Syndicate 'Origins' Trailer & Gameplay Video

Syndicate 'Origins' Trailer & Gameplay Video

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Written by Lexual on 14 October 11 at 09:54 | Credit to Hustlinonradio

Does anyone recall the Syndicate game from Bullfrog Productions released in 1993? If not, you may want to watch the following video that explains Syndicate's origins and how the series reboot being developed by Starbreeze Studios pays homage to the original.

That's not all, EA and Starbreeze have also released a video walkthrough of the Syndicate reboot. This new 11 minute gameplay video shows off the first part of a single player mission, following the player character Miles Kilo and a fellow Eurocom agent breaking into the headquarters of the Aspari syndicate. Featuring commentary from executive producer Jeff Gamon, the video delves into some of the game's core gameplay mechanics, from combat and exploration to breaching Syndicate's hacking system.

Be sure to check out some of our previous coverage for the announcement trailer as well as some screenshots.

Syndicate is set for release on February 21st, 2012 in North America and February 24th, 2012 in Europe.
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Posted on 14 October 11 at 10:05
Watched that the other day. Looks way too similar to Deux Ex, but that is just my initial reaction.
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Posted on 14 October 11 at 10:17
Aces :)
Wow a bee!
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Posted on 14 October 11 at 10:51
Looking good to me.
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Posted on 14 October 11 at 11:56
i played teh originla on the mega drive (i think) was boss!
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Posted on 14 October 11 at 11:59
Very nice, looking forward to this one.
Posted on 14 October 11 at 12:30
original was on the amiga, every thing else was a crappy port, apart from the pc version.
its demo, no way are they going to make tons of fixes in a month. they can say beta all they like,
Myupyon - high patience, low frustration treshold
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Posted on 14 October 11 at 13:24
loved the snes version back then.
not sure if this one will be good. sounds rather dumbed down. it wasn't about 'revenge' or chip stuff. it was about occupying territory by solving local missions, taxing said territory to research for better gear and if you taxed them too much, fight a revolt (by doing the local mission again). it was about brainwashing enemy agents to keep them follow you to the mission end so you could add them to your roster of agents. agents were replaceable, it was a tactical strategy game, not bioshock, deus ex or whatever this one here tries to be.

that being said, i'm still carefully looking forward. it cant be another shadowrun, now, can it...
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Posted on 14 October 11 at 14:22
Is this Deus Ex 3? laugh
Trikke den 1e
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Posted on 14 October 11 at 14:37
I am soooooo looking forward to this. I have completed the original Syndicate like 2 times. I still have the original game on some floppy disks somewhere :)
Duwen - ...Mr Raspberry Jam... you smell like the sea!
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Posted on 14 October 11 at 15:49
still got the amiga disks... as others have said this looks more like Deus Ex and a zillion miles away from what made the original so cool.
MH The Rockstar
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Posted on 14 October 11 at 16:30
Looks very good. Keeping an eye out for this one.
Herr Karamell
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Posted on 15 October 11 at 01:30
looking pretty good
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Posted on 15 October 11 at 21:39
Looks great
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 22:33
The remake of this game will be legit.
Hopefully they'll do a great job with it, seems amazing so far.
TFU BlueSlime
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Posted on 18 October 11 at 01:21
There seems to be a trend starting. To make classic pc games into FPS. Next will be a FPS remake/reboot of Crusader No Remorse.
Shadow Enz
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Posted on 02 February 12 at 00:31
Just a heads up, GoG release the classic isometric for $5.99.

I just picked it up, and it works on my (very standard) Windows 7 PC.

In case anyone needs their classic fix of the game.
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