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Flag Submissions are Re-Open!
Hello Fellow TA’ers,

Two months ago we announced the revamped New Achievement Flag System. As the Game Info team was diving into the new system and starting the cumbersome task of reflagging all 2600+ games, we disabled the flag submissions. The team needed this time to dig in, get muddy and really hash out some of the finer details that you can only get with hands on, practical use. I know some of you have been itching to get your hands on these new flags and during this time we greatly appreciate your patience with us. Well, the wait is finally over! I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve hit bedrock and we’ve officially reopened flag submissions.

Since we were revamping flags, we also decided to take a look at our flagging submission process. We’ve made a few adjustments to this process to make flagging submissions easier to find and more user friendly. First off we’ve moved Achievement Submissions, DLC Info, and DLC Achievement Flags to their own tabs on Submit Game Info page. Clicking on the Achievement Flags tab at the top of the page will direct you to the achievement flag submission for all achievements in that game, while using the DLC Achievement Flags will direct to just the DLC achievements flag submissions.

New game info submission tabsNew game info submission tabs

You can toggle between DLC packs by selecting the pack you want to view using the ‘Submit DLC Information’ box on the right side of the page.

New DLC info submission panelNew DLC info submission panel

We’ve also altered where and how DLC achievements appear on the submission page. From the Achievement Flags tab, if you scroll down the long list of achievements, you’ll see how the DLC achievements are separated under headers. If the base game has already been flagged, but a DLC pack has not been flagged, such as is the case with World Series of Poker: Full House Pro, using the ‘Submit flag info for this DLC Pack’ link, you’ll be directed to the DLC submission page for these unflagged achievements.

Unflagged DLC in the Achievement Submission ListUnflagged DLC in the Achievement Submission List

All of these adjustments should help assist you in finding and using the flag submissions feature.

Before you all jump in and starts contributing to the reflagging process I’d like to remind you of the Flagging Submitting guidelines.

1. Only games that appear on your gamertag will be accepted for submissions.
Achievement unlock requirements have become a complex beast, with some developers adding in multiple nuances outside of what is covered in the achievement description. Because of this, we have found that it has become very challenging to properly flag games without any experience in that game and thus we only accept submissions for games that are familiar to the submitter…this includes regional and platform variations. This means that if you’ve only played Angry Birds Star Wars (WP), you cannot submit flags for Angry Birds Star Wars (Win 8), Angry Birds Star Wars, or Angry Birds Star Wars (Xbox One). While some of the achievements may be the same across all platforms, what is required to unlock the achievements may differ and thus, may require differing flags from their counterparts. Again, only games that appear on your gamertag are accepted for submissions.

2. Only fully flagged games will be accepted for submissions.
If a game has never been flagged before, we only accept ‘fully’ flagged games. We will continue to accept updates or modifications to previously flagged games, but new flag submission need to be complete. Since flags features also appear for other areas of the site, like walkthrough overviews and flag filters, we don’t want ‘partially’ flagged games as this will be misleading to the community who uses these flags to plan ahead.

What is a ‘fully’ flagged game??? I’m so glad you asked. The Game Info teams considers a fully flagged game to have at least one the following two types of flags on EVERY ACHIEVEMENT:

• Connectivity Flag – Online Required, Offline Game Mode, and/or Online/Offline
• Game Mode Flag – Single Player, Cooperative +, Cooperative -, Versus, and/or Community

There is an exception to this guideline, as we do accept partial flagging submissions for the following flags: Unobtainable, Discontinued, Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable, Buggy +, and Buggy -. Please note that for unannounced discontinued achievements, we may have few weeks turnaround before applying this flag.

As always, we will continue to work as quickly as we can to handle all submission we receive in a timely fashion. Your continued patience with us during the expected large quantity of submissions will be greatly appreciated. We will eventually get to each and every submission, but please be aware that there could be a 2 or 3 week turnover on some submissions. As always, thankies thankies for your continued support and assistance with the sites achievement flag feature. toast
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Current Ratio Problem
Morning all

I trust most of you are either tucked up in bed or engrossed in Titanfall right now, but if you are here on TA you may have noticed that most of the games and achievements have suddenly dropped to a 1 ratio.

I was working on some code to improve the speed of the site recalculations yesterday (which worked, yay!), with the intention of not having any knock-on effects (which didn't work, booo!).

I'm just re-running the site recalculations now, everything should be back to normal within a few hours, hopefully before most of you get up!

Cheers, and apologies, and have a great weekend!

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TA Dark Theme Version 2.0 Now Available
Hey TAers

Some time ago one of our more creative members, kegonomics, created an alternative dark visual style for TrueAchievements. I liked it so much I incorporated it into the site options.

Since then the theme has been developed further by CriticalRespawn and Spilner and we are now happy to present you with version 2.0!

To give you some idea of what it looks like, here's some screen grabs of pages with the theme turned on:

Gamer pageGamer page

Games listGames list

Game pageGame page

News storyNews story


You can set your theme in the General section of My Settings.

Don't forget to scroll down and hit the Save button!

If you find any bugs with the Dark theme, please post them here.
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Pre-Release Game Forums
Hi TAers!

It recently occurred to me when playing the Titanfall beta (which, by the way, looks !*$?% awesome!) that we don't have game-related forums to discuss pre-release games.

We've had the Game Discussion Forum for a while now, which contains subforums for games that have achievement lists, but I thought it was time to extend that to pre-release games too.

So now for all pre-release games, as you'll see if you look at the LEGO The Hobbit homepage, you'll see an additional Forum tab.

This tab will not contain threads about the game from the Game Discussion forum, it will also pull in all the news related to that game as well. You can also subscribe to these pre-release boards just like any other.

As well as that, I've added a Mark All Threads as Read option to the Forum dropdown on Forum pages. This is a quick way for you to remove a load of posts from your unread list.

Finally, there is a setting to auto-add the forum of games you start to your forum list in My Settings - this wasn't working properly but is now fixed.

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TA Podcast: Freakin' February
February is the shortest, cruelest month of the year. Between North America's Polar Vortex and Snowpocalypse, and Rich coming down with some weird, mutated case of rhinovirus, this month has been the pits. That did NOT stop us from recording a podcast, however. While we may only have days left in February (and thank science for that), we are sneaking in the February Podcast right under the wire.

In this month's episode, TrueAchievement, Matrarch, and I sat down to talk about some of the new updates and changes to the site, Microsoft acquiring the Gears of War IP from Epic, the future of Call of Duty, and the mess created by WB Games.

Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids and Shatner kind of blew it (in the best way), but that doesn't stop us from chatting about our Little Rocket Man achievement challenge as well as picking a new one to speed through for March... until that whole titANfall thing happens.

As always, if you love, like, or tolerate what you're hearing and feel compelled to either tell the truth about how much you enjoy the podcast (or do us a favor, lie and sing our praises... please?), subscribe in iTunes, give us a good rating, and take moment to write a quick review saying how much you enjoy Rich's rich, English charm, M's dulcet tones of calming, and my complete lack of respect for myself.

If you're still not a slave to "i", you can catch up on all of our podcasts here on the site or you can download them and put them on the device of your choice here.
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Do You Want to be a Newshound?
The Newshounds are looking to raise their numbers quite a bit with with this next round of applications! While we are looking for newshounds to continue with out standard work, we are also looking for hounds who specialize in long-form content, such as reviews and editorials. As a result, the application is a bit long, but it's worth it if you make it through the process. We have a treehouse, remember?

Any applications can be sent to me, Matrarch, here on TA via PM.

First, the general questionnaire.

1) What is your location and timezone?

2) How much time could you give per day and what times would you generally be available?

3) Why do you want to be a newshound? What contributions would you bring to the team?

4) Are there particular genres/gaming topics you favor? All newshounds are expected to cover everything, now including some PlayStation news, but what would be your comfort zone?

5) Is there anything that the team doesn't currently cover that you'd like to see? How could you help to cover this area?

6) Have you written news previously? If so, where? Please submit examples if this applies to you.

7) Have you been on TA site staff before? If so, please tell us a little bit about your experience.

8) Where would you go to find news? What sources would you consider?

9) What improvements / changes do you think we can make to our news coverage?

10) Please let us know anything else about you that makes you stand apart from the crowd! While we're looking for staff to manage news now, we expect all our staff to be able to handle our other responsibilities, so what special skills or knowledge do you bring to the table?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly (so it's bolded for you), please write a sample news story using the format we use here at TA. In addition, include how you went about finding the story and checking its authenticity. You can write anything, but the newer the news, the better. Don't feel you have to limit yourself to 360 news for the sample article.
If you're interested in writing Reviews and Features for TA (in addition to News) we'll be requiring a bit more from your application. In addition to the requirements for the Newshound submission, candidates who are interested in becoming Editorial/Feature Writers for TA should also submit the following:

1- A review of an Xbox 360/Xbox One/XBLA game in our current review style. The review must be fewer than 1500 words. This review can be previous work, but it must be in the TA style/formatting. For examples of the TA style, feel free to check out our recent review of The Walking Dead: Season Two, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and/or BioShock Infinite.

2- A sample feature: either an Opinion-Editorial, an Easter Egg, or a TA Top Five.

Opinion-Editorials can be about virtually anything, so long as they state an opinion and back it up. For recent examples check out The Year That Wasn't and/or In Defense of 'Tacked On' Multiplayer.

There are numerous examples of Easter Eggs on TrueAchievements (if you search the Editorials and Features thread for "Easter Eggs", you should see them). In general, we pick games that have fewer than 30k tracked gamers but have a great quality to them. Be sure to stick to the formatting structure.

Like Op-Eds, TA Top Fives can be a "Top Five" list of virtually anything. Previous examples can also be found in the Editorials and Features thread.

It should be noted that Editorial/Feature writers will still be required to pull some weight with news writing, but will be primarily focused on longer-form work. I'll be looking for strong writers with excellent spelling and grammar as well as writers who have a defined voice that lends itself to interesting reading.
We look forward to adding more talented, enthusiastic volunteers to our staff. Good luck to all applicants!
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New Game Page Views and Filters
Hello there TA'ers.

We recently brought you the news that we had updated our achievement flagging system.

Now we have all these new flags, we thought it would be great for you to be able to see how many of each there are for a game, and to filter by them.

So, we have now added a new View button to our Game Pages.

To demonstrate, here is what you see if you click on the View button on Call of Duty: Black Ops:

View options for Call of Duty Black OpsView options for Call of Duty Black Ops

At the top of the drop-down panel are the options for the Achievement view:

Choose the view type and sort orderChoose the view type and sort order

From here you can choose Image view (the default), or List view. You can also choose whether you want earned achievements to appear at the top of the list, and how you want the rest of the list to be sorted. You can also click on the disk to save these as your default settings for all Game Pages.

If the game has DLC packs, then below that you'll see the DLC options:

Choose whether to group DLC packsChoose whether to group DLC packs

These options allow you to group the DLC achievements together, and also whether to only show packs you own, or no DLC at all. Again, clicking the save button stores these as your default DLC view options for Game Pages.

Finally, you will see the Flag filter:
The awesomely powerful Flag FilterThe awesomely powerful Flag Filter

This shows you how many of each flag type there are in the game, but also allows you to filter on them (Note: Clicking on the icons next to the header selects or clears all of the flag tick-boxes).

You can also use some logic on the selection - for example, if you tick Online and Buggy and then select OR join, you will be shown all the achievements that are Buggy or have an Online requirement (or both). However, selecting AND join will only show you the achievements that are both Buggy AND Online.

Once you have finished choosing your options, please click Apply to reload the list.

We've also added a total row to the List view, so it's easy to see how many achievements and how much TA and GamerScore account for the filters you've chosen.

For example, if I look at the Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8) I can see that it has two Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable achievements.

Clicking on the View button and choosing the following options:
Finding the Unobtainable achievements in MinesweeperFinding the Unobtainable achievements in Minesweeper

and then clicking Apply, I can see the two troublesome achievements and how much they are worth:

Minesweeper Unobtainables

We hope you enjoy using the new feature!


P.S. Please note that we hope to open up achievement flag submissions again within a month, the GI team are just tweaking the final definitions.
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Welcome to the TA Winter Olympics
The 22nd Winter Olympics will be kicking off in Sochi, Russia in seven days. While many of us will be spending a considerable amount of watching our homelands battle it out for gold, we're going to be encouraging you, YES YOU, to battle it out here on TrueAchievements in the TA Winter Olympics.

Olympic athletes train their whole lives to compete for their nations, avoid performance enhancing supplements, and stay laser focused on one specific event.

We're going to do something similar... except you've only trained for a console generation, have (probably) consumed illegal (or at least highly-irresponsible) amounts of Game Fuel, and have spread yourselves thin across many different games.

Here are the details on the competition.

How Does It Work?

The TA Olympics is an individual competition consisting of five events in a pentathlon style competition. Each individual event has its own leaderboard and, depending on your placement, points will be awarded and the overall combined point winner will become the TA Olympic Nordic Combined Gold Medalist.

How Do the Leaderboards Work?

On the hub we've got two sets of leaderboards; the official contest leaderboards and then the "Just for Fun" Olympics Regional Leaderboards. The Olympic Regional Leaderboards show whatever region you have set in your site settings. So, for example, I (osubluejacket), will be showing North Carolina instead of the US, Rich will be in England instead of Great Britain, but our esteemed Mr. Pot will show Nepal instead of Crazytown. Again, these region leaderboards are just for fun and, in case people don't want to participate because they feel they won't win, they can at least help represent for their region.

What Are The Events?

5000m Long Track Speed Skating
Scoring for this event is based on the total number of achievements won during the duration of the TA Winter Olympics.

50km Cross Country Skiing
Scoring for this event is based on the total TrueAchievements score earned during the duration of the TA Winter Olympics.

Ski Jumping
Scoring for this event is based on the highest single TrueAchievements ratio achievement earned during the duration of the TA Winter Olympics.

Alpine Skiing Super-G
Scoring for this event is based on the total number of achievements won during a 24 hour period, beginning Feb 15th at noon (UTC) through Feb 16th noon (UTC).

500m Short Track Speed Skating
Scoring for this event based on the total TrueAchievements score earned during a 24 hour period, beginning Feb 22nd at noon (UTC) through Feb 23rd noon (UTC).

Why Should I Do This?

Bragging rights will allot you 4 years of bragging rights as the reigning Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist of the TA Olympics Nordic Combined. Since there are five events, bragging rights will also be allotted to the reigning Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists for each separate event, for example: The Ski Jumping Gold Medalist from the 2014 TA Olympics.

Something Shiny
Since we all know virtual medals are far superior to real medals, medalists in each event, as well as overall winners will be able to show off their virtual medal on their TA home page to boost their street cred and back up their bragging rights.

How Do I Register?

It's open NOW! Check out the TA Winter Olympics Hub to get signed up!

What's the Catch?

There are some rules.

1. This contest is open to all members who have tracking privileges on A lose of tracking privileges on TA will result in elimination from the contest.

2. Only achievements won while connected to Xbox LIVE will be considered for this contest. Anything earned while offline will not be counted towards your earnings.

3. Only achievements scanned into by the deadline of the contest, or deadline for each individual events will be counted. Make sure you don’t forget to force scan if you want it to count.

4. In the case that is down and/or is down, where scanning of achievements onto the site can’t happen for the end of the TA Olympics or for any single event, the ranking prior to site(s) being down will be considered the winners.

5. forum, chat, and general posting guidelines must be followed at all times. Please see Forum Policy for these rules. Failure to follow this rules can result in elimination.

6. Only achievements from games will be calculated for this event. Xbox One challenges and Xbox One non-game titles (such as Netflix) are not considered 'achievements from games' and are not calculated into your scores.

7. In the event of a tie for either the single events or the overall event, all tying participants will earn the same placement and the same points will be assigned for that placement.
Good Luck!
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New Achievement Flag System
Hello fellow TA’ers,

Every couple of years the Game Info Team reviews and updates some of the features we manage on the site. This past year we took on the task of updating the achievement flags. We are always attempting to keep up with the ever changing types of achievements as well as provide the community with the clearest information to help you all in your achievement-gaining ventures.

Some of you may have already noticed the changes to the New Flag Definitions. Not only did every flag definition get an overhaul (some only required a few tweaks), we added a few new flags, and we also added synergy flags.

What are synergies flags??? I’m so glad you asked. Sometimes when two flags are place on an achievement together it can create a slightly altered version from the use of the single flag by itself. For these cases, we have created synergy definitions to clearly explain when and why the flags were used together for that specific achievement.

You may have also noticed that the Flag Definitions page is now full of examples. To help the community better understand the use of these flags, we wanted to provide references and examples, as sometimes the definition page and its “wall o’ text” just don’t do enough. Why bore people with words when we can dazzle them with color and pictures, right??? smile

While I’m not going to cover all the changes that have been made, I do want to highlight just a few for you. I’d like you all to welcome a couple of new flags to the flock:

Party Unobtainable/Discontinued
Party Unobtainable/Discontinued

This is a flag that is used to notify the public to ‘watch out’ - that you might not actually be able to gain this achievement. Sometimes an achievement (or part of an achievement) becomes discontinued. If you had previously met the requirements, you might still be able to gain the achievement, while the rest of us are ‘out-of-luck’. A perfect example of this is Yoostar Completist in Yoostar 2: In The Movies. If you had earned the 2.5 million Famestar points prior to the servers being shut down, you would still be able to net this achievement.

Buggy +
Buggy + and
Buggy -
Buggy -

Previously this was one flag; Buggy. However, since it was being used for both achievements that can unlock early as well as achievements that sometimes don’t unlock as they are described, it became too muddy and confusing. To help fix this confusion we have broken this into two separate flags; one to indicate those achievements that may unlock early or other positive ways, like OMG Indeed! in Dance Central 3, and one to indicate those achievements that you may need to ‘watch out’ for, like There is no Cake in Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

Now starts the big job of re-flagging all 2400+ games on the site. The Game Info Team has already started working on this mammoth task and during this initial time we have disabled Achievement Flagging Submissions. As expected, once we started getting into the trenches with the re-flagging process, we knew we’d have little tweaks, adjustments, and possible synergy additions needed. We are actively working on this, resolving these additions as needed, and as soon as we have our feet underneath us with these adjustments we will open up flagging submission again. We GREATLY appreciate all the submissions and I’m sure some of you are very eager to get your hands on the new flags and assist us. Thanks in advance for your patience with us as we are putting the finishing touches on this feature.

I’d also like to take a minute to say a special thanks to the Game Info Team, both past members as well as current members. The time and effort you all have put into creating, defining, and altering these flags has been long and cumbersome. I can’t speak for the entire community, but I personally appreciate everything you all have put in to make this happen. toast
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TA Podcast: Starting the New Year Right
2014 is upon us gamers and we've dubbed it "The Year of the TrueMatraJacket". We think it really rolls off the tongue.

The smoldering ashes of Matrarch 2013 GTSC run are not even cold and she's already plotting for the new competition. Rich is busy with tons of new coding, his Xbox One, and something called "a daughter" ... whatever that is. As for the host of the podcast, well, you'll just have to listen to hear about the shenanigans and hijinks that are rolling this month.

In addition to looking back at 2013, discussing the TA Game of the Year, and checking out the hottest news on the site, we'll also be discussing our Game of the Month, The Walking Dead: Season Two. For those concerned about spoilers, we placed our discussion near the end of the podcast AND give a ridiculously-long warning before jumping in to any spoiler talk, so you'll have plenty of time to hit pause and/or rip those earbuds out of your earholes before their violated with the absolutely shocking revelation that Season Two of The Walking Dead...

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

As always, if you LOVE what you're hearing and feel compelled to scream it from the mountaintops (or Twitter), calm down a little... we're just a humble gaming and achievement podcast. The one big favor you could do for us is to subscribe in iTunes, give us a good rating, and channel all of that excited love and mountain yodeling into a review. Just like last month, bonus points and podcast props will be issued if you use the phrase "Swiss Miss" in your review!

If you now see the irony in Apple's famous 1984 commercial and throw a proverbial sledge through their domination of the industry by using a different audio device, you can you can catch up and listen to all of our podcasts here on the site or by downloading them (and loading them on to the device of your choice) here.
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Game of the Year 2013 - Results
Please read the full article here:

Game of the Year 2013 - Results
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