Pair of Gameloft Games Free on Windows Phone

Pair of Gameloft Games Free on Windows Phone

Earthworm Jim and Assassin's Creed free of charge, but for how long? [UPDATE: DEAD]

Written by litepink on 13 February 13 at 00:47

Update: As suspected the games have reverted back to their original price.

We're not sure why but a pair of Gameloft games are available for free right now on both Windows Phone 7 and 8.

Earthworm Jim (WP) $4.99/£3.99 FREE
Assassin's Creed (WP) $4.99/£3.99 FREE

I had a bit of trouble getting the free pricing to show up myself, but when I turned off my phone and started it up again, both games showed as free upon searching the marketplace. You can also use the links above to purchase the game from the web if you are having issues with your phone's marketplace showing the correct price.

As alluded to in our strapline, we don't know how long the free games will be available so get them while you can.

Special thanks to all the community members who sent this in!
litepink - Back in the 90s, I was in a very famous TV show
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 00:48
This could last one hour, one day, one week; we don't know. Best to get them now!
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 00:48
wow, that's pretty cool for windows phone owners!
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 00:48
litepink said:This could last one hour, one day, one week; we don't know. Best to get them now!toast Go go go!!!
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 00:52
Got Earthworm Jim, not going to bother with AC. But to confirm - I don't have a Nokia and I got Earthworm Jim for free via the Australia marketplace.
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 00:52
WOW nice find! Thanks! Downloading as we speak!
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 00:53
Picking these up now.
Petrolium Bear - What seems to be the Officer Problem?
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 00:55, Edited on 13 February 13 at 00:56 by Petrolium Bear
Got both of them. Thanks as always for the latest news TA toast
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 00:57, Edited on 13 February 13 at 01:10 by wiirule111
I got both with my LG phone, so its not some Nokia exclusives.

I havent rebooted my phone for weeks, but they showed up as free right away. I just browsed the whole store, and there is only these 2 free, but not any "random" sale on anything or price drops.

These are maybe bad games, but they are free...Grab Assasins Creed, and who knows.. maybe it gets a late patch. you can "buy" the free ones you dont want, cancel install..and if you regret it when it costs can redownload it for free as its already purchased.

Thanks for the good news! :-)
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 00:57
Picked up Earthworm Jim after realizing that it still asks you to buy a game you've already purchased. Nice on getting the word out fast!
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 00:59
Downloaded them both, but I probably won't waste my time with Assassin's Creed. It's terrible. However, I'm looking forward to getting through Earthworm Jim!
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 01:01, Edited on 13 February 13 at 01:10 by NutriWhip
Picked up Earthworm since I already have AC. Don't know when I'll get around to it though. I've read that the controls are almost just as bad if not worse than AC's.

Edit: Not getting the free price to show up. I grabbed it from online at free but it wouldn't send to my phone. Clicked the link in the email they sent to me but it's not showing up as free. angry
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 01:01
completed both....good games especially for free
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 01:06
Too bad AC HD was one of the first that I bought but YAY EJ~!
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 01:07
definitely worth "buying" even if you just delete them right away. that way you have the license if you ever change your mind and want to play them later. i already have both, pretty sure i got them when they were deals of the week.
Gee x Wiz
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 01:11
Already had Assassin's Creed, it was worth the $4.99 price tag so no one should pass up FREE, I held off on Earthworm Jim so I'm happy I held off for this long :)
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 01:13
Just grabbed them both, thanks for the heads up.
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 01:16
Just got both of these! Nice one TA!
Lord Namlig
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 01:17
Thanks litepink just picked up both of these.
Lord Namlig
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Posted on 13 February 13 at 01:21
I need to wait for sales, I would of saved me some cash!!!
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