GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Demo In November? [RUMOUR]

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded Demo In November? [RUMOUR]

Retail launch to be coupled with playable demo?

Written by DavieMarshall on 17 October 11 at 12:39 | Credit to Hustlinonradio

James Bond and a bunch of villains are set to arrive on Xbox 360 in the first week of November. Rumour now has it that this will be accompanied by a playable demo.

There isn't any certainty on what the demo may contain, though it is said that it will launch around the same time of the retail title, possibly even in the weeks that follow.

Personally, I'd take this time to check out our coverage of pre-order details, some screenshot goodness and the Stealth Dev Diary

GoldenEye 007 Reloaded is set for public release November 1st (US) and November 4th (EU).
Posted on 17 October 11 at 12:47
A rumor you say, hope there is a demo
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 12:54
Good to hear about a demo - maybe that'll be what I need to knock me from "interested at $20 thanks to the retailer-exclusive content" to "not interested at all".
Grr. Argh.
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 13:17
Great to hear of a possible demo before a purchase. It would be nice if the demo came out with enough time to download, play it, and make a decision if I want to preorder or not. Hopefully it won't be a release day demo or something.
General Arcane
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 13:34
If this is true, downloading the demo will probably be one of the first things that I will do when I get back home. Really looking forward to this game.
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 13:57
That's good. I'm not buying this without trying first, demo is perfect.
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 14:24
im gunna try this it out!
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 16:09
That would be a bold move. I like it.
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 16:24
I don't need a demo; it's a day one purchase for me regardless.
MH The Rockstar
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 16:30
Definitely want the demo first. I would like to get this game but I have read on a couple different sites that there have been some multiplayer issues...hoping its not true.
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 16:56
I will do terrible, Satanic things for an early Goldeneye demo.
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Herr Karamell
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 17:11
hopefully there will be a demo
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 17:42
I spent so many suny afternoons hidden in a video game store playing this with my friends when I was younger lol
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Throw Lemons
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 18:15
Not completely sold on this one, so here's to hoping that the game is good as it sounds, and the demo is good!
Edge2099 - so many games to play so little time lol
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 18:26, Edited on 17 October 11 at 18:28 by Edge2099
baqqarat said:I don't need a demo; it's a day one purchase for me regardless.Agreed and if it is anything like the original this is going to be awesome
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 18:53
Be nice to test this with a demo first.
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Posted on 17 October 11 at 21:13
I have my doubts, a demo will help ease my mind.

I hope.

Though this isn't the same Goldeneye I played on the all.
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Posted on 18 October 11 at 01:36
Nice, can`t wait !!!! still working on 1000 on pdz
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Posted on 18 October 11 at 21:04
I wouldn't mind a sample
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Posted on 18 October 11 at 22:38
I want to try if it's really as bad as I think it might be.
Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

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