Red Dead Redemption 3x XP Event Tomorrow

Red Dead Redemption 3x XP Event Tomorrow

Plus a chance to win RDR inspired controllers

Written by Matrarch on 03 August 11 at 20:54 | Credit to DresdenDil

Rockstar revealed that they are hosting a 3x XP event for Red Dead Redemption tomorrow, August 4th, and will last through the night and stretch into Friday morning.

While XP events are always popular, Rockstar is going one step further by giving away a pair of RDR inspired controllers to a couple of lucky gamers.

External image

All you have to do to enter the contest is input your information into the Sweepstakes Entry section of the Social Club website between 5PM and 8PM Eastern. An additional 20 gamers will win a Rockstar prize pack, which will consist of a T-shirt and some stickers.

For full details about the event and the prize giveaways, head over here.
NastyMastaDaddy - San Andreas.  OHHH HELL YEAH!!!!  I think i beat that game 3 or 4 times. Awesomesauce
TrueAchievements Pro userAchievement Completion Percentage: 99.26% (Includes owned DLC) - 11 more achievements required to reach 99.3%588 posts
Last post: 22 Oct at 19:57
Posted on 03 August 11 at 20:55
Can I buy those controllers?
Oh how I loathe thee completion percentage
Posted on 03 August 11 at 20:57
Tired of these XP events only being during small-ass windows...when Gears, CoD and others get entire weekends and such...
alklein92201 - Any friends that can invite me to the Xbox One preview program?
Achievement Completion Percentage: 41.00% (Includes owned DLC) - 1 more achievement required to reach 41%7,544 posts
Last post: Today at 01:20
Posted on 03 August 11 at 20:57, Edited on 03 August 11 at 20:59 by alklein92201
NastyMastaDaddy said:Can I buy those controllers?Sadly no. They look pretty cool. Even though I clearly won't win, you can bet your ass I'm entering!

Gacys Clown said:Tired of these XP events only being during small-ass windows...when Gears, CoD and others get entire weekends and such...I like it better this way. With XP weekends and long periods of time, people can get a shitload done without having to try. This at least limits that. x30 xp for 2 or 3 days? You can easily get from level 1 to 100 in GoW3. x3 xp for 3 hours? You still have to try if you wanna do anything in RDR.

Not bashing Gears, just saying this way involves more actual trying
xenon ghost
xenon ghost - R.I.P Patches, you are missed my friend!
228,475 TrueAchievement Points146 posts
Last post: 15 Dec 11 at 15:41
Posted on 03 August 11 at 20:58
wow, they sure have been having alot of these lately. very helpful for anyone going up to level 50.
BigLer - I put up 30,000 TA each year for 2 years. So far this year.. 7,000 Where did my game time and determination go?
128,384 TrueAchievement PointsTrueAchievement Ratio: 1.457671 posts
Last post: 08 Feb at 13:12
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:00
How is this ever fair for the West Coast? I get off work at 5:00, perfect time to miss out on the Triple XP. It is always this way and on a weekday. Not Cool!
magicman1127 - Where is my mind?
48,654 TrueAchievement Points81 posts
Last post: 04 Jun 12 at 23:08
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:03
That's bullshit.. I hate their time frames. Fuck off Rockstar.
"Magicman egocentric plasticman"
246,272 TrueAchievement Points666 posts
Last post: 15 Sep 11 at 18:24
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:08
Sexy controllers! MUST HAVE!
Angels To Some Devils To Others
66,557 TrueAchievement Points1 post
Last post: 03 Aug 11 at 21:13
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:13, Edited on 03 August 11 at 21:13 by Gian311
I've had the game since it came out and have played MP quite a bit, but still a little shy of 50. A whole weekend would be welcome to just get it out of the way. Seems like every time they do this, I have something else I have to do.

Edit: Having said that; those controllers are sweet looking!
Petrolium Bear - What seems to be the Officer Problem?
100 completed games(Includes owned DLC)TrueAchievement Ratio: 1.7453677 posts
Last post: 20 Oct at 10:24
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:18
Very nice looking controllers i would love to have one.
Mariner Mike
Mariner Mike
168,364 TrueAchievement Points70 completed games(Includes owned DLC)15 posts
Last post: 26 Sep at 01:13
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:19, Edited on 04 August 11 at 17:21 by Mariner Mike
Short XP window and no love for those with jobs on the West Coast. Bummer, looks like I will miss out on another boosting opportunity yet again. We all need to go over to Rockstar games website to complain in order to hopefully make some noise in the ears of those who can make some changes.

Update: misread the time window for the 3XP. Just the social event is 3 hours. Good to see the 3XP going on all night. smile
Andreka0 - Can't wait for Extra Life!
162 completed games(Includes owned DLC)Achievement Completion Percentage: 95.77% (Includes owned DLC) - 22 more achievements required to reach 96%307 posts
Last post: Yesterday at 20:06
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:22
DaShAg - Pansy
TrueAchievement Site Rank: 9,382 out of 263,742Achievement Completion Percentage: 93.65% (Includes owned DLC) - 22 more achievements required to reach 94%1,825 posts
Last post: 09 Aug at 16:08
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:24
the white one, me wants !
DresdenDil - 5555 Achievements Won.
Achievement Completion Percentage: 78.61% (Includes owned DLC) - 32 more achievements required to reach 79%86 completed games(Includes owned DLC)755 posts
Last post: 15 Apr 13 at 19:36
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:27
DaShAg said:the white one, me wants !The red personally. I love red and black and always try to wear those colours. Usually shoes.
Aim to please, shoot to kill. Wakarimasu ka?
Dark Rocky X
Dark Rocky X - ERGO PROXY, you were supposed to let me know when High School DxD New was coming out! It is available now online in English! [toast]
483,282 TrueAchievement Points349 completed games(Includes owned DLC)521 posts
Last post: 24 Oct at 17:08
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:33
Looks very good!!!
Blasphemer - The glitches in GTA:SA are hilariously bad. I can rewind songs just by changing the radio station.
Achievement Completion Percentage: 98.25% (Includes owned DLC) - 36 more achievements required to reach 99%125 completed games(Includes owned DLC)190 posts
Last post: 11 Aug at 18:45
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:37
I wish they would sell those :(
Jyejitsu - So the xbox one is coming the third quarter of the year 2014 for all the other countries...
Donated to TrueAchievements.com1,910 posts
Last post: 12 Dec 13 at 03:48
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:38
Awesome looking controllers o.o shame I'm in the UK at the moment, else i would've participated!
Squ4rex - #XboxReveal
305,077 TrueAchievement Points10 posts
Last post: 08 Apr 13 at 17:36
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:39
Be great to be able to buy those controllers...
184,012 TrueAchievement Points150 posts
Last post: 12 Feb 13 at 13:28
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:46
so would this be 10pm u.k time then?
Converse - Well, this sucks.
2,477 comments1,501 votes433 posts
Last post: 09 Jul 12 at 18:30
Posted on 03 August 11 at 21:50
Those controllers look badass.
Rep be getting really-really hype on the mic.

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