Kung Fu Superstar Concept Art Starts from Scratch

Kung Fu Superstar Concept Art Starts from Scratch

Will you help Kinesthetic kickstart their game into reality?

Written by Ashley Woodcock (Dat Boi Treezy) on 24 November 12 at 02:41

Kinesthetic Games' Kinect action title, Kung Fu Superstar needs all the community support it can get at the minute. In an attempt to hopefully earn some new fans and support for their Kickstarter campaign, Kinesthetic have released a new trailer showcasing the Concept Art from the game.

Starting from scratch, check out and enjoy the trailer as an Oilrig Guard is crafted in high-speed from nothing, to a masterpiece:

With Kung Fu Superstar being in the situation it is right now, the game currently sits without a solid release date. We'll be sure to keep you guys informed with any updates on the title as soon as they come.
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Posted on 24 November 12 at 02:45
Well, I'm sold. //sarcasm
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1985 Kung fu gave any game named Kung Fu a high expectation and still does. I don't own a kinect but I want to complain about not having Kung Fu on xbla. Doubt this will be any fun for adults but the kids will enjoy it.
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Does the maker of this game know someone here at TA? This is the second article about this game on Kickstarter,Perhaps I've never noticed kickstarter articles being news before but it sure seems like this guy has the inside track.

Though I'm sure it sounds like I am complaining here, I'd just like to say I am not... I wouldn't actually mind seeing MORE kickstarter games to be given articles ahell of a lot more than the "Look 3 more screenshots of a game we've covered 20 times before!" articles
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Here's the link to chip in http://kck.st/YmpVQG (@ ninja277, I specifically suggested for additional information so this game has the highest chance to see the light of day)