The Sound of Skyrim

The Sound of Skyrim

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Written by Perpalicious on 04 November 11 at 02:54

Music in video games is one of the most under-appreciated portions of gaming. The right song, the right sound effect, even the right utterance, can elevate a game to another level.

Bethesda, in their upcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, pulled out all the stops, ranging from seventy plus actors to a song that rhymes both in dragon and english to the Elder Scrolls theme song. Has your mind exploded yet? Check out Bethesda in their most recent developer diary explaining "The Sound of Skyrim."

If the Skyrim music is to your liking then head over to DirectSong, who is currently taking pre-orders for Skyrim's four-disc soundtrack. The album will retail for $29.99 and, if you buy it from now until December 23, the CD will be autographed by creator, Jeremy Soule, who also has done compositions for Knights of the Old Republic, Guild Wars, Oblivion and Morrowind, and the Harry Potter video games series.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be hitting stores on November 11, 2011.
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 02:55
I've always loved the music in the Elder Scrolls games, Skyrim's is awesome.
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 02:57
I just watched this it gave me the chills!!!
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 02:57
Bit too pricy for my taste. But it's probably an amazing soundtrack considering Jeremy Soule composed it.
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 03:06
i`m buying !!! OMG
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 03:16
"In Skyrim, the men are big and burly and have beards. The women are big and burly and have beards."
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 03:20
It's not the Skyrim music itself that makes me want the CD. It is the man who makes the video games that much more epic with his godlike music: Jeremy Soule. I will definitely ponder over whether I should by the soundtrack or not.
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 03:21
Ive played both KoTOR, and Guild Wars. On top of those two games and with my lifetime spent on The Elder Scrolls series so far this music is by far phenomenal IMO. Genius and always touches the emotions. I can't wait for this game, I know I'm going to feel like a kid again when I get sucked into Skyrim. toast
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 03:29
Great music from the series
Posted on 04 November 11 at 03:50
I'll use this to replace the audio to any video I watch and I guarantee it makes that show/movie/clip twice as the very least.
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 04:24
Awesome! Thought the opening music on Oblivion was epic and I believe this will be even more so, don't really buy much music these days but i reckon I will shell out for this.
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 04:42
I can't wait
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 05:04
I heard the Pirates of the Caribbean theme at the beginning :p

This sounds pretty good, but I will still stand that Nier has the greatest soundtrack in any video game. Like, they created a damn language(that you could actually learn and speak as an actual language!) and wrote all of the lyrics in that language! Not to mention the instrumentals are phenomenal.
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 05:36
Wow, that guy is amazing. Doing all that for the song in just a weekend I think it was. I appreciate all this work put into it and I hope to enjoy playing it as much as these guys enjoy making it; hopefully I will get there someday.
Posted on 04 November 11 at 06:56
Wow, just wow, amazing.
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 07:13
Game of 2011 ,this is what gaming is about.
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 08:26
Beautifully composed probably and amazing choir.. can´t wait!
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 08:29
7 sleeps!!!!
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 09:01
I really appreciate that as huge fan of soundtracks :D
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 09:11
One week!

I'm seriously considering this soundtrack as an addition to my not-really-the-collector's-edition collection of Skyrim memorabilia smile
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