21 November 12 at 05:16
I submitted a tip today that these items are free for North American gamers who pre-order at Gamestop.
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Posted on 21 November 12 at 06:40
I accidentally misread that as Angry Birds and was wondering how Bayonetta mode would tie in :)
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Posted on 21 November 12 at 06:52
So pumped for January!
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Posted on 21 November 12 at 09:10
The price point is more then welcome.
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Posted on 21 November 12 at 10:35
Looks awesome and planning to get it only hoping that I still have money left when the Holidays are over! Read please :3
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Posted on 21 November 12 at 11:20
The limited edition with this DLC is retailing at £15 on zavvi which is an amazing deal. I implore everyone to pick up a copy!!
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Posted on 21 November 12 at 12:16
just pre-ordered now
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Posted on 21 November 12 at 17:07
Looks amazing, especially at half the price of a regular retail game!
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Posted on 21 November 12 at 17:41
I never gave up on this game cry, glad to see it finally make it's way home.
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