XBL One Day Only Deals: 26th November, 2010

XBL One Day Only Deals: 26th November, 2010

The rumours were true

Written by Rebecca Smith (punkyliar) on 26 November 10 at 13:15 | Credit to Jayour

Promised three days ago, these are the Black Friday deals for Xbox Live. They will only last until tomorrow! The deals are available worldwide, although some content may not be available in some regions:

Game Add-ons

Rock Band series "Creedence Clearwater Revival Pack" - 400 MSP

Arcade Games

TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled - 160 MSP
Splosion Man - 160 MSP
Trials HD - 400 MSP
Greed Corp - 160 MSP

Avatar Clothing

The Force Unleashed Starkiller Lightsaber - 160 MSP

Xbox Originals

Halo: Combat Evolved - 400 MSP
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - 400 MSP

12 month XBL Gold subscription $39.99 plus tax (US only)

These deals are running alongside the XBL Black Friday deals that started on Tuesday.

Here's a link to the Games Marketplace for those of you who want to save a bit of time.
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:17
Nice, will pick up the Rock Band songs and a couple of the arcade games too :)
ll Lone Wolf lI - One more week until SSO and then MCC. Xbox is going to be my home for some time!
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:19
finally can get splosion man
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:19
Wow, nice deals. I'm off to pick up my MSP!
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:19
Nice, I scored TMNT, GTA SA, and Portal. Thanks M$!
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:20
Nice! Great deal on the CCR tracks, will pick those up for sure. Think I'll get the TMNT and Greed Corp Arcade titles too (don't have those two), since you can't really go wrong at 160 points.
matrikzHH - Eat through the pain
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:23
Bummer! I have most of the stuff already. Good deals though.
DaShAg - Pansy
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:28
Splosion Man - 160 MSP

izret102 - Warface x4 is only working in Versus at this time. Supposed to be in Co-Op also. Support is getting it fixed soon :D
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:38
matrikzHH said:Bummer! I have most of the stuff already. Good deals though.Same here.
The onyl thing i could pick up was Greed Corp. Which i am pretty happy about because i almost bought it last week on someones suggestion.

Also how do i get the 39.99 LIVE deal? My sub runs out this month...
Ben Of Bodom UK - Guardian of Asgaard
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:41
If you don't pick up Trials HD and Splosion Man at those prices then there's something wrong with you...
Doctor Plow
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:45
Splosion Man is a good game especially for only 160 MSP. And does anybody know if it's possible to buy multiple 12 month subscriptions at once?
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:48
might have to pick up a couple of those arcade games lol.
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:51
izret102 said:Also how do i get the 39.99 LIVE deal? My sub runs out this month...This deal was in a tab in the spotlight section of the US dashboard, although the information was taken from a silver account. The terms and conditions don't state that the deal is for silver accounts / new subscribers only, but I have no idea how to get to it for people who already have a gold subscription. I buy the scratchcards personally.
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:57
Definitely picking up Splosion Man... is Greed Corp any good?
Jayour - Titty sprinkles.
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 13:58
It's been an expensive week, picked up Trials HD, Trials HD DLC, TMNT: Reshelled, Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2, Portal: Still Alive, Splosion Man, Zombie Apocalypse.

Picked up Sonic & Knuckles too, it's priced at 240 at the moment, it's been that way for awhile but yeah, bargain!

Tempted to pick up Mega Man 10 & Greed Corp too, don't know much about the latter though, anyone played it and know if it's worth getting/what it's like etc.
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 14:04
san andreas for 400msp? I might be tempted...
DeathGuard 123
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 14:04
Gues I'll get Trials HD, Trials HD DLC and Greed Corp when I get home. Instead of paying a total of 2400 msp it's 800.
xxxXXFaceLess - you dangus
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 14:09
my god all this wait and bull crap stuff i only bought that gears 3 armour and already have halo so nothing good i was expect alot more
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 14:23
Picking up Halo, GTA, and CCR for sure. I've already got all of those arcade games, unfortunately.
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Blame Essence
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Posted on 26 November 10 at 14:25
Got Splosion Man, Turtles in Time RS and GTA San Andreas. (For some old school fun. :p)