Xbox One Achievements, Challenges and Progress

Xbox One Achievements, Challenges and Progress

Now for everyone, and with added features!

Written by TrueAchievement on 29 November 13 at 15:28

Earlier this week we announced that we were supporting Xbox One achievement and challenge tracking - in fact we were the first site to do so (even before!).

While we tested the new code, we limited that functionality to TA Pro users, but we have now opened it up to the whole site, along with some additional features.

Here are the details:


- Challenges are separate from Achievements on Game pages - they have their own Challenges tab (see Dead Rising 3 Challenges for an example)

- They do not count towards your completion or achievement stats, but they will appear on your Friend Feed and you can see which ones you have won on each game's challenge page

- You can compare challenges in games with other gamers (Comparing challenges in Killer Instinct)

Dead Rising 3 Challenges

Achievement Progress

Some achievements now support progression. This means we can see how close you are to obtaining an achievement. For example, see my Forza 5 Achievements page and check out the Level-related achievements. You'll see a green bar behind the achievement description, and an information icon that tells you the exact progression. Neat, huh?

Achievement Progress

Note: Support for achievement progression is a little flaky at the moment, which is why you don't see this on many achievements. However, we hope that more developers will utilize this on more achievements soon, as they get used to the systems available to them on the Xbox One.

App Achievements

We are now also tracking Xbox One app achievements. These do not count towards any of your stats, but you can see when you unlocked them on the app pages. We are intending to have proper stats on these soon, but they will be kept apart from "normal" game stats.

Netflix Achievements

And finally.....

Microsoft Doff Their Cap to TrueAchievements

You may have noticed a few TA-inspired features that are now available on the Xbox One, and we're of course honoured that Microsoft has implemented so many ideas that our community originally came up with. But this in particular made us smile...

If you have an Xbox One,

1. Go to your dashboard
2. Click on Discover great apps and features
3. Click the fast forward button on the bottom right until you get a row of numbers on the screen
4. Select number 3
5. Listen for the cheeky TA plug!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:30
fab.... keep up the hard work TA :)
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:30
Great work toast
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:31
I love the achievement progression feature! Thanks for always improving this already great website!
Clap That Fool
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:32
For those of us in a country that MS don't want to support yet... what's the TA plug?
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:33
Three things:

1. Awesome work :) Can't wait til I get my One.
2. For those of us that are waiting for a One, can someone capture the TA plug - I'd love to see it
3. Any idea what happens with expiring challenges - for those that don't like incompleteness on their profiles :)

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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:34
Awesome! Now only if developers can start fixing the glitched achievements which already found on the X1, all be Great.
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:36
Personally I think we've gone off the rails with achievements. "Rate 5 titles in Netflix"?? really? I liked it when achievements were about games - real games, not phone games, unlock all PC games etc. Of course, there are lots of people who will like these new achievements, and so good for them. I'm just expressing an opinion.
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:38, Edited on 29 November 13 at 15:45 by Petrolium Bear
The progress bars for cumulative achievements are a cool feature.
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:38
Good Job. Thank you so much clap
Boots Orion
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:39
Awesome work, TA team! =) Congrats on the plug, too!
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:40
Good job getting this all worked out so fast Rich, one of the few (If not only) tracking sites that's managed to get a way to track one games congrats.

PS, TT could use your skills now ;)
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Mr XBob
Mr XBob
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:41
Quantum Binman said:For those of us in a country that MS don't want to support yet... what's the TA plug?It's a bit of a stretch, to be honest lol. The video simply says "Just how good are you?" which happens to be TA's tagline.

It's a common phrase, don't read too much into it.
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:42
Nice work as usual. Now I just need to go get the One.
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:47
That is pretty incredible! You should be proud off your quick work! With profession too... That is awesome!
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:52
Bragging doesn't become you TA, but well done wink
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MathGuy42 - Seems that Xbox One achievements are currently messed up
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:53, Edited on 29 November 13 at 15:54 by MathGuy42
Great work! Thanks!

Achievement progression isn't working for me in Xbox Fitness. However, the problem likely isn't on TA's end. I can see progression on my console, but not in Smartglass. I can see locked vs unlocked in Smartglass and TA picks that up fine, so Privacy shouldn't be an issue. Anyone know a setting I should change? Or is it just something wrong on MS's end?
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:55
Is a challenge leader board a good idea? You know, for the number of challenges a person completes.
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 15:55
Hey TA Team, thank you so much for the great job you're doing here. TA will always be my home page.
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Posted on 29 November 13 at 16:12
Excellent work, as per usual, TA. Achievement progression is a great new feature - hopefully it becomes standard in all games.
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