Medal of Honor: Warfighter Extended E3 Gameplay

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Extended E3 Gameplay

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Written by Dave Horobin (DaveKinetic) on 08 June 12 at 19:34

EA and Danger Close Games have released an extended gameplay video from the upcoming The footage in today's video is similar to the gameplay walkthrough we were treated to during EA's E3 press conference this past Monday, as we join a group of Tier 1 Operators who are trying to bring order to Somalia's southern region. The key difference in the trailers is that this new, extended version eliminates the wide angle camera shots that took us away from the action.

Warfighter is being developed using the Frostbite 2 engine, the same one used in DICE's Battlefield 3, and it's clear from watching the video that the game shows a marked improvement to 2010's Medal of Honor in both graphics and sound.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter will be released worldwide on October 23rd.
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Posted on 08 June 12 at 19:45
This is going to makeup for the terrible looking Call of Duty: Black Ops 2! :P
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Posted on 08 June 12 at 19:47
I assume there is a reason the screen appears to be wobbling around? I'm all for smoothness in games but damn, looks like it is on rail almost, I thought someone was using Kinect for this.
x TheJoke x
x TheJoke x
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Posted on 08 June 12 at 20:08
i was wondering about the swaying reticle. was it on auto aim or something?
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Posted on 08 June 12 at 20:39
Looked like it was played on the PSMove...
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Posted on 08 June 12 at 20:49
Strange look of the gun view. Static without the fluid of BF 3 moving. Hope it´s going to be better.

After all a FPS game like all the others.
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USMC 90 95
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Posted on 08 June 12 at 20:50
I hope the campaign is longer than the last one was.
Barad XBA
Barad XBA
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Posted on 08 June 12 at 21:49
USMC 90 95 said:I hope the campaign is longer than the last one must be..I mean 2 hours :L
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Herr Karamell
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Posted on 08 June 12 at 22:18
hopefully, it'll turn out okat at least
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Posted on 09 June 12 at 01:13
Gah, I wanna slap the guy that was playing. COVER. USE IT.

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Posted on 09 June 12 at 06:42
x TheWorstGamer said:This is going to makeup for the terrible looking Call of Duty: Black Ops 2! :PThis and then some.
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Posted on 09 June 12 at 11:23, Edited on 09 June 12 at 11:24 by BLAZE VII
That many times the guy got shot in the face in the video he would be dead like 100x now. Also I don't like the blur effect, kinda annoying. Is Max Payne playing this!? warning

Also the DOOR BREACH looks like a big copycat to me.

But I have to admit the graphics are very good. SO FAR... > JuSt BLaZe
AGGY AggressoR
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Posted on 09 June 12 at 13:22
lookin good from what i see
Combo For Gains
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Posted on 09 June 12 at 16:07
No big surprises here. Though it does look much better than I remember the last one being. Why does it seem like the worst people play in these demos though?
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Posted on 09 June 12 at 16:23

recently played the first on PS3 and enjoyed it alot, so much that I bought it for my 360 and rinsed most of it in less than a week. Now I'm itching for this game to be released :D
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Fuzzy Churro
Fuzzy Churro
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Posted on 09 June 12 at 16:25
The game looks good, as in graphics and environment, but when i played the first i found the gameplay kind of bland. I dont know, maybe I didnt play it long enough to appreciate it.
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Posted on 09 June 12 at 19:16
The gun moving around on the screen is called idle sway. And I hope this game is better than Black Ops II
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Posted on 10 June 12 at 23:19, Edited on 11 June 12 at 06:11 by Timutimu
Cant wait 2 go medal of honor war fightin in medal of honor war fighter
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