Indie Games Spotlight for January 29th, 2012

By mancide, 4 years ago
P3 takes you on a nano-sized adventure with big challenges.

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P3 is an intense twin-stick shooter where you pilot your nano-ship inside a petri dish to protect the nucleus at the center from hordes of invading bacteria. Collect energy from dead bacteria to keep the nucleus powered up, and use power ups, mines, and extra lives to blast your way through 14 tough waves.

RELEASE DATE: 1/3/2012
GENRE: Shooter

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Dolby Digital
I don't think anyone can create a dual-stick shooter without being compared to Geometry Wars, and rightly so; that is the first game that came to mind while I was playing P3. However, what sets P3 apart from Geometry Wars is the slight tweaking of the gameplay to introduce waves of enemies, as well as adding the element of protecting the center nucleus from the attacking bacteria as well.

The graphics in P3 are top-notch; they are some of the best I have seen in an XBLIG title. The controls are tight, something that is imperative in a dual-stick shooter to keep you from becoming frustrated. I think the wave-based gameplay adds an interesting release to the build up in the level of tension, and allows you to catch your breath, if just momentarily, before diving back into the next crazy wave. The inclusion of the protection element also adds an interesting challenge, as not only are you attempting to dodge any harm that comes the way of your nano-ship, you also have to keep the nucleus from taking too much damage during the wave.

Overall, P3 is a fantastic little dual-stick shooter that challenges the norms for this genre and brings an interesting twist to the gameplay that we have seen thus far. Couple that with the extremely low price of 80 MSP, and you can add another addicting dual-stick shooter to your collection.

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Written by mancide
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Posted on 29 January 12 at 17:46
The screens kind of remind me of REZ
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Posted on 29 January 12 at 21:19
P3 stands for Persona3. 'nuff said
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Posted on 30 January 12 at 00:44
You protect... the nucleus... from bacteria... Wow, this is one hell of a retarded premise. Makes BioShock's "plasmids" sound realistic in comparison.
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Carlos Again
Carlos Again
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Posted on 30 January 12 at 01:17, Edited on 30 January 12 at 01:18 by Carlos Again
Another XBLIG, Geometry Wars inspired twin stick shooter. Nothing to see here.

Not saying it is bad, just same-old.

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Posted on 30 January 12 at 14:42
citycrimson said:P3 stands for Persona3. 'nuff saidnot really, it's called P-3 because it's set on a Petri dish
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Posted on 31 January 12 at 00:03
Gotta play this one soon
Matthew Doucette, Xona Games
J Pinder
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Posted on 05 February 12 at 20:38
Just played this - it's good... but too easy and eventually tedious. It's great like DLC Quest - worth the 80msp for a day, but I can't see myself wanting to play again.

It's easy to camp in the center and shoot outwardly. The limit (9) on extra lives is somewhat understandable, but with mines seeming unlimited it would be nice to rack up the continues. Upgrade spheres never disappear, so it's possible to max out power-ups and extra lives while leaving new spawns on the board until you die and need them. For leaderboard players, none of the remnants or upgrades left behind by enemies add points, so they're not very useful over the long-term. Oh, and when the central sphere is killed... that's it. Game over. Extra lives don't help, and that's incredibly frustrating when a boss suddenly rapes the sphere after playing for a long time up to that point.

It would be nice if we could choose to replay certain waves that have been unlocked, similar to radiangames' Fireball. The later waves are more fun and hectic, but I don't want to play through the simpler early waves again. One thing that baffled me was how the game even decided to progress to the next wave. It felt random. I wasn't sure if the benchmark was based on time, quantity killed, certain enemies killed, or even score. Some waves felt like they dragged on forever, while others progressed quickly. There must be a point where the game expects to advance, but some criteria wasn't fulfilled. Levels begin hectic, but then die off to sporadic spawns that simply prolong the wave.

Still, this game was fun and worth my dollar for the hour or so I played it. I'll likely come back to play it again another day.
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Posted on 06 February 12 at 09:33
Hi J Pinder, thanks for the comments. We're currently working on a PC port of P-3 that should feed back into an update on XBLIG sometime this month (or early March), and comments like these are really useful for helping us decide where to spend the time. We'll be rebalancing the levels so they aren't all as front heavy, adding a better points system, and cutting back on boss rape;)
J Pinder
J Pinder
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Posted on 06 February 12 at 22:09
Cool, looking forward to seeing what changes the update brings. While likely a bigger project than you have time for immediately... Is there a chance for an online leaderboard? I've seen it done in XBLIG titles before, so it's possible.
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