Warhammer 40K: Space Marine DLC Trailer

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine DLC Trailer

Exploring Exterminatus

Written by Michelle Balsan (Matrarch) on 24 October 11 at 17:57

Just about two months ago, THQ revealed that their Relic Entertainment-developed title, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, would be receiving a co-op DLC expansion entitled "Exterminatus". The DLC will feature two areas and three classes for use in horde-style gameplay.

THQ has released a video for the DLC that features Space Marine Community Manager THQSledgehammer walking us through the content.

You can also head here to check out screens from the upcoming expansion.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine's "Exterminatus" DLC will be available at no cost tomorrow, October 25th. You will need the Elite Pass if you want to progress past rank 5 in multiplayer.
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 18:05
Good to see some free DLC every once-in-a-while these days. Probably pick this game up around Xmas for a low price, was pretty fun when I borrowed my friend's copy.
WayzoftheRaven - Trying to 100% Watch_Dogs.
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 18:06
Cant wait for this.
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 18:10
Finally, 40000 kills here I come.
wes coasn
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 18:33
Yay. I bought the elite pass on eBay for $2!! I cant wait to actually get this game
A Defiant Sith
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 18:42
Been waiting for this. Makes several achievements MUCH easier to get now!
Bigfreakytony - Titanfall should keep me occupied for a while!
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 18:52, Edited on 24 October 11 at 19:05 by Bigfreakytony
boosting weapon challenges will be so much better!
and im hoping u can play it single player in a private match like u can at the moment doin seize ground!
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 19:05
Been playing the game and enjoying it. Glad to see it get some free DLC.
hawk syn
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 19:14
Wait no release dare has been specified? It was supposed to come out early Oct. But got push to Oct 25.....I have been waiting for this please don't fail me now
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 19:17
Looks great! Their continued support of Spacemarine, and the community that continues to play it is something that other developers should take note of!
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 19:25
hawk syn said:Wait no release dare has been specified? It was supposed to come out early Oct. But got push to Oct 25.....I have been waiting for this please don't fail me nowI didn't see it specified in our previous coverage, so a quick look confirmed your date. Updated appropriately. Thanks! :)
TrueAchievements ModeratorTrueAchievements Reported Content Evaluator4,944 posts
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 20:47
Sweet, I've been looking forward to this!
134,442 TrueAchievement PointsAchievement Completion Percentage: 75.74% (Includes owned DLC) - 15 more achievements required to reach 76%105 posts
Last post: 08 Oct at 14:29
Posted on 24 October 11 at 22:03
Wonder if there will be any achievements associated with this?
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Last post: 11 Jun 12 at 12:11
Posted on 24 October 11 at 22:05
Nice looking forward to the Co-op
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 22:13
Smurfquake - Well, looks like I'm gonna get kicked off the website. Nice getting to know you all. Find me on Xbox if you'd like.
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 22:22
This will make it much easier to get all those kills.
My friend was telling me just how simple it'd be compared to grinding another way.
AngeluzsX - There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt...
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 22:28
Nice! Very nice!!!
matdan12 - GTA V has ONE new achievement. GS not affected, 2 achievements lower in GS though.
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Posted on 24 October 11 at 23:35
Might get this game.
Foerl - Can't stop, you can't stop the KANTAS
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Posted on 25 October 11 at 06:54
Dr S Needlez
Dr S Needlez - Minecraft XB1 Friday!! Woohoo!
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Last post: 02 Nov at 12:25
Posted on 25 October 11 at 07:47
Nice! got to love a bit of free dlc :)

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