Fourth Dragon's Dogma Progression Trailer Released

By Michelle Balsan, 4 years ago
If Capcom's original promise is true, then the video we're sharing with you today will be the last in their series of character progression videos for the upcoming Dragon's Dogma. The three videos released so far have detailed pawns, pawn strategies, and choosing your path to the kind of character you want to have.

This final video details crafting and the awesome weaponry you can build if you just combine the right elements.

Dragon's Dogma is due to be released on May 22nd in North America and May 25th in Europe. A date is yet to be confirmed for Australasia.
Credit for this story goes to Graymouse 1
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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MH The Rockstar
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Posted on 29 March 12 at 18:16, Edited on 29 March 12 at 18:21 by MH The Rockstar
As long as it's not weapons of mass destruction because then there would be issues!
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Posted on 29 March 12 at 18:16
awesome sauce
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Posted on 29 March 12 at 18:41
I'm diggin' it.
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Posted on 29 March 12 at 18:59
Hopefully this takes off for Capcom. I read this is an expensive IP they're working on. Plus they need a huge game outside of fighters in the USA like they have with Monster Hunter in Japan.
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Posted on 29 March 12 at 19:36
Big fan of the 3rd person RPG. I can't hardly stomach the FF style of series anymore. Hope this is good!
Sly Strategist
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Posted on 29 March 12 at 21:10
Did the demo release yet?
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Posted on 29 March 12 at 21:18
This game looks really awesome
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Posted on 30 March 12 at 08:40
I like it but won't pay $60 for it I will wait until I can pick it up for around $20
^^^^^^^^^^^^ This!
Leo Ascendent
Leo Ascendent
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Posted on 30 March 12 at 14:49
MH The Rockstar said:As long as it's not weapons of mass destruction because then there would be issues!At least Bush isn't in charge....
You've been trololololol'ed.
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Posted on 30 March 12 at 19:12, Edited on 30 March 12 at 19:12 by VoltFieber
[x] B´z for Main-Theme Music! music
[x] Looks like MonsterHunter! compute
[x] Epic Battles with Creatures you won´t forgett so soon! toast
[-] ...still 2 more months to wait! cry
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