CastleStorm Characters Hack n' Slash Information

By SgtDigglesworth, 4 years ago
Thus far, we have seen the specs for such characters as the Griffin and the Dragon, and today we will indulge the soldiers of blood, guts and projectiles that destroy with charm in ZEN Studios upcoming XBLA title, CastleStorm.

Catapult Bearer

CS November 24th

The Catapult Bearer is a juggernaut when it comes to projectiles, although he is a little dim-witted, when positioned in the right direction, he can decimate any target that stands in his path.


Hammer Thrower:

CS November 24th

This viking strongman is the counterpart to the Knights Catapult Bearer, he is a Virgo, likes long walks on snowy beaches and enjoys bashing objects, people and goats with his massive hammer.

CastleStorm is scheduled to release soon, so be sure to stay tuned for when we drop the The Mountain Troll specifics for this XBLA's official release date.
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Sera Di Siah
Sera Di Siah
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 13:14
This looks pretty great!
Mo the Surfer
Mo the Surfer
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 15:31
Sounds interesting so far...
The new dashboard sux!
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Posted on 26 November 12 at 15:35
Second one reminds me of that Golden Axe character.
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