Limited Edition Call of Duty MW3 Console Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Since the Star Wars Limited Edition Kinect console bundle was delayed until after the Holiday season, those wanting a new console before the end of the year were faced with just three choices: an ordinary Slim 250GB model, an ordinary Slim 4GB model, or the Gears of War 3 Limited Edition 320GB console. Now, you're back up to four choices. During the Call of Duty XP event currently being held in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced another limited edition console to be released in time for the Holiday market and, unsurprisingly, the theme is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

As well as the console sporting customised "battle-worn" graphics and a 320GB hard drive, it will also make custom sounds when the console is powered on and off and the disk tray is opened. The bundle will include two custom wireless controllers, a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a one month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and exclusive avatar items.

Console box

Console side view right

Console side view left

Console front

The controller uses the transforming D-pad that can be rotated to adapt to the player’s gameplay. The accessory will be available for purchase separately too, and will include an Xbox LIVE token for an unspecified exclusive download.

Controller left

Controller right

Microsoft has also announced a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth, complete with battle-worn artwork to match that of the limited edition console. Players can not only chat with friends during the game, but can also communicate with Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phones, PCs and other devices. The headset includes a charging cradle, ear loop, ear gels, and also comes with an Xbox LIVE token for an unspecified exclusive download.

Although the Bluetooth Headset doesn't have any packshots, Microsoft has released a video displaying all three items, as well as a few seconds of gameplay footage from the upcoming game.

Both the wireless headset and the wireless controller will be shipped to stores on October 11th. The headset will cost $69.99 (US ERP), and the controller will cost $59.99 (US ERP). The console will be released worldwide on November 8th, 2011, and will cost $399 (US ERP).

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueGaming Network. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. She'll occasionally go outside.
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Last post: 10 Sep 12 at 13:23
Posted on 03 September 11 at 11:52
looks awesome! but for 400 bucks i don't know if is pricey or not...
xPut Name Herex
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Last post: Yesterday at 17:16
Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:03, Edited on 03 September 11 at 12:03 by xPut Name Herex
Honestly, I'm not sure how this would look as someone's first console, like the one that would be displayed prominently in your living room that everyone sees when they visit. Looks too busted, scratched, etc. Probably would be a nice second console.

And what's with this trend towards games getting their own special console? GoW3 and MW3 I can somewhat see, those being extremely major releases, but Star Wars Kinect also? I doubt we've seen the last of these deals.
I miss the good old days of WW2 Call of Duty
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Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:03
You save $100 off of buying all of it separately. I have the Halo Reach SE console and the sounds on it aren't as cool as they are for the star wars edition and the MW3 edition. I'm really looking forward to the bluetooth headset, anyone know how good it is as a bluetooth?
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Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:04, Edited on 03 September 11 at 12:55 by punkyliar
Looks terrible, it just looks dirty and rusty..

and the wireless headsets are really bad on the 360
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Last post: 11 Jun 12 at 12:11
Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:08
I like the rugged, worn out, chop shop look of the console. I already had my slim from the original release and the old elite so going to pass on this. I wonder how good the Bluetooth headset is
takuto neko
takuto neko
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Last post: 16 Jul 15 at 15:51
Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:10
Ah...Yeah...I don't really like it at all. I usually like the controllers that come out with consoles but this one I don't even like them.
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Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:11
Yeah. They changed the buttons back to colors.
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Last post: 26 Nov 11 at 14:56
Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:19
ta are slow for news...

Removed Gamer
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Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:19
That looks like a really cool system, but I'm still bummer about the Star Wars console getting booted for the season. <--- Look at my gamer photo.
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Last post: Yesterday at 02:47
Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:20
If I wasn't already buying the GoW3 console, I would have picked this up during the midnight release. Looks amazing though you guys don't want to believe it.

I'll just stick with buying one of the controllers. Gotta stay strong with my controller collection.=D
Sgt Malarkey Br
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Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:34
i need that !!!
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Last post: 14 Mar 12 at 23:20
Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:34
Looks cool but I'll pass, already have my elite and it's still going strong
ACS Eldres
ACS Eldres
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Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:38
looks good, too bad that i dont have enough money anymore :/
NbD o ReFLeeXzZ
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Last post: 25 Sep 11 at 14:51
Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:41
YAY! Another consle i dont want :D
Spray and Pray, Is not the way
Crimzon Nutcase
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Last post: 05 May at 21:31
Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:44
Battlefield needs it's own limited edition xbox. Though since EA is siding with PS3 since Activision is siding with Xbox 360.... I'm thinking if they do have a limited edition system, it's going to be a ps3.... Guess that means I'm buying a third Ps3 that I'll probably sell two weeks after I buy it.....again.
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Last post: 27 Aug 15 at 11:35
Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:48
who wants to buy my MW2 superelite?

does anyone else feel they are making too many limited edition consoles?
ok ok i've got one....... whats the difference between jam and marmalade?
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Last post: 14 Jun at 11:27
Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:55
What a coincidence that it's the same as the Gears console.

Anyways; The Gears one looks badass and the game is gonna be amazing. The Star Wars one is crazy cool but totally isn't worth the extra 50 bucks for a kinect and a terrible game. I don't like the look of the MW3 console, but I wouldn't mind having one of the controllers, minus the MW3 on it.

Despite seeing the Gears controller in person (much less glossy than expected), I'm for sure getting that one. Looks the best out of any, in my opinion. Plus it comes out the soonest. :P

Removed Gamer
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Posted on 03 September 11 at 12:58
Fair deal!
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Last post: 31 Jan 14 at 06:14
Posted on 03 September 11 at 13:00
Look naff as hell.
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