Winners: Spring Clean Giveaway Week 18

By Dave Horobin, 1 year ago
Week 18 of our Spring Clean Giveaways ended on Thursday night, and it's time for us to reveal the names of our 50 winners who have each received a code for the Gigantic beta.

Gigantic Art

casinoman said:GiganticHOFFY said:Free is always goodEbonHawk01 said:inPinicus said:50 times as much chance of winning woohooDraygon uk said:Pick me I'm quite handy! The handyman can!TheOtherBarber said:I don't deserve it but I still win? smileVdeathrow93 said:Hoping for the best. Good luck to all!Redders 1984 said:Alright STOP! . . . Beta time! danceheadspindanceheadspindeutschZuid said:I am nerdy.DJ DEXTA said:Woop woop headspinMugenKairo said:6 page of entries, my chances are less than admirable.Sentinel2K6 said:Why notPembo 1996 said:Somebody ripped both ends of my dictionary out the other day. It just goes from bad to worseJD0BE said:Please! diveDrMmmPie said:But Lego dimensions is out... Its a tough decision to make.Nupra79 said:Hope.JoeySJ95 said:Heard a lot of good things about this game. I'd like to give it a goScarletsGrandpa said:Bet-a be a winn-a...BadMotor said:Woozle-WazzleCpt J Ross said:Hmmm. Interesting.SaucySlingo said:Thank you!KinectKid333 said:Cooke4LadyByng is the comment above me, and s/he says they think they'd hate the game.Cw Icecold said:If you read this, I actually won.Betzemotze said::)UnrealKarnage76 said:I'm inBardfor said:YesIllegallySam said:I'll try, but likely lose like alwaysXantium89 said:50 prizes To be won??? Bring It onSmithy440 said:Good luck everyoneSSSteinMan said:Massive!SbN Spacefish said:Little info available, so nothing to stop me from wanting it. :)hells0bathroom said:ohmageez?!?!? for me?AmazingSpider97 said:I winn!!xSaemi said:BetonizedMikeProcurator said:I would like to win this pleaseEryxar said:As much as I like the opportunity to get free things, the name of these giveaways is starting to seem odd since it has been fall for about a week now...Beedri11 said:hey hey heyCr4ck Sh0t23 said:It's funny that fall has just started and it is still called spring cleaning.ChRoNIc Tetanus said:One giant step for my game collectionStrategyboyz21 said:LOLX0YX said:I take Code 9The SCHWARTZ 00 said:I asked these jagoffs to send me an invite to the beta and they never responded....hopefully TA can hook me up.Aeoryl said:cn_Ylewisjoa said:Peng!IcaroRibeiro10 said:Oh, God!pappabear3 said:I want to play this game so badKaleboss said:thank you for this chanceShadowRacer77 said:Gigantic!smilellxunknownxll said:I wish I'd win something for once :3CalicoFlame said:YAY O/Codes have already been sent in a PM, so check your inboxes for details on how to redeem.

Thanks to everyone that entered this week. I'll be back later this evening with another competition.
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
Dave is the TrueAchievements Social Manager and has been a Newshound since 2010. When he's not chasing developers and publishers for early review copies, he can usually be found on the TrueAchievements social pages discussing all things TA related.