Awesomenauts Trailer Shows Us The Basics

By Ashley Woodcock, 4 years ago
Recently we revealed details on the maps, and Matrarch herself took a spin with the intense split-screen action for Ronimo Games' upcoming XBLA title, Awesomenauts.

Before we can enjoy all the shooting mayhem of the game, we first need to learn the basics and find out what our objective is before we begin with our mission. In this newly released trailer, we are shown what kind of enemies we'll be fighting and why. Check out the trailer stuffed with gameplay action showcasing plenty of running, gunning and jumping:

Awesomenauts has been confirmed for release on XBLA this Wednesday, May 2nd for 800 MSP.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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Posted on 29 April 12 at 14:04
First lol AN this game is going to be fun cant wait
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Posted on 29 April 12 at 16:36
sounds like a sort of 2-D league of legends.
not bad...
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Posted on 29 April 12 at 16:52
Going to try this out on Wednesday for sure
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Posted on 29 April 12 at 19:08
Sad to see this it might not get released :(
Barad 007
Barad 007
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Posted on 29 April 12 at 20:52
Looks really fun, might give it a go.
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Posted on 30 April 12 at 00:31
I rarely trust IGN. But it does make me worry, not that I'd spend 800 on this... 400 is reasonable for me.
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Posted on 30 April 12 at 08:52
I can confirm IGN's story as I received the same e-mail they did from Ronimo games as I was awaiting a review copy of Awesomenauts. It'll be a real shame as it was looking really good - UK based Over 21 forum for gamer fans of all styles!

Removed Gamer
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Posted on 30 April 12 at 17:01
Hopefully it comes out. It looks awesome!
MH The Rockstar
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Posted on 30 April 12 at 23:05
While I won't be getting this (even if it might be free), they have said it will get released on XBLA.
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