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TA Podcast: August Edition
With the summer coming to an end, one can almost smell the Madden in the air. It's like the siren song that declares the fall gaming season is upon us. Before we dive head and/or butt first into the deep pool of digital awesomeness that is lining up this fall, the crack team of Rich, Dave, and some jerk you probably don't remember sat down to discuss the summer's leftovers, what we've all been playing (this is where you'll hear a SHOCKING confession from that jerk you all love/hate), and look a bit forward to the fall.

As always, if you enjoy listening to our podcast or use it to kill fish in a river - like Native Americans used to do with Buckeyes - please subscribe in iTunes, give us a good rating, and leave a review that says how we are your number one source for cheese and chip updates... also video games... and achievements.
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Limited Edition TrueAchievements Merchandise
We've been asked about producing official TrueAchievements merchandise for many years, and we're now pleased to announce that the first print run of TrueAchievements T-Shirts and Hoodies are now available to order!

After hearing great things about them. we've decided to use Teespring for the printing and distribution of this first batch of merchandise. As is the norm for Teespring campaigns, this is a time limited run concluding on the 16th September 2015. If this batch is a success, we'll be looking at releasing some alternate designs in the future.

For this run we've got two different designs, one for the t-shirt and one for the hoodie. The t-shirt includes the full TrueAchievements logo on the front and a blank back. The hoodie includes a large TrueAchievements emblem on the front and the site name and tag line on the back. The shirts are available in sizes XS to 3XL, and the hoodies from S to 5XL.

T-Shirt design - $19.99T-Shirt design - $19.99

Hoodie design - $44.99Hoodie design - $44.99

Remember, this is a time limited campaign concluding on the 16th September 2015 - you will not be able to order them after that date. The designs are printed in the United States, but international shipping is also available. Click the links below to find out more and place your order:

TrueAchievements T-Shirts @ $19.99 (excluding shipping)
TrueAchievements Hoodies @ $44.99 (excluding shipping)

As is standard for Teespring, all items will be sent out at the end of the campaign, and sizing, shipping, and additional product details are available on their pages.

Enjoy your items!
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GamerCards Are Back!
A little while ago the gamercard card system on the site was removed with intention of giving it a bit of a facelift and general update - that time has now arrived!

As you can see, these have been in desperate need of a revamp, and what better time to do it than a Friday Site Update? We've bought them back, given them a whopping stat boost and thrown in some swanky new customisation options and game-themed backgrounds.

My GamerCardMy GamerCard

Living as a tab in your social settings, the My GamerCard page allows you to create your very own GamerCard with plenty of personalisation options including;

• Design (themes) and Shape
• Statistics (Achievements won, Completed games, Played games, etc)
• Display your avatar
• Display your country flag
• Display your Xbox LIVE motto
• Use items from your Trophy Case
• And more!...


After you've settled on your card of choice and saved, you'll be given a set of links to share your new creation with the world, or you could print it off and use it as a business card. The choice, is yours...

Links galore!Links galore!

To give you a bit of background; a GamerCard is a static image stored on our servers which displays some key information and statistics about your GamerTag. These can be used on external sites as a way to show off your stats, most commonly people tend to stick them in forum signatures.

Your GamerCard will be automatically updated every time you are scanned so you'll always be sharing your most recent stats and achievements.

We've made a new forum for you to suggest improvements and other designs - please post suggestions in the GamerCards Forum.

Please note: The previous badges for GamerCard designs have been removed. As they are going to be phased out and replaced by the new images and we won't have a way for people to upload their own, this seemed the fairest thing to do.

Have a great day!

The TA Dev Team
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Game and Series News Subscriptions
As the eagle-eyed among you may have spotted, we added game and series news subscriptions in a recent site update, allowing you to receive a notification each time a news item is posted about a game or series you're interested in.

Game SubscriptionsGame Subscriptions

Series Subscription PanelSeries Subscription Panel

If you subscribe to a Series, you'll get information on any new games in that series as they are announced.

As well as being able to add and remove subscriptions from the game or series page, today we bring you another way of managing these subscriptions via the brand new My Subscriptions page.

My Subscriptions PageMy Subscriptions Page

Here you can see what you're subscribed to, remove content you no longer want to receive notifications for, and add new content to ensure you'll always be kept up to date with whatever content tickles your fancy.

Once subscribed you'll receive a PM or Email depending on your settings, and if it all gets a bit much you can also choose to disable all notifications from the same settings panel.

Have a great weekend!

The TA Dev Team
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Gamescom Day 2 Gamescom
We're back from Gamescom 2015, and what a great time we had!

Here's the thoughts of TrueAchievement, WebChimp UK and Doomful thoughts on Day 2, when we got to see and/or play the following massive titles:

Star Wars Battlefront, Halo 5: Guardians, Fallout 4, Battleborn, Forza Motorsport 6,
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and Need for Speed.

As we ran out of time while on Thursday night, we first attempted to record this show in Cologne airport while waiting for our plane home. We've tacked on a couple of highlights at the end to show why that was not a good idea laugh

Enjoy the show, and we'll be back soon with the regular podcast!
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Gamescom Day 1 Special Podcast
We're in the beautiful city of Cologne for Gamescom 2015!

WebChimp UK, Doomful and TrueAchievement have been pounding the show floor to play no less than 17 different games - hear our thoughts on all of them, including Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Star Wars Battlefront, Gigantic and many, many more....
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TA Podcast: You Don't Know Jack Edition
With our friends across the water nowhere to be found, Rich and myself sat down with the newest addition to the TrueGaming Network development team, Jack, to discuss what we've been playing since E3, the conclusion of our Leap Frog, the 6th Annual International Bean Dive, and some of our recent site updates.

Games talked about during this show include: Batman: Arkham Knight, Battlefield Hardline, EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR, Forza Horizon 2, Beach Buggy Racing, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition, Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition, Goat Simulator, Unmechanical: Extended Edition, Trials Fusion and more.

As always, if you enjoy listening to our podcast, please subscribe in iTunes, give us a good rating, and leave a nice review.

If iOS isn't your thing, you can also listen to our podcasts here on the site or download them here.
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Game Series Pages and Leaderboards
Something we've been looking to bring you for a while is a way to see your scores and games across an entire series.

We've been working on this for the past couple of weeks and have just put the fruits of the labour up onto the site!

Series panels
On game pages and pre-release game pages that are part of a series (currently defined as having 3 or more games), you will see a new Series info panel:
Series information panelSeries information panel

This shows the number of games in the series, the total TrueAchievement score and GamerScore, and your percentage progress if you have at least one game in the series.

Clicking on this panel will take you through to the all-new Series hub for that series...

Series Hub
The series hub contains information about all the games in the series, all the relevant news, and leaderboards for the series. For example, the Forza Series Hub you'll see an expanded series header that includes all of your progress, then a breakdown of all the games in the series and your progress in those too.

Series pageSeries page

Because we know how much you like your settings, we've added a panel on the right for you to modify the way you view this page:

Series view optionsSeries view options

From here you can choose just to show the Main games or include platform and regional variations. for example, in the Forza series there are Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Forza Horizon 2 - if you choose only the main games, we'll just show the variations ones you've played in your progress. You can also adjust the DLC view and compare your series scores with other gamers:

Series gamer comparisonSeries gamer comparison

You can also share your progress by clicking on the Share icon in the series header (this shared link will also include any other gamers you're comparing to in that view).

Adding Series progress to your Homepage
You can add up three Series summary panels to your homepage - click the Add Series to Homepage button on the series page or game page:

Add your series progress to your homepageAdd your series progress to your homepage

The hompage panels look like this:

Series homepage panelSeries homepage panel

Click on the Edit icon to re-order the series in the panel or remove items from it.

As usual, you can change the position of this panel and the colour on the Customize Homepage page.

Series Leaderboards
Click on the Leaderboard tab to see the site leaderboard or any of your friend groups' progress for that series:

Series leaderboardsSeries leaderboards

My Series
If you want to look at all the series we are tracking, there's a new Series list page (on the main menu). From here, you can search for series by name, compare with other gamers and also filter to just series you've played.

We've even added a My Series option that just shows the ones you've played to your Gamer dropdown menu.
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My Game Collection Version 2.0
Last week we brought you the brand new My Game Collection feature and asked for your feedback on how we could make it better.

As usual, you did not disappoint!

So we're back today with an update that brings much of what you wanted, plus some of our own ideas to make it even better:

Multi-selectable options
We've added the ability for you to select multiple Platforms, Play statuses and Ownership statuses.

Multi select filters in both viewsMulti select filters in both views

We've also added new filters for whether you have made any notes on the game and the title type (so you can exclude apps), and saving your settings will now save your filter settings too!

Gamer comparison
We've added something very cool to the image view - you can now add multiple gamers to compare your collection with!

Choose gamers to compare in Image ViewChoose gamers to compare in Image View

Simply type in the name of the GamerTag(s) you want to compare to (your friends will appear first in the list). You can compare with up to 5 other gamers if you have a TrueAchievements Pro Account, or a single gamer if you don't have Pro.

You'll then see a mini leaderboard on all of the games in the image view, with the highest scorer at the top. Those that haven't started the game appear beneath with their ownership status:

Comparison panelsComparison panels

You can even filter to show only the games you all have in your collections, or just the ones you've all started!

Quick search
You can now type a game title into the quick search box to return matching games - please note, your existing filters are also used for this search.

Search for gamesSearch for games

Multi-edit mode
One of the most requested new features was for a way to edit the Ownership, Media or Play status of more than one game at a time.

You can now choose to switch to Multi-edit mode (in the filter dropdown button). This will add checkboxes to the list view in place of the edit button, and also allow you to click on the box art in image view. Then click the Edit values button at the top to change the values for all the selected games at once.

Edit multiple items at onceEdit multiple items at once

Game collection panel on your homepage
You have a new Game Collection panel on your homepage, showing the number of games you have played and have in your collection for each platform:

New homepage panel to show off your collectionNew homepage panel to show off your collection

As ever, homepage elements can be removed on your Customize Homepage page.

Export collection
TrueAchievements Pro Account holders can now download their entire game collection as a csv file. Just click the download icon on the filter dropdown.

Other small bits
We've added some visible feedback that the list is reloading, and we've also added some new statuses:

- Games with Gold
- On hold
- Backlog

We've also added a total bar on the List view so you can see the totals for all games that match your filter settings.

Pro accounts
One final quick for Pro Accounts - if you haven't got one, there's no better time to get one with our buy 3 years get 1 free offer - click here for more details.

I want to thank you all for your awesome feedback that's helped us to make this cool feature even better!

The TA Dev Team
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