TA Gets a Fresh Look and New Features

TA Gets a Fresh Look and New Features

We celebrate TrueAchievements' fifth birthday in style

Written by Rich Stone (TrueAchievement) on 30 March 13 at 14:06

To celebrate the site’s 5th birthday, we would like to introduce you to TrueAchievements 2013!

We’ve been working on this redesign for quite some time, so we really hope you like it. As well as the new look, there’s quite a lot of new features – in fact, there's too many to list here. So we’ll present you with some of the main ones, and you can go and have a play and find the rest for yourself smile

Site Homepage
If you take a look at our homepage, you will see a new news carousel as well as various new tabs. The main News tab contains a round-up of all stories across all platforms, and we’ll showcase the most important in the carousel. The Xbox 360, XBLA, Kinect, Windows Phone and Windows 8 tabs contain stories, leaderboards, reviews, walkthroughs and games for just those specific platforms – making it much easier for you to find platform-related content. The Community tab naturally focuses on stories, events and content from the awesome TrueAchievements Community!

TA Homepage Redesign

Main Menu
As we’ve added more and more functionality to the site, the menus have become increasing long and hard to navigate. We’ve redesigned these completely, grouping similar links together to make it much easier to find the pages you need. All pages directly related to you are now under the new GamerTag menu on the top right of every page. Other links are divided up amongst the Main Menu, Community and Messages tabs.

Game Pages
Game pages now have a set of tabs on them to make it easier for you to locate their Forums, Walkthroughs and Reviews, as well as those all-important Achievement lists. We’ve also added a new Scores tab, which contains a variety of stats related to your and your friends' scoring in that game. Additionally, there’s a new Game Information box on the top right of each Game page, where you’ll find product information about the game, as well as being warned of any Discontinued or Unobtainable achievements (see Need for Speed: Carbon for an example). The Achievement List View has also been updated to include DLC pack information.

TA Game Page Redesign

Gamer Page Tabs
We’ve undertaken a similar process with Gamer homepages – you’ll find quick access to a gamer’s Achievements, Games, Blog, Goals and Stats on the new tabs.

Gamer Redesign

Friend Feed Archive
This has been rewritten to include paging and more filter options – access these from the Friend Feed dropdown button.

Menu Buttons
The list of links underneath GamerPics and Games were becoming incredibly long, so we’ve tidied them up and put them under a neat little menu button. You'll find these scattered around the site - click on them to drop the menu down.

Spoiler Tags
You’ve been wanting them for a long time and they are finally here – you’ll see how to use them on the new toolbar when writing solutions and forum posts.

There’s now a Go To Page option anywhere we have a list of Page Numbers to make it much easier to jump to a specific page.

Is that all?
Well, no actually smile. We’ve lots more great features in the pipeline that we hope to launch over the coming weeks!

A Word of Warning
TrueAchievements has hundreds of different page types and millions of pages, so although we've been testing the site for some time, there will no doubt be a few pages that look a little flaky. We’ve also changed a lot of URL’s related to Game Pages. That means there could be a few things that don’t look quite right. If you find anything that looks incorrect, please post the details in this thread: TrueAchievements Redesign Bugs

Spread the Word
If you like what we’ve done to the place, why not get your friends to sign up to the site? Or you can like us on Facebook or Google+ (links on the homepage).

An Update On Recent Site Down Time
As some of you may have read, there is currently a bit of an internet dispute between 2 companies resulting in some of the major internet backbone links being put under attack. You can read more about it here. Unfortunately we were caught up in this as we use CloudFlare for our network distribution, but we know they are working on preventing such attacks causing problems from now on. I want to apologise for any disruption you’ve experienced in the last couple of weeks. As ever, you can keep up to date with our site status on our Twitter feed

Happy 5 years of TrueAchievements and here's to many more!
MikeBebop - Well... that was interesting lol.
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:06, Edited on 30 March 13 at 14:07 by MikeBebop
Congrats on the new layout looking good!
Dimmock - I was not expecting that video to open Rare Replay at all. [smile]
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:07
I approve of the new layout, looks a lot nicer.
ZUS ROCKS! / SSCP - Veal is a lot like Dimmock, an acquired taste.
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:07
Its sexy!!
True Marvellous
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:07
Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:07
Looks awesome :)
Sargoth 01
Sargoth 01
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:07
Looks fancy and new, happy birthday!
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:07
This is going to take a while to get used to!
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Kid Vranic
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:07
Yeah, just saw this! Wow Rich! Really looks awesome :-)
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Gucci Gromzzz
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:08
Not a big fan of this laYout. Is this an early April Fools joke?
RazorPriest - Around 10-12 hours total spent on just Nightmare level 52, but I finally got it. Surely it can't get much harder than this...? [cry]
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:08
Very nice! A little messy with different fonts and font sizes everywhere, but obviously everything isn't finalized yet clap
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Skanker irl
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Holy shit! Love the new layout. Must have taken a ton of time and effort.

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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:08
I was surprised to see this change but it looks really impressive.
Great work!
kLa Chaos
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:08
Looks great! :)
Stephan1237 - Having fun on Xbox !
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:08
Really cool new layout.
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:08
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:08
Wow. Looks awesome.
Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:09
Was the investigations thing meant to be there in your picture? Or was it to show users what would be visible to them if there was a report against them? wink
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StuartATrueRed - hmm........
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:09
About time you had a redesign, looks good.
UliUdo - Horest du nicht was Erlenkonig mir leise verspricht?
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Posted on 30 March 13 at 14:09
I think I love it. I'm clicking around excitedly like it's a whole new website. Way to go TA, happy 5th!