Dragon's Dogma Story Trailer Sets the Stage

Dragon's Dogma Story Trailer Sets the Stage

This May, fight for freedom

Written by Dog of Thunder on 02 February 12 at 20:53

After months of relative quiet, the last week has seen an onslaught of Dragon's Dogma media. We have seen a teaser trailer and six class skills videos. Today we get a cinematic trailer showing the story behind all of this war and bloodshed.

Alright, so it's cliche and perhaps the syncing was off a little, yet I was pumped after watching that video. There's something to be said for an old-school, balls to the wall, good versus evil smackdown with a giant red dragon pulling strings. The fact that this is done by some of the team behind Devil May Cry 4 only increases my curiosity.

Dragon's Dogma will be available May 22nd in North America and May 25th in Europe. Included with new copies of the game will be a token used to download the Resident Evil 6 demo starting on July 3rd.

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Posted on 02 February 12 at 21:48
Yep. A game with dragons. I am sold.
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Posted on 02 February 12 at 23:31
Massive creatures, magic, swords, bows and arrows, dragons, free roaming... I may book a week off work at the end of May...
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Posted on 03 February 12 at 03:00
Definately will be on my to do list.
I like the idea of using characters in my party that someone else has created and being able to swap them anytime...........not to mention the game has DRAGONS !!!
Jackso O Gilead
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Posted on 03 February 12 at 09:17
Yeah looks awesome. I'm a sucker for RPGs and fantasy defiantly will keep an eye on this game.
Urban Flow X26
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Posted on 03 February 12 at 13:41
Looks awesome. I plan to pick up day 1.
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Posted on 04 February 12 at 02:28
Day 1 Buy, so many good games the next few months! ;)
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Posted on 04 February 12 at 16:34
I may get this game. May not be for everyone as it reminds me of monster hunter with some of the combat that was shown