Microsoft Are Deleting Unused Gamertags

Microsoft Are Deleting Unused Gamertags

Defunct gamertags to 'rise from the dead' and become available again

Written by zigs00 on 02 March 11 at 01:00

Microsoft have announced that from today, they have begun removing "dead" gamertags from Xbox Live, to free up the currently unavailable names.

Gamertags that are defunct, completely unused or unavailable/inaccessible (such as gamertags from the original Xbox's Live service or permanently suspended accounts) will "rise from the dead" so to speak, giving gamers the chance to change their gamertag to one that has been unused for so long. You know, the sort of gamertag that you really wanted to have when you created your account but someone else had already laid claim to, so you ended up adding two arbitrary numbers to the end of yours that you've hated for years...

Major Nelson has said that they will clarify exactly what is meant by a "dead gamertag" on his next podcast.

This process will take a unspecified amount of time to complete, but they will be reviving gamertags on a daily basis. Microsoft will not announce or publish the gamertags that have been removed, so if you are interested in seeing if the 'tag you've always wanted becomes free you should check its availability regularly, either by checking the account's page on or via the Change Gamertag function on your Dashboard.

Of course, you will still have to pay the standard 800 MSP fee to change your gamertag if you so wish. If your gamertag was auto-created for you however, you can change it for free, once.
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:04
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:04
Interesting, shame bout the 800 MSP charge for a revived tag tho... in a way.
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:04, Edited on 02 March 11 at 01:06 by TerreDactyl
I found this through a complete fluke, great to see you posted thiswink
Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:04

Ricochet, here i come!
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:06
Skillz? maybe? no? question mark?
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:07
Excellent. my best friend has had an issue with his tag from day 1 - he created it on the web before he got his Xbox (to "reserve" it for himself) then when he tried to go online it said "this name is in use." maybe soon he can go online!
Fuzzy Dem0n
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:10
who i've been hoping they would do this for awhile, me and some friends were talking about how they should do this the other day.
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:12
So, what are these desirable tags that people have been unable to have for years?
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:12
Good times. Mabye now I can swap over to paynexkiller.

Oh wait.

It's been 3 years. I honestly couldn't care any more. Hah!
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:13
Never knew about the auto-created thing. Too bad since I've come to like MediocreBasher.
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:15
i would love to change my name to banana
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:17
This will be interesting, can't wait to see how this turns out. Now a question, does the email that was connected to the Gamertag free itself from the old tag so it can be used on a current Gamertag?
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:18
I noticed a few companies have been doing this lately
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:19
Will072 said:So, what are these desirable tags that people have been unable to have for years?gametags like

anything that is basically one word and that others have to ass extra words after in order to get now!
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:19
o Smeds o
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:20
YES! I can get my tag I made before I ever even had an Xbox!
Leo Ascendent
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:20
I wanted to ask about this but forgot and never got around to it. Can't remember what I originally wanted, but I'm 105% satisfied with my current tag.
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:21
Read this on Major Nelsons site awhile ago. I assume one person will be making a shit load of accounts and have a lot of original ones.
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 01:24
Does me no good since the gamertag I wanted was taken by one of Microsoft's hardware engineers for the Xbox 360. I found that out by watching the video that came on my hard drive before I deleted it. Had to try 36 different gamertags with Dingo in them before I got this one because my nickname is actually The Dingo and I didn't want numbers or a bracket of "x"s, so I was like "Come on, I'm the real Dingo." Then once they took it I couldn't change it. Oh well, after 5 years I'm pretty much used to it.

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