Microsoft To Allow  'Cash In' Of Gamerscore

Microsoft To Allow 'Cash In' Of Gamerscore

Gamerscore put to work in latest development

Written by DavieMarshall on 01 April 12 at 10:15

There has been a shock announcement from Microsoft in the wake of Stallion83's recent (and staggering) milestone that saw him hit 700,000 Gamerscore. Gamerscore has always been a fun and addictive, but somewhat arbitrary number for gamers across the world, until now.

Microsoft spokesperson Robert Armin released a hugely unexpected statement detailing that gamers would now be able to "cash in" their gamerscore against rewards and new content associated with their Xbox LIVE profile:

Here at Microsoft, we never truly realised what we had created when we devised the concept of achievements and gamerscore all those years ago. Since then achievements and gamerscore have become something of far greater value at a personal level to many gamers.

It's a badge of honour amongst the hardcore and a fantastic system to compare your 'worth' to your friends. For the casual gamer it's the perfect roadmap of your relationship and history with your games and Xbox LIVE. However, we didn't envisage a scenario where gamerscore would reach such astronomical levels. That's not a problem to us; we can cope with the extra digits, but we feel that perhaps these numbers could be put to work.
We were pretty stunned by this news, but you'l not have long to wait as the change lands worldwide for all Xbox LIVE users on Monday. The plan doesn't stop there, however, as Armin unveiled plans for 'Gamerscore Locked' DLC with no additional achievements.

In light of this announcement today, we are revealing that as of April 1st, gamers worldwide will be able to cash in their gamerscore against a library of rewards and additional content via -- there's everything from avatar props to exclusive DLC.

When we say exclusive, we mean exclusive. We want to encourage gamers to buy more and play more; as of today certain Xbox 360 titles will have unique 'Gamerscore Locked' DLC made available for a fixed amount of your gamerscore. None of this will carry any additional achievements.
You're no doubt eager to hear how your score will be affected and how the system will process transactions. Armin had a few details for us in the press release:

When you spend your gamerscore, we'll ask you which achievements you'd like to add to your basket and then we'll deduct all of their worth from your total gamerscore. The new score will be your true achievement score. Any previously earned achievements will remain unlocked and you will not be able to earn these again.We have a partial list of the leaked pricing scheme below, along with Gamerscore Locked DLC launching tomorrow.

Dashboard HD themes - 50G
Gamer Pictures - 100G
Avatar awards/props - 500G
Special formatting in Gamertag - 1000G
Additional dashboard styles - 1000G

"Gears of War 3 GS Locked Map Pack 1" - 5000G
"Gears of War 3 GS Locked Map Pack 2" - 5000G

"Battlefield 3 GS Locked Weapons Pack 1" - 3000G
"Battlefield 3 GS Locked Campaign Prologue" - 5000G

We'd love to hear your thoughts on such a divisive topic and please be sure to check out the Gamerscore Cash In page ahead of tomorrow.
Lomer Dix
Lomer Dix
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:17
April fools, Innit!
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:17
April fudgin' Fools, y'all.
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:17
April fools much?
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:18
We reveal that as of April 1st, this might be an April fools :P
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:18
Something like that. I remember the Xbox Live Diamond Card. It died quick.
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:18
Too obvious
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Pixie Ninja
Pixie Ninja
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:18
*checks date* April 1st, huh?
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:19
We'll not fall for this!
Pete 924
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I smell
Rhino Van Dam
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:19
April fools but kind of a cool idea if it was based on score not cashing in - i.e if your gamer score is 10k you can get xxxx item
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:19
Oh ffs......
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:19
Suicida1P3nguin - DanSh0wSt0pper
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:19
Would be good if only it wasnt April 1st >.<
ControllerFX - No Life 4 The Win
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:19
This is gunna be awesome better start racking up the score now
HOBO Gord420
HOBO Gord420 -
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:20
Ahhh I was halfway through sending this off to somebody else when I was like wait.... isn't there that day... its once a year.... in April I think.... AHHH FUCK! Got me good ;P
Tom RT
Tom RT - I miss the days of a new music game every 6 months...
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:20
Guessing April Fools but would be cool if it wasn't... could get rid of embarrassing/low gamerscore games... sigh.
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:20
I'm inclined not to believe anything at all on April Fool's day.
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:20
I hate how you can't go online on April 1st without having to second guess everything you read. I wondered how long it was going to take before I read something completely ridiculous.
DeathBomMB007 - Be The Best!!!
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Posted on 01 April 12 at 10:21