Online Pass Required For Ninja Gaiden 3

Online Pass Required For Ninja Gaiden 3

Multiplayer locked down

Written by DavieMarshall on 07 March 12 at 14:10

If you have an all black suit, rubber soled shoes, a sword (or very large knife) and a will to kill, we're afraid it won't get you very far without an online pass. Tecmo-Koei has confirmed to Joystiq that Ninja Gaiden III will make use of the infamous online pass to restrict the online multiplayer.

On that bombshell we'll try and cheer some of you up with some screens, a gameplay video and a dev diary. That's just the tip of the iceberg though, and there's a lot more besides. Don't forget to read up on the pre-order benefits too.

Ninja Gaiden III is scheduled for release on March 20th for North America, March 22nd for Japan, and March 23rd for Europe.
Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:11
thanks, saved me the cash of buying this right away
alanp9 - Time for Survival Horror month!
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:21
Yep, another title I can move over to my "wait for a price drop" list. Thanks for keeping us updated.
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:25
Won't get that one, I was hopping for no multiplayer achievement but a pass is even worse.
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:26
Wow, great.
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:29
Cool, a game i had no interest in made me lose more interest in it.
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:30
Interesting decision on a series that was once single player only
Septic Savlon
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:35
wait till it a fiver then lol, idiots, might ov only waited till 15
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:41
DisneyPrez said:thanks, saved me the cash of buying this right awayYup, pretty much. I'm not going to boycott a game simply because it has a pass but it'll certainly sway me when I'm on the fence. In this case, it's definitely looking like ORC for me.
Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:50
.....this game had multiplayer?
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:53
I'm too stubborn for any of that so i'm still buying it on day 1.
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 14:55
When it's a personal day-one purchase, the pass thing doesn't matter. I'm really looking forward to the 20th smile
Posted on 07 March 12 at 15:10
I couldn't care less about the pass, but I'm really not interested in Ninja Gaiden multiplayer in any form.
Vayliss - so many games and not enough time to play them all
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 15:11
I was debating on getting this game to start with cause they added online. I love Ninja Gaiden and been playing them since the NES days, but I think this has made me deside to not get this game or at least wait until it hits the 20 dollar bin.
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 15:12
Then it's a good thing I won't be playing multiplayer on this then isn't it?
If I wanted to play multiplayer on this type of game, I'd play Tenchu Z, the co-op on that game was so much fun and very addictive, where as Ninja Gaiden is a Single-player game, and it always will be.
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 15:17
Why am I not surprised?
Barad XBA
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 15:18
God damn..
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 15:25
...and they do this to stifle 2nd hand purchases?!
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Shiiro Ken
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 15:28
blkalleykat said:Interesting decision on a series that was once single player onlyMaybe they made the multiplayer to include an online pass laugh
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Posted on 07 March 12 at 15:32
KanjiKoka said:...and they do this to stifle 2nd hand purchases?!Which it does... but also 1st hand purchases.
Life, it's funny that way.