Gears of War: Judgment Finds Lost Relics

Gears of War: Judgment Finds Lost Relics

At least those without a Season Pass have finally found them

Written by punkyliar on 25 June 13 at 17:42

Gears of War: Judgment Season Pass holders have already been hunting for "Lost Relics" since June 18th. Those players who hadn't purchased a Season Pass can finally join the search today. As well as two new multiplayer maps, one returning multiplayer map and a new Overrun map, there are ten new achievements worth a total of 250G.

Defend Sera’s sacred relics on two new competitive multiplayer maps “Lost City” and “Museum” and battle on returning classic “Checkout”, or hold the line with new OverRun exclusive map “Ward”. Also includes new multiplayer mode “Breakthrough.”Checkout

Lost City
Lost City 1

Lost City 2

Museum 1

Museum 2

Ward 1

Ward 2

If you'd like to grab a little more intel on the maps before deciding on a purchase, check out these map flythroughs.

"Lost Relics DLC Pack" costs 1000 MSP and can be downloaded from here. Season Pass members are already likely to have downloaded the content but, just in case, it can be downloaded from the in-game menu at no extra cost.
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Posted on 25 June 13 at 17:48
I heard a rumor that the season pass was on sale too.
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Season pass is on sale for 1200Msp. ^^
Can;t get any Dlc maps on Survival right now so I'm told.
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It's not bad.
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Yep, Season Pass is on sale as others have said.
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season pass on sale? well that was quick. Wish i did not buy so fast, but they kinda teased me with the double xp :P
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Posted on 25 June 13 at 18:17
it's not much
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Season pass holder since day one. Still haven't bothered to play this. laugh
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It's not bad.
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I thought the 25th was the season pass release date, haven't played judement in awhile. might have to get those extra achievments
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achievements are just a big pile of crap for this games dlc. utter shit.
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Gears has never seen worse cheevos before... :(
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is it fun