Orc Attack Forces Out a New Trailer

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
The Orcs are getting down and dirty again in this newly released trailer from Casual Brothers Games upcoming XBLA title, Orc Attack. As seen in a previous trailer, farts and burps are more than just forms of bad gas for these orcs. Used as a deadly weapon, the gas-form attacks deal heavy damage on the enemy as well as making that wonderful sound, of course, when the attack is launched.

Check out the gameplay trailer for a more in-depth look on how to put bad farts to good use:

Orc Attack remains without a price tag and is still expected for release on XBLA, later this year.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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Posted on 21 November 12 at 22:56
farrttt !

just getting in the spirit of things lol
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Posted on 22 November 12 at 03:31, Edited on 22 November 12 at 03:31 by DaBlackAlbino
Great pun Dat Boi Treezy - "Far from silent. Just as deadly." (9.9/10) - I don't believe in perfection.
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Posted on 22 November 12 at 05:05
From what I've seen of this game (if I'm remembering it right), this game OUGHT to have a secret "gem" hidden somewhere in it, otherwise it will fail badly... Having an action hack'n'slash with farts and burps and fire and stuff, in 2012, just doesn't cut it...
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Posted on 22 November 12 at 17:43
I already donated $15 to the game on kickstarter, so when the game comes out ill get a free copy of the game.

As far as the game goes, It looks like a great couch co-op game with a side of humor. My favorite part of the different trailers was when the orcs kept jumping up and down to knock down a gate. Idk if the game will be a big success due to its simplistic nature, but I know me and my kids are going to enjoy it.
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