'Only in Battlefield 3' Video Challenge

'Only in Battlefield 3' Video Challenge

Are you L33T enough?

Written by Dave Horobin (DaveKinetic) on 19 December 11 at 19:45

Since the release of Battlefield 3, YouTube has seen a whole host of video uploads showcasing some of the more creative ways in which players of the game take the ordinary kill to a whole new level.

DICE have obviously been impressed with the efforts they have seen, as they recently announced the "Only in Battlefield 3" Community Video Challenge, with the top prize being an all expenses paid trip to the studio's head office in Stockholm, Sweden to meet the makers of Battlefield 3.


Whether it's jumping over an RPG, sniping a helicopter pilot and entering the heli mid-air, or taking revenge on an enemy pilot by shooting him down after having ejected – no other game has the dynamic all-out vehicle warfare that makes crazy plays like these possible.

For full details on how to enter, head over to Battlefield.com, where you can find all the terms and conditions along with how to submit your entries.
xXHe4vyHitt3rXx - You Died
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 19:45, Edited on 19 December 11 at 19:45 by xXHe4vyHitt3rXx
This game is so amazing, and I'm the first post yay!!!
DANgerous Mavu
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 19:46, Edited on 19 December 11 at 19:46 by DANgerous Mavu
I havent played BF3 online yet but that was pretty cool.
Loonielee - Never ending backlog...
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 19:47
Cool video. I love this game.
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 20:01
I'm surprised the video where, the guy jumps out of a jet shoots down another jet with an RPG then gets back in his. Didn't make it into that montage.. Best kill I've seen from this game so far!
Same Shit Different Game
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 20:01
Just got the game and love it! such a great laugh haha!
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 20:15
I heard about this about a week ago, or something along these lines, but I thought Freddiew of YouTube had already made the video for it... Apparently EA actually asked him to make the trailer, I've seen it, dunno if it's on TV yet though...
This is actual game-play footage though, what he did wasn't, but I swear it was called 'Only in Battlefield 3', just like this one... hmm...
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AKA Swede
AKA Swede
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 20:21
there are some killer moves in those videos
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 20:34
Reminds me of some peoples CoD Tomahawk/Throwing knife videos. There is an obvious difference between contrived and spontaneous.
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 20:52
I wish I had a capture card, I have had many awesome moments in all the Battlefield games. The other night I was flying around in a jet and I got shot down, while on my way down to the battlefield I decided to pull out my RPG and take a shot at the chopper that I seen flying above me, about a second before I hit the ground my RPG hit the chopper and killed one of the passengers. This is why I play Battlefield.
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 20:54
man, frag rounds look so much better on PC lol
Smitt Diezel
Smitt Diezel - Alright Ninja let's go!
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 21:24
Aww man, last week I got a headshot on a guy who was parachuting down on Damavand Peak, it was pretty great but I have no proof.
MATHlEU - Battlefield 3 = Awesome!
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 21:26
I love this game :)
SharkOon 7
SharkOon 7
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 21:58, Edited on 19 December 11 at 21:58 by SharkOon 7
Love the coop of bf3. Dice is awesome!
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 22:06
Was that a fail at 1:14?
C Lo eLoRiGiNaL - BF4
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 22:26
Less than two minutes to showcase the BEST online game out right now. All it takes...
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 22:27, Edited on 19 December 11 at 22:29 by Princeeepal
Oh man I love those moments. I'll have to keep my capture card running more often so I can try and get some clips recorded for this. Had the perfect one yesterday where my team came back in Conquest on Op Metro after being down 117 tickets. That was amazing squad and teamwork and I love BF3 for that reason.

BTW I agree with what someone else said, Rendezook would have made that trailer more awesome :P

Barad XBA
Barad XBA - Off to India for 5 weeks, game hard everyone! :D
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 22:48, Edited on 19 December 11 at 22:49 by Barad XBA
100 hrs and I'm loving this game!
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 23:10
Buy far best multiplayer this year
Im Sander Cohen - what's the game that's free to play called, it's like a twin stick shooter thing
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Posted on 19 December 11 at 23:36
^ +1