Happy Wars Thanks You for Playing

Happy Wars Thanks You for Playing

In-game items on sale

Written by punkyliar on 22 November 12 at 22:16 , updated on 22 November 12 at 22:16

Happy Wars is the first game in Microsoft's new free-to-play initiative. Open to all Xbox LIVE Gold members, the game can be downloaded and played for absolutely no cost. Although players can easily get all of the achievements without paying any extra money, for keen fans of the game there are micro-transactions for extra weapons, accessories and cards. In this week's "Great Thanks Campaign", ToyLogic are having a Thanks for Playing sale. Happy Cards and all items within the shop are discounted by 25% until Sunday, November 25th.

22/11/12 Happy Wars Sale

As well as the sale, the latest Happy Wars update has added a few new items. The "White Weapon set" includes three pure white weapons, such as the staff with angelic wings. The "Funky Set" includes three toy-like accessories, such as the Xbox 360 controller. Powered up versions of these items appear in the Happy Cards.
Shotgun65 - Set a goal, and claim it at the end of the journey
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Last post: 04 Jan 13 at 20:53
Posted on 22 November 12 at 22:20
The game is fun. And these sales are really good deals
Learn, Inspire, Live
Martinio140 - Cannot believe i missed all the ultimate game sale, hate my life! -_-
117,496 TrueAchievement Points473 posts
Last post: 25 Apr at 21:57
Posted on 22 November 12 at 22:24
I just wish they would sort those servers out, almost every single time I play with someone I disconnect from them or they disconnect from me. As soon as they get that fixed I can enjoy playing it again :)
SilvrgunSuprman - Ive given a lot of praise to Star Trek but today I RAGED so hard during the swim bit. Controls are so bad!!
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Last post: Yesterday at 17:04
Posted on 22 November 12 at 22:28
I could never really get into this game. Literally, every time I try to play I get kicked out of the game. The single player ranking system is a joke.( You HAVE to play MP to rank up in SP.) I wish I could just delete the achievements I got for this game and call it a loss.
iHeartSlampigs - Gears of War PC is giving me trouble, again...
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Last post: Yesterday at 01:29
Posted on 22 November 12 at 22:30
Well now that they've thanked me I'd only look silly if I hadn't played it.
I may or may not have been Izuna Dropped on my head as a child.
TrueAchievements Pro userTrueAchievement Ratio: 1.529347 posts
Last post: 15 Jul at 15:46
Posted on 22 November 12 at 22:32
Never found a reason to buy anything for this game as the stuff you get off campaign can be upgraded to stupidly strong. Combine this with the (still) crappy matchmaking and I have a hard time caring about this sale, despite how much fun the game is when it works properly.
Awesom3 Pand4
Awesom3 Pand4
116,132 TrueAchievement PointsTrueAchievement Ratio: 1.3954201 posts
Last post: 20 Aug 13 at 19:04
Posted on 22 November 12 at 22:45
I have 5 happy cards cheapest item is 6 cards... :(
DOOM The Return - I know that I'm the only one but I really don't get the big deal about Breaking Bad.
64 completed games(Includes owned DLC)TrueAchievement Site Rank: 10,190 out of 237,6252,304 posts
Last post: Yesterday at 23:46
Posted on 22 November 12 at 23:07
Love this game.
My teeth taste funny today. They seem more jagged than normal.
Rusty Nail zh
Rusty Nail zh - Thinking of buying a US XBOX 360....What would be a good price on ebay?
269 completed games(Includes owned DLC)90 solutions403 posts
Last post: Today at 09:31
Posted on 22 November 12 at 23:42
I have to play this again!
I have come here to chew bubble gum and kiss ass...and I'm all out of bubble gum.
PhxSuns1Fan - Thank you Hurricane Ham!! The Hori stays in the TA family :)
483,036 TrueAchievement PointsTrueAchievement Site Rank: 575 out of 237,625741 posts
Last post: 16 Jul at 16:24
Posted on 23 November 12 at 00:11
Fix the servers!!!!!!!!!
My life doesn't evolve around Xbox, or atleast I keep telling myself that :)
Sera Di Siah
Sera Di Siah - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeqtAB1WgEw
TrueAchievements Pro userAchievement Completion Percentage: 88.39% (Includes owned DLC) - 44 more achievements required to reach 89%609 posts
Last post: 14 Jul at 13:08
Posted on 23 November 12 at 00:24
I really like how Happy Wars still does stuff to improve the game and gives nice "sales" like these, since I 400G'd it didn't played it again due to dropping out 90% of the time but when they fix their servers I'll surely play it again.
Achievement Completion Percentage: 91.52% (Includes owned DLC) - 59 more achievements required to reach 92%TrueAchievement Site Rank: 1,371 out of 237,6253,091 posts
Last post: 02 Apr at 00:09
Posted on 23 November 12 at 00:41
Just downloaded the actual game finally.
Achievement Completion Percentage: 42.35% (Includes owned DLC) - 72 more achievements required to reach 43%19 completed games(Includes owned DLC)430 posts
Last post: 17 Jul 13 at 17:25
Posted on 23 November 12 at 01:27
Love the game. Hate that chances of having a propper match running are close to none.

I finally quit trying.
spaceSuicide - government denies knowledge
145,631 TrueAchievement Points668 posts
Last post: 17 Jul at 00:04
Posted on 23 November 12 at 02:20
Haven't touched this since launch. The servers really annoy me. I couldn't even complete one match in multiplayer without getting booted. Supremely aggravating!
NoVaKaiiNE - 138th Gamer on this site to finish Doritos Crash Course 2 btw
147,102 TrueAchievement Points123 posts
Last post: 17 Jun at 18:08
Posted on 23 November 12 at 02:52
Nope finished this game in 3 days , its fun but im not going back to it
DaBlackAlbino - Both Dishonored DLC for £3.36.. fuck yes. Already had the trials from a previous sale just needed the campaign shit.
Achievement Completion Percentage: 84.33% (Includes owned DLC) - 40 more achievements required to reach 85%TrueAchievement Ratio: 1.61921,080 posts
Last post: 16 May at 17:00
Posted on 23 November 12 at 02:55
This game is not worth the money unless you're really in love with it. Even then, the numerous connectivity issues is keeping the population base down.
Witty satirical gaming reviews and articles - http://dablackalbino.com/
Leo Ascendent
Leo Ascendent - The Evil Within, take my money already.
117 solutionsDonated to TrueAchievements.com1,827 posts
Last post: 14 Jul at 23:28
Posted on 23 November 12 at 03:54
Pay to Win games suck....
You've been trololololol'ed.
a s p a
a s p a - Calm down bro, it's just vidya.
288 completed games(Includes owned DLC)Achievement Completion Percentage: 100.00% (Includes owned DLC)94 posts
Last post: 03 Jun at 15:40
Posted on 23 November 12 at 04:01
Leo Ascendent said:Pay to Win games suck....It's not pay to win.
Th3 Tater
Th3 Tater - OMG...broke a wall in Venetica...may beat this finally!
Achievement Completion Percentage: 63.44% (Includes owned DLC) - 33 more achievements required to reach 64%33 completed games(Includes owned DLC)283 posts
Last post: 16 Jul at 21:48
Posted on 23 November 12 at 04:11
a s p a said:Leo Ascendent said:Pay to Win games suck....It's not pay to win.Give it time...it will be.
iTiiDuS iNc
iTiiDuS iNc - http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m12z0p5jKh1qzkaeio1_400.jpg
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Last post: 23 Mar at 14:52
Posted on 23 November 12 at 07:17
I have enough crappy Games in myHistory, wich I maybe never finish.

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