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Estimated Completion Times Improvements
Last week we brought you a new estimated completion times feature, and being the awesome community that you are, you have uploaded over 50,000 time estimates in the last week alone!

There were also several good ideas posted on how we can make this feature better, and we've taken on board some of those ideas to bring you version 2 of this feature today.

Additional information on My Completion Times page

Improved My Completion Times pageImproved My Completion Times page

To help you gauge how long your games/DLC took you, we've added the start and completion dates, the difference in time before your first and last achievement (if you completed the game in one sitting this will really help you estimate the time), and Xbox One titles will also include the Time Played stat from the game.

Estimates added to game and DLC pages and games list

We've taken the most popular estimated time from your entries, and added them to the game and DLC information panels:

Completion time estimates in game and DLC Info panelsCompletion time estimates in game and DLC Info panels

and also to the Full Games List:

Added estimated completion time to the site games listAdded estimated completion time to the site games list

New Time Completion Estimates page

Clicking on these times takes you through to a new page where you can see the full breakdown of the game time estimates, along with those your friends have given on a separate graph:

Full charts including friends' estimatesFull charts including friends' estimates

PM on completion

Finally, we've added an auto-PM to remind you to fill in your completion times when you complete a bit of content.

We've also tried to make it clearer that completion times on games with DLC packs are only for the base game.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for the feedback on the feature!
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Estimated Game and DLC Completion Times
It's Friday and that means it's time for us to put some new (and probably poorly tested) code up onto the site before the weekend! smile

TA is a community of gamers that generally like to complete their content, and also like to know how long new content takes to complete before they start it.

So we have created a way for you to store an approximate completion time for any content you have completed, and then for that information to be aggregated and shown on the appropriate game and DLC pages.

If you have completed any content and go to the new Completion Times page from your gamer menu, you'll see your completed content ordered by the most recently completed:

Completed content listCompleted content list

Games with DLC will be separated out into the main game and each individual DLC pack.

Choose the approximate time it took you to earn all the achievements in the content (ideally excluding time you spent doing any non achievement-related stuff).

As you change the value on the dropdowns the data is stored automatically.

Then on the game and DLC pages, you'll see a chart of the time bands and how many gamers estimated the completion for that band:

Completion times informationCompletion times information

Obviously there's a lot more stuff we can do with this data and we intend to do some of that work next week, but I wanted to get this code up before the weekend and start collecting it as soon as we could.

Have a great weekend!
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