Rockstar Announces Free RDR DLC

Rockstar Announces Free RDR DLC

They're doing so as a sign of fan appreciation

Written by Matrarch on 06 June 11 at 21:14

Sure, Rockstar has released a title you may or may not have heard of, L.A. Noire, since the release of Red Dead Redemption last year, but that certainly doesn't mean they've forgotten about their hit, open world title.

Today, the publisher announced that they will be rewarding RDR fans with some DLC in the near future. Details are scarce at the moment, but the DLC will include "new fan-favorite playable multiplayer characters by popular demand as well as something for all players of Deathmatch, Grab the Bag, Gang matches and other online modes".

The best part about this Fan Appreciation DLC? It will be absolutely free.

We'll be sure to bring you further details on the DLC as well as its release date as soon as that information is available.
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:15
Sounds great! I'd love an XP event to go with it :D
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:15
MP DLC then.. No Single-Player DLC :(
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:16
Ah crap, please have no more achievements... I sold the game once it was complete!

And whilst RDR was one of my games of the year, the multiplayer was nothing special. I swear nobody played deathmatch or objective games except to get the achievements done with.
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:16
ShadowMonkey987 said:MP DLC then.. No Single-Player DLC :(Can't complain of any DLC when its free.
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:16
Awesome, nice to know that rockstar are caring about thier red dead players and not forgetting about us and concentrating on LA Noiresmile
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:17
Sweet, as kobious said, double XP, or even triple would be the icing on the cake ;D
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:17
Excellent - I wonder if it will include achievements like the freebie co-op pack that was released.
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:21
good old rockstar
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:23
Good thing I've stopped reselling games!!
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:28

<3 John Marston <3
<3 Cole Phelps <3
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:28
AdolphMarx said:Good thing I've stopped reselling games!!My thoughts exactly!! And I loved this game so new DLC sounds good, even if it doesn't include cheevos!
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:29
Awh, how kind :)
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:32
Awesome game and great news, new things for this game is always welcome, even better when it is free.
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:38
As long as there's something for Free Roam, this is pretty cool.
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:42
Ifeel the love.
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:47
I still wont get L.A. Noire
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:48
Achievements pleeaassee :D
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:50
Nice free dlc, I was planning on trading in Red Dead but know i have a reason to keep it.
The Onyx Kid
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Posted on 06 June 11 at 21:50
Wow, one of the best games of this generation is getting more free stuff and the word "Kinect" was absolutely NOWHERE to be found in the announcement. God Bless Rockstar!