Awesomenauts Gameplay Trailer Released

Awesomenauts Gameplay Trailer Released

Sheriff Lonestar takes on all challengers

Written by Michelle Balsan (Matrarch) on 02 September 11 at 17:29

Back in July, dtp Entertainment and Ronimo Games spotlighted one of the characters in their upcoming Multiplayer Online Battle Arcade title for XBLA, Awesomenauts. Sheriff Lonestar is an escapee from the Bovinion System, who now earns his keep as a gun-for-hire as the Robot Wars rage on.

Recently, Ronimo Games released five minutes of gameplay footage featuring the Sheriff.

Awesomenauts, which is described by the developer as combining "classic 2D-platforming action with modern objective-based gameplay similar to Defense of the Ancients and League of Legends", is slated for release "later in 2011". An exact date and price has not been specified
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Posted on 02 September 11 at 17:15
2D Dota/LoL gameplay style? SOLD~!
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Posted on 02 September 11 at 18:09
Little bit of influence from Rocket Riot in it from what I can tell also.
Seems like an interesting enough game, give us a demo. =D
MH The Rockstar
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Posted on 02 September 11 at 18:35
I think I would buy this just to hear "Spendin' some deniro!" over and over.
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Posted on 02 September 11 at 19:44
I love the style of this game
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MH The Rockstar said:I think I would buy this just to hear "Spendin' some deniro!" over and over.Give me $15 and I'll send you a recording of me saying that. E.A.S.K.
Posted on 03 September 11 at 04:57
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that`s different!
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This game is so damn beautiful. Worth checking out

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