Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Gameplay Trailer

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Gameplay Trailer

Breath in, steadily out and slowly pull the trigger

Written by SgtDigglesworth on 24 November 12 at 23:49

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 inspires fond memories of the 1993 movie, Sniper, featuring Tom Berenger and the creepy rebel sniper Billy Zane. City Interactive's perpetually delayed title released a trailer recently that doesn't have either of these actors but does involve sniping mechanics.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is scheduled for release on January 15th, 2013. We will keep you informed to any possibly changes that will could occur with its release.
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Posted on 24 November 12 at 23:53
Yes, there is hope that it will come out now
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 00:13
Don't care what all the COD fanboys say about it, I'm really looking forward to this. Loved the first one and been waiting for ages since its announcement.
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 00:14
Was the first game any good? Looks like this could be interesting instead of the usual running around shooting everything in your path.
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 00:15
I loved the first, even though the MP was poorly executed. Perma radar in a sniping game, sort of defeats the purpose.

I just can't wait until this is released.
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 01:33
For anyone interested, this game is just under £27 to pre order on amazon UK, spotted it at that price when I bought AC3, figured I might as well order, and just cancel if I change my mind nearer launch date
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 05:19
I really enjoyed the first game so this one will be a buy day one for sure.
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 06:28
i also enjoyed the first and i am waiting for this one. they also have a WW2 game called Enemy Front that looks really good.
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 07:22
The tagline sounds so grammatically awkward. Only the third fragment makes any sort of sense.
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 10:26
I'll probably wait a couple of weeks to pick this up in the bargain bin. I see they have already dropped the preorder price from £40 to £25 so i'm guessing there not expecting alot from it
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 13:21
first Ghost Warrior was sweet! definitely get this, maybe not on release though. right after christmas, i'll be too poor....
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 13:50
The first one was glitchy as hell and without the patch unplayable.
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Enemy AI was superannoying they knew where i was before i was there,
could on hit kill you from miles away with a sort ranged pistol at night in high grass and looking in the other direction.
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Posted on 25 November 12 at 21:22
I really like the look so far. The breathing sounds good.
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Posted on 26 November 12 at 01:52
Forgot about this game, might have to pick it up when it's out! I enjoyed the first game, though the downfall was probably the glitches & multiplayer.
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Posted on 26 November 12 at 02:18
I love the first one. Gonna buy this defo.
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Posted on 26 November 12 at 03:56
Looks like fun, and it's gorgeous looking
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Posted on 26 November 12 at 04:26
If I can scrap togethor the money, its a buy, if not, I will be dissapointed
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Posted on 26 November 12 at 14:28
I could do without the one liners everytime I knife someone but looks like it could be good. Sniper V2 surprised me maybe this will too. Any word on coop?
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Posted on 26 November 12 at 22:49
I believe they went back and forth on the co-op but scratched it. I like the one liners though and the collectors steelbook edition is a must wink
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Posted on 26 November 12 at 23:50
So long as there aren't any shitty sections where you have to run and gun then fine by me.
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