Saints Row IV E3 Demo

Saints Row IV E3 Demo

A casual trip of destruction through the city

Written by Marc Pilkington on 11 June 13 at 11:11

A new demo has been released for Saints Row IV showcasing more of Volition's upcoming over-the-top sandbox game. While in the previous demo we saw some new weapons, like the Dubstep Gun and Inflator Ray, here we see more of an overall look at our presidential superhero.

Saints Row IV will be coming to stores on August 20th in North America and August 23rd in Europe.
drabik -
TrueAchievements AdministratorTrueAchievements Moderator16,875 posts
Last post: Today at 13:57
Posted on 11 June 13 at 11:22
Benjamin King is back! clap

I look forward to seeing how Terry Crews can pull it off.
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Cries Of Sorow
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Last post: 02 Sep 13 at 12:55
Posted on 11 June 13 at 11:26
Screen Tear heaven: Return of the Torn frames, Might get this, still not too sure think it's going way too over the top, might interfere with the fun factor.
Munoz2024 - let it begin
85,061 TrueAchievement Points39 posts
Last post: 08 Apr at 15:09
Posted on 11 June 13 at 11:33
the running, climbing buildings and fly through the air remind me too much of prototype 2
Sera Di Siah
Sera Di Siah - 360 Recommendations: TimeShift for 30 Euro - Ain't that funny... saw that in stores for 99 cent.
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Posted on 11 June 13 at 11:38
So... so bad... Crappy mix of Crackdown and Prototype, nothing how Saints Row 1 and 2 were, very sad =/
Spiderman Noire - looking for people to do dead island. Focus on the co-op acievements first
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Posted on 11 June 13 at 13:16
what is this garbage. i appreciated the lunacy that was saints row 3 now they turned it into prototype 2? i just want the penetrator not a superhero game
Donated to TrueAchievements.comAchievement Completion Percentage: 51.20% (Includes owned DLC) - 46 more achievements required to reach 52%19 posts
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Posted on 11 June 13 at 14:00
Saints Row 3 was the limit to how crazy they could go, this is just stupid now. Not going to be buying this one. I miss the days of Saints Row 2!
BigNev44 - Dragon Age pushed back to November, Battlefield pushed to next year, that's bit of a breather for October purchases.
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Posted on 11 June 13 at 15:10
R.I.P. Saints Row
The Monk BAD IT - This is my new gamertag: Manu BAD IT
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Last post: 22 Jul at 07:40
Posted on 11 June 13 at 18:12
drabik said:Benjamin King is back! clap

I look forward to seeing how Terry Crews can pull it off.
>> Tampa Bay Buccaneers <<
Posted on 11 June 13 at 19:34
Looks terrible
Jay2iso - Ufc for me tomorrow looking forward to it for those of you that already have it what's it like??
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Last post: 10 May at 22:45
Posted on 25 July 13 at 12:14
haha poor way over board now!!!

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