TA Competition: The Witcher 2 Swag

By DavieMarshall, 4 years ago
Tomorrow marks the launch of highly anticipated The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and we're teaming up with the guys at United Video Games (UVG) to get you kitted out in preparation for your copy arriving!

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We're giving away the following grab bags of Witcher 2 swag:

First prize x2 winners
A Witcher 2 goodie bag packed with a t-shirt, signed poster, The Witcher book, and a review from the guys at UVG neatly contained in it's own Witcher 2 folder. All of this is bagged up in a Witcher 2 bag!

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Runner up x2 winners
A signed poster, a copy of The Witcher book and a review from the guys at UVG, again contained in it's own Witcher 2 folder.

So what do you need to do to get entered into the draw for these frankly awesome bags of swag? We want you to get your alchemy hats on and answer the following:

Pretend you're an alchemist and create us a potion that you'd love to have access to. What would the benefits or drawbacks of this potion be?

Drop your answer in the comments below to be entered into the draw, and we'll pick the best of bunch for the prizes above! Get your potion books out, and start creating! You've got until Tuesday April 17th at 3PM GMT to get your entries in. Good luck!

Rules and Regulations
- This competition is unavailable to TA and UVG Staff members
- This competition is available worldwide with no restrictions
- One entry per person; multiple entries from the same member will be disregarded
- Entry is via a comment to this thread
- The winner will be chosen by DavieMarshall and Matrarch
- The prize will be dispatched by UVG
- We reserve the right to edit or withdraw this competition at any time
- Entries close April 17th at 3PM GMT
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:11
Potion No. 6

My potion would be for my 2 cats, after drinking it they would be able to talk to me. Now I can ditch my girlfriend and friends and have Super Awesome Friends Time with my 2 bestest friends ! The side effect would be that they grow thumbs, yes thumbs. Now we can play the xbox together !! Oh my are we going to have fun !
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:15
My potion would change my physical form into the last person I killed. I would become a perfect copy of them: appearance, strengths, weakness, skills. The draw back being you would never be the same person twice and constantly having to adapt to a new form. This potion would last a significant amount of time, but never the same amount of time when you take it.
Walter B Willis
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:17, Edited on 16 April 12 at 14:19 by Walter B Willis
my potion would fast forward a day so the Witcher 2 would be out, the drawback, uncontrollable flatulants until the 1st playthrough is done...
KillerBEA 91
KillerBEA 91
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:18
Potion of the night

Allows the user to never have to sleep and not feel the bad side effects of insomnia. allowing them to get much more gaming/work done. The Draw back is never being able to love another. Drinking this potion trades off not sleeping for never being able to feel love.
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:20, Edited on 16 April 12 at 15:06 by Ackter
A potion that would always cause the worst possible pun available to pop into my head so I can make everyone cringe at how awesomely bad the punnery is.

Laughter is too easy, it takes real skill to get away with bad puns.

There are no drawbacks to bad punnery. NONE. shock

People might start not hanging around with you, though.
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:24
I would make a potion that could make you into any character you desired. This could allow you to fulfill your dreams and fly, or have ultra-strength. The drawback is that after the potion wears off (after 48 hours) your memory will be wiped clean, and you will have no recollection of what you did.
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:25
Hmm, i would probably create that blue gloop from portal 2 and just bounce my way to work!
TriG3rHaWkz x1x
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:27
My potion would be to shapeshift into anything you like you would be able to sneak anywhere you want without knowing your true person and if you turn into someone that exists they disapear and you take their lifes ( until you turn back to your normal self ) so noone would expect anything to happan and your voice will change to the exact form you are ( if you were male to change into female you would have a female voice). The flaws would be the longest you can stay in the same form is 4 days if you stay any longer you will stuck as that person you are now forever and no other potion will be able to turn you back to yourself. also when your stuck as that person you dont lose your memory cause the thought of you being stuck as that person would be punishment for staying for that same body for some time.
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:28
Flying Panda Potion

My potion would morph me into a cuddly Panda called Graham with Angel wings smile The benefits would be that I would be a Flying Panda and I could fly through people's windows at supper time, eat all their food right off the table and then leave them a surprise in the bathroom. The drawback would be that...actually no there are no drawbacks. Graham ownz your dinners om nom nom!
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:28, Edited on 16 April 12 at 17:29 by paddycfc22
sex change potion ,just like in Harry potter when you get the persons hair and mix it then you change into that person.I would get the lovely red head in the start of the game and change into her for some good reasons wink
SeMi KiD
SeMi KiD
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:28
The Love Potion:

Positives: Able to make the person you love, love you back just as much and start a relationship and eventually a family.

Drawbacks: You would have to be able to support your love and your family you have started, sometimes with a job you might not always like, but you do it for them and yourself. (not necessarily that much of a negative, but takes some harder work if you survived on your own.)
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:30
I would make a potion that upon consumption would turn everyone into cartoon characters. The benefit would be that I can stop taking acid. The drawback would be that I would have to stop taking acid.

Removed Gamer
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:31
gold poop potion

My potion would be you would poop solid gold
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:31
I'd create a potion that would neutralise all the pollutants we dump into the sea and air when it was thrown into the atmosphere.

Removed Gamer
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:33
I'd create a potion that would transform you into any game world that you wanted to be in. You could choose whichever character you wanted to be the only drawback is that you could never return home.
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:34
Infinity Potion:

Allows for anything the drinker thinks of to come into reality. If you believe you can fly, you can fly. If you believe you were Bill Murray in Ghostbusters, you were indeed Bill f**@!ing Murray in Ghostbusters.

There are no restrictions which make the benefit the drawback. If in a moment of anger you think of someone you know being dead, they're dead. You can work around the drawback but once you figure out how to bring someone back or right a wrong you begin creating your very own Butterfly Effect of sorts.
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:34
The Hate Potion

Positives: Makes people dislike, and thus avoid, you. This allows you more free time to play games like The Witcher 2.

Drawbacks: None.
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:36
Canspeak Potion

The ability to give any animal in your general vicinity the ability to speak. Pros would be, well, animals are talking to you. Oh, the stories they could tell! Cons... an animal is freaking talking to you. Don't let anyone else in the know see this witchcraft.
Barad 007
Barad 007
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Posted on 16 April 12 at 14:36, Edited on 16 April 12 at 14:38 by Barad 007
Insta Sleep Potion

My potion would allow me to fall asleep instantly as I go into bed!

I have to wake up..
Battlefield 3 Gamer !
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