Indie Games Spotlight for June 17th, 2012

Indie Games Spotlight for June 17th, 2012

Escape Goat!

Written by mancide (mancide) on 17 June 12 at 17:27

Escape Goat is a challenging puzzle platformer.

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Imprisoned for the crime of witchcraft, you must use your skill and intellect to overcome the Prison of Agnus. Fear not, Brave Goat, for you have a friend on this journey...

RELEASE DATE: 11/2/2011
DEVELOPER: MagicalTimeBean
GENRE: Platformer

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Dolby Digital
While I do not think the game Escape Goat was directly inspired by the Chris Remo song of the same name, one can only get so many chances to link something to this song:

Back to the game at hand, Escape Goat has a relatively simple premise. You are a totally normal witchcraft practicing goat who has been imprisoned for your wizarding ways. You have to find a way out of the dungeon that imprisons you, and you meet up with a magical rat on your way out.

The game is basically a puzzle platformer, and your rat companion is utilized to get through smaller segments of the passageways. I found the game well balanced, with puzzle difficulties increasing as you progress through the game.

Escape Goat can be yours for the low price of 80 MSP.

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Posted on 17 June 12 at 17:30
Looks fun :D
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Hang about... Goats are only imprisoned for Witchcraft but, humans were supposedly burnt or thrown from a cliff? There seems to be some intense discrimination going on here...
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ohhhhhh... scapegoat... Escape Goat...

i c wut u did thar. wink
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Love the song xD
This game looks really fun. It's going for such a reasonable price too :D
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Great game. Great developer. Definitely pick this one up. Play it and you'll love it!
Matthew Doucette, Xona Games
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FinderKeeper said:ohhhhhh... scapegoat... Escape Goat...

i c wut u did thar. wink
Love the name for this game. Looks tough though!
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Goats are amazing as fuck.
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LSDintensity said:Goats are amazing as fuck.hahaha
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80 MSP? Can't really lose can we smile
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I played the whole game through in a couple of hours. It's got a custom level editor too. Totally worth the 80MP. I recommend this game highly.
That's right.
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Never bought one of these, looks weird.