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Controller Button Icons For Solutions, and More
Hello Good People of TrueAchievements!

Many moons ago, it was suggested that it might be good to have controller icons available to put into solutions and walkthroughs (although walkthroughs weren't even possible on TA back then).

A mere 5 and a half years later, we are delighted to finally be putting them live!

There's now a controller icon in your toolbar when posting in the forums, writing solutions etc. Clicking on that icon will show a dropdown list of controllers icons. We've tried to be smart about it too - if you are adding a solution for a 360 game you'll get the 360 icons, if it's an Xbox One game you'll see the next gen ones.

Controller icon menuController icon menu

They work in the same way the smiley buttons do, so you'll see a code appear in the edit window that will be switched out for the image when it's been published.

Controller icons rendered in solutionController icons rendered in solution

A big thank you to kegonomics and WebChimp UK for their graphical input on the icons.

Achievement Descriptions

As you'll probably be aware, achievements can have different locked and unlocked descriptions. Back in the bad old days, we could only access locked descriptions, but for some time now we've had the unlocked descriptions as well, and we've been showing them everywhere.

We've now updated the code so that if you have unlocked the achievement, you'll see the unlocked description, otherwise you'll see the locked one (this is how if works on your Xbox too). However, we've also added a setting into My Settings in the Achievements Section - Always show unlocked achievement descriptions - set this to true to show them whether you've unlocked them or not.

Best Games by Ratio

As well as being able to show on your homepage your best achievements by TA Ratio, you can now also show your Best Games by ratio.

Best Games by RatioBest Games by Ratio

Again, there's a setting to do this in My Settings. If you choose to display either games or achievements by ratio then you'll see the ratio rather than the total TA score for those items in the list.

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Xbox One Achievement Scores Bug
Hi all

You've probably noticed (if you are an Xbox One player) that the achievement GS and TA have been zero'd for all Xbox One games.

This was a bug in some new scanner code that was just put live - I'm just going through and rescanning those games now. We'll then need to recalc the TAs and then update everyone who got scanned in the 10 minutes before I worked out what had happened.

Hopefully everything should be fixed within an hour or two, the scanners are off in the mean time...

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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TA Podcast: The Calm Before the Storm
It's been a long summer. Rich has made an App. M has gained almost 15k in TA Score. At this time, we've determined the weakest link is the jerky third wheel who merely managed to avoid spontaneous combustion during his first summer in North Carolina.

Fortunately for all of you dear listeners, we're putting all of that insanity BEHIND us to chat about all of the latest news and updates in our little corner of the gaming world. In this month's episode, Rich gives the latest updates on that TA App, M gushes over her love for Fibbage, and Jerkface McDumbHead talks about finally getting his retail completion in Titanfall.

As always, if you like the word stew that we home cook for your ear holes, subscribe in iTunes, give us a good rating, and take moment to write a quick review saying how you saw a teenage girl bowl over One Direction to get Rich to autograph her copy of Forza Motorsport 5.

If you don't understand why you'd want an Apple Watch since Apple made watches obsolete with smartphones, you can catch up on all of the TA Podcasts here on the site or download them to the device of your choice here.
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Twitch Channels Now Available For Your Homepage
Hi there

The twitch revolution is clearly upon us, and here at TrueAchievements we strive to give you as much functionality as we possibly can.


So today we are adding a new feature - your twitch channel embedded on your TrueAchievements homepage.

You can set up your twitch channel by going to the new Social Settings menu item on your Game menu on the top right of the header bar.

As well as being able to edit your Twitter and Facebook integration settings from this menu, there's now a new tab for you to enter your Twitch channel address.

Twitch settingsTwitch settings

You can choose to only show your twitch channel when you are broadcasting, and also post a broadcast message to your feed automatically when you start a broadcast:

Twitch channel on the homepage and feed notification of broadcastTwitch channel on the homepage and feed notification of broadcast

Once set, as usual you can move the twitch feed position around on your homepage and change the header colour (or hide it completely) by going to Customize Homepage.

We hope to bring more advanced twitch integration soon, including a TA Twitch hub, but if you have other ideas or feature requests please post them below.

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TA Podcast - Gamescom Special
Guten abend!

Beanpotter and I, TrueAchievement, are out in Cologne at the biggest games festival in the world - Gamescom 2014.

We go through the Xbox Keynote as well as discussing the imminent TrueAchievements App for Xbox One, and then all the games we've been able to play at the show.

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TrueAchievements App Coming Soon To Xbox One
Your eyes are not deceiving you - you will soon be able to download the official TrueAchievements App on your Xbox One!

When Microsoft approached us to ask if we wanted to be directly involved in the next-gen revolution, we jumped at the chance - and we've been working hard to take some of the best features of and put them onto your console, including:

• Achievement solutions
• Gaming sessions
• The latest Xbox news
• True scoring
• Friend feeds
• Stats - for games, achievements and gamers
• Achievement lists and solutions for games and apps on ALL Xbox platforms
• Milestone charts
• Friend game leaderboards
We’re also planning to include snapped mode and voice support.

And in news that could potentially make the universe implode, it will have achievements!

You will need a TrueAchievements account to make use of all the features, but of course that's no problem for most of you - if you have un-registered friends that you think might want to make use of the app then why not get them to sign-up now?

The free app will be available soon (we’re hoping for a September release), in the mean time here’s some screenshots to whet your appetite (click on them to view them in full screen):

The homepage shows your most recently played games and Friend Feed...The homepage shows your most recently played games and Friend Feed...

...and the latest news from the site...and the latest news from the site

Game pages indicate which achievements have solutions, upcoming sessions etcGame pages indicate which achievements have solutions, upcoming sessions etc

Achievement pages show stats and other infoAchievement pages show stats and other info

Solution pages allow you to watch the videos and voteSolution pages allow you to watch the videos and vote

Check our your upcoming Gaming Sessions...Check our your upcoming Gaming Sessions...

...and the achievements and gamers set up for the session...and the achievements and gamers set up for the session

We hope to bring you more information on the TrueAchievements App in the coming weeks!
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Report Forum Post Feature Now Live
Hey TAers,

TrueAchievements is a community site as much as it is an achievement tracking site. To that end, the Moderation Team works tirelessly to try to keep the forums clean and safe for everyone to enjoy. They do a tremendous job keeping an eye on any untoward behavior wherever it may occur. However, as the site grows in size, it becomes more difficult to keep up, with increases in threads and posting activity. This is where you come in!

We have now added the ability to report forum posts. To report a post, simply click on the
icon, located in the top right of any forum post. Submit a reason for the report to inform the moderators of the post. Each individual post can only be reported once. If you are unable to report a specific post, it is probably because someone else has already done so.

Please be in mind of the Forum Policy when submitting reports to the Moderation Team. Just because you disagree with a post, it does not necessarily mean it is against the site rules, although you can always report anything you are unsure about, just in case.

Furthermore, while we promise we will look at all of the reports we receive, we won't be able to respond back to you about the status of the report. And please note that abuse of the report post button will result in loss of the feature.

For all other incidents of bad user behavior, please send a Private Message to a moderator, as per usual.

We thank you for helping making TA an even better community to live and play games in.

Happy Gaming!

- xPut Name Herex, Forum Manager
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Various Small Devs and Our Office Move
Hey everyone

It's been an exciting couple of months for me and for TrueAchievements/TrueTrophies (now under our TrueGaming Network company name) - I recently employed an additional developer to work on the sites, and we now have a proper office to work from!

The office is based in the South East of England, not too far away from Gatwick Airport, and we've been hard at work making it look a bit less corporate:

TrueGaming Network Office WallTrueGaming Network Office Wall

In order to help train up the new developer (GamerTag Doomful), we've been rattling through some small developments and bugs, so here's a list of the main ones:

We've completely re-written the scanners (probably the 10th time I've done so!) - the new code, along with the server upgrades we've recently carried out, have led to an approx 5 times speed improvement. Pro users now have their achievements added within 15 minutes of earning them! Regular users should also notice they get scanned more regularly.

Site Performance
As well as the new hardware, we've re-written or optimized a lot of slow code - the site is humming along very nicely now and you shouldn't notice any pages timeout any more, even the complex leaderboard ones.

Game Ratings
These now appear on Friend Feeds. You can prevent ratings you make from appearing, or indeed block all Game Rating posts from your feed, in your Friend Feed Settings

Best Challenges
We've added a panel to your homepage for showing off your highest Ratio Xbox One Challenges - this can be moved, customized or hidden (along with all your other homepage panels) in Customize Homepage

Walkthrough Notifications
You probably noticed that on game pages that don't yet have a walkthrough there's a button to get notified when a walkthrough has been published. This button didn't previously do anything (my bad!), but from now on when Walkthroughs are published that you wanted notifications for, you will get a PM about them! We're also posting published messages on the author's feed when they hit publication.

Gaming Session Reminder Emails
We've added a new setting in My Gaming Session Settings to allow you to switch off the Gaming Session reminder emails, or have them sent as a PM instead. I know there were a few vocal users that have been after this for a while!

Moving forward, we'll be tackling some larger developments once Doomful is a bit more familiar with the code - TA is a complex beast and it will take him a bit of time to get to grips with the whole site.

Onwards and upwards!


P.S. We also made a new 404 page as a Friday challenge!
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More Server Maintenance This Wednesday
Hi guys

Last week we commenced a process of server maintenance to improve the performance of the site.

Hopefully you've noticed the benefits of that already.

We have a second (and final) maintenance job to perform that will move the entire system onto new servers that should bring another speed boost.

We are planning to move the system on Wednesday (9th July) at 8am British Summer Time (1 hour ahead of GMT). We will again put the site into Read Only mode and you won't be able to post comments or forum posts, add solutions etc. The scanners will also be turned off during the maintenance.

We expect the maintenance to last no longer than 4 hours, but we'll keep you updated as to our expected finish time on our Twitter page and our Facebook group.

Thanks for your patience during this final period of down-time.

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Database Maintenance Starting Shortly
Hi guys

As we let you know last week, we are about to carry out some essential maintenance on some of our servers.

The site will be going into "read only" mode in the next 30 minutes, after which the scanners will be turned off and you will not be able to do anything that "writes" to the database, i.e. send messages, post in the forums, change settings, add solutions etc.

We expect the maintenance to last around 8 hours, but we'll keep you updated as to our expected finish time on our Twitter page and our Facebook group.

Thanks for your patience during this period of downtime; it should benefit everyone in the long run.

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