NFL Blitz Coming Next Week

NFL Blitz Coming Next Week

Just in time for postseason play

Written by litepink on 27 December 11 at 23:13

According to Larry Hryb's Major Nelson blog, we now know that the revival of the arcade football series NFL Blitz will be arriving on the Xbox LIVE marketplace next Wednesday. The regular season of the National Football League comes to a close this weekend, with the playoffs starting the following Saturday. NFL Blitz will be sandwiched in-between in hopes of riding the playoff enthusiasm.

Development studio EA Tiburon is at the helm, and they are no stranger to the arcade football experience, having developed back in 2009. This time around, they come armed with the Blitz license and gameplay style, which will surely drum up some nostalgia from fans of the original from the late 90s.

If you want to learn more about NFL Blitz prior to next week's release, check out the game's page here on TA for a variety of developer diaries detailing the many features of the game.

NFL Blitz will be available January 4th for 1200 MSP.
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Posted on 27 December 11 at 23:25
But it won't have any Mortal Kombat characters hidden in it this time!
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Posted on 27 December 11 at 23:30
David Do0M
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Posted on 27 December 11 at 23:33
lol yep Larry Hyrb is Major Nelson's real name
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Posted on 27 December 11 at 23:36
I'm probably going to get this just because of the crappy holiday sales.
Got a bunch of spare msp just laying around.

Although the fact they previously made Madden NFL Arcade kinda worries me.
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Posted on 27 December 11 at 23:44
Shaxer said:Hyrb?David Do0M said:lol yep Larry Hyrb is Major Nelson's real nameHe's referring to the spelling of it, which originally had the y and r mixed around.

Yes, I'm terribly notorious for committing these types of errors. I have a busy schedule and take what little spare time time and dedicate it to writing up news posts. Sometimes, small, unimportant errors slip through. Please, just PM me if you see something of this nature, instead of pointing it out in the comments, it doesn't really add to the discussion at all : /

Thank you =)
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Posted on 27 December 11 at 23:47
Still a stupid name however his surname is spelt :P
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 00:05
I think I'm gonna like this game. But I'll wait for a deal to buy it.
Posted on 28 December 11 at 00:47
I agree. I'd like to play it, but 1200 MSP seems a touch steep to me. We'll see. Maybe a deal of the week sometime this summer?
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 02:06
Count me in.
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 02:07
is the us football league only 12 games or something?
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 02:41
grex9101 said:is the us football league only 12 games or something?16 games in a NFL season
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 02:59
Day 1 buy for me since all of the holidays xbla sales have failed since Bastion.
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 03:14
I'll probably pick this up, really enjoyed the previous Blitz games.

grex9101 said:is the us football league only 12 games or something?The season is 17 weeks long, each team plays 16 games and gets a bye week at somepoint during the season.
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 04:11
As much gameplay and modes showed in this game i think i will buy this on day 1 i havent played Blitz since before i was a teen i think this game merits the $
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 05:05
I have such good memories of Blitz in the old days, but the title has been weak for a long time, so trial for sure
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 05:12
1200 msp for this is a joke.

800 would be fair but still would not buy.

I'll get it maybe at 600.
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 05:25
For Sure Picking This one sometime in January. After I pick Up my 320 Gig HDD for the slim.Just picked up a slim for $129.99 +Tax @ Microplay

BTW I live in Canada
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 05:57
Tanelorn82 said:I think I'm gonna like this game. But I'll wait for a deal to buy it.Agreed, anything over 800msp on release and isn't a MUST buy can wait for a sale. smile
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Posted on 28 December 11 at 07:00, Edited on 28 December 11 at 07:01 by PBslipknotCKY
Brings back some good memories from the N64 but I do think I will wait for the price to come down a bit.