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Darkstalkers Resurrection to Get Update

Darkstalkers Resurrection to Get Update

Not long to wait

Written by Rebecca Smith (punkyliar) on 09 April 13 at 21:21

In a few days time, Darkstalkers Resurrection will be getting a title update. Not only will there be bug fixes, there will be a new requested gameplay feature too. While playing the single player arcade mode, online opponents can send you a battle challenge. On accepting the request, the arcade game will be suspended while the online battle rages on.

9/4/13 Title Update 1

9/4/13 Title Update 2

Challenge requests can also be accepted if playing the training mode. It doesn't matter which character the player is using at the time of the request, they can select a different character at the start of the online battle.

9/4/13 Title Update 3

9/4/13 Title Update 4

Here is a list of the bug fixes that will be included in the patch:

General Fixes

• If your opponent’s ranking points are below a certain value, if you win the rank match the ranking point values will change.
• In the explanation test for the matchmaking option PING test, added Player Match and Tournament to the text.
• Fixed a bug where players would not communicate via voice chat during ranked match and quick match.
• Fixed a bug where voice chat would not function when accepting an invite during a match or replay.
• Fixed a bug where if a ranked match ended in a time over or double KO, you would be sent back to the main menu.
• If you have 10 friends or more, when sorting rankings by friend, the information after the first page will be displayed correctly.
• Fixed a bug where during training mode, changing the dummy action settings in a certain order would cause the screen to freeze.
• Fixed a bug where uploaded YouTube videos would not have synced sound and picture (Xbox 360 only)
• Fixed a bug where certain awards would not correctly progress.
• Other bugs fixed.

Vampire Hunter (Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge)

• Fixed a bug when Bishamon’s Hane Yaiba is blocked, he can still perform Tsuji Hayate and Kaeshi Yaiba.
• Fixed a bug where during Aulbath’s (Rikuo’s) Water Jail on hit, Aqua Spread will connect.
• Fixed a bug when Anakaris’s Royal Judgment hits Phobos (Huitzil), at the moment the curse ends, if Anakaris and Phobos are close, the screen would freeze.
• Fixed a bug in player match where after choosing Pro Tournament or Marathon, after the first match, the game speed would be set to TURBO.
• Fixed text where Direct Scissors was listed to use 3 bars of the Special gauge.
• Fixed a bug where when rematching in a local match, the game speed would be set to TURBO.

Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3)

• Fixed a bug that caused the BGM and flashing buttons for Lilith’s Gloomy Puppet Show are out of sync.
• Fixed a bug where when playing back a recorded Gloomy Puppet Show, the wrong notes would be played.
• Fixed a bug where the Dark Force activation differed from the original version.
• The online ID (gamertag) and Dark Force gauge no longer overlap.
• Fixed a bug where when selecting Dark Gallon (Dark Talbain) and Auto-guard in training mode, Dark Gallon’s graphics would change.
• Bishamon will now be usable as the first character for Shadow.
The title update is due to be released this Friday, April 12th.
SHOOTAGELESSUP - For sale a German version on the darkness anyone interested separate achievements from pal ???
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Posted on 09 April 13 at 22:12
Its over 9000!!!!!!;;
MissJaded - Go Buckeyes! Go Colts! :}
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Posted on 09 April 13 at 22:19
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Posted on 10 April 13 at 01:24
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Posted on 10 April 13 at 02:50
Nice !!
hERetIXxx - Balancing the games i like playing online with all the backlog i gotta do XD
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Posted on 10 April 13 at 05:36
so... no character's moves changes??? damn Rikuo, Bishamon and Lilith will be impossible to finish their challenges u_u
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Posted on 10 April 13 at 16:47
Yet to play this... what is the character challenge / Trial mode like?
It is a common misconception that movement in any direction should be considered as progression
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Posted on 10 April 13 at 21:03
BrumtownMangler said:Yet to play this... what is the character challenge / Trial mode like?
I'm finding it very hard. You have to beat 5 per character to get the achievements and I can barely get 2 done. It's very annoying that Capcom made 1/2 the achievements comprised of Character Trials. Otherwise, it's an excellent rerelease.
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Posted on 10 April 13 at 23:22
BrumtownMangler said:Yet to play this... what is the character challenge / Trial mode like?
They're pretty tough due to how fast you have to input everything. At least they have done videos to show you the trial and there is some trials you can just do whatever you want so long as it reaches the requirement. Most are strictly "follow this combo" though.

I have never been great at these modes, but it isn't impossible.. although I have heard Rikuo's last or fourth trial is pretty much out of most people's reach.

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