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Various Small Devs and Our Office Move
Hey everyone

It's been an exciting couple of months for me and for TrueAchievements/TrueTrophies (now under our TrueGaming Network company name) - I recently employed an additional developer to work on the sites, and we now have a proper office to work from!

The office is based in the South East of England, not too far away from Gatwick Airport, and we've been hard at work making it look a bit less corporate:

TrueGaming Network Office WallTrueGaming Network Office Wall

In order to help train up the new developer (GamerTag Doomful), we've been rattling through some small developments and bugs, so here's a list of the main ones:

We've completely re-written the scanners (probably the 10th time I've done so!) - the new code, along with the server upgrades we've recently carried out, have led to an approx 5 times speed improvement. Pro users now have their achievements added within 15 minutes of earning them! Regular users should also notice they get scanned more regularly.

Site Performance
As well as the new hardware, we've re-written or optimized a lot of slow code - the site is humming along very nicely now and you shouldn't notice any pages timeout any more, even the complex leaderboard ones.

Game Ratings
These now appear on Friend Feeds. You can prevent ratings you make from appearing, or indeed block all Game Rating posts from your feed, in your Friend Feed Settings

Best Challenges
We've added a panel to your homepage for showing off your highest Ratio Xbox One Challenges - this can be moved, customized or hidden (along with all your other homepage panels) in Customize Homepage

Walkthrough Notifications
You probably noticed that on game pages that don't yet have a walkthrough there's a button to get notified when a walkthrough has been published. This button didn't previously do anything (my bad!), but from now on when Walkthroughs are published that you wanted notifications for, you will get a PM about them! We're also posting published messages on the author's feed when they hit publication.

Gaming Session Reminder Emails
We've added a new setting in My Gaming Session Settings to allow you to switch off the Gaming Session reminder emails, or have them sent as a PM instead. I know there were a few vocal users that have been after this for a while!

Moving forward, we'll be tackling some larger developments once Doomful is a bit more familiar with the code - TA is a complex beast and it will take him a bit of time to get to grips with the whole site.

Onwards and upwards!


P.S. We also made a new 404 page as a Friday challenge!
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More Server Maintenance This Wednesday
Hi guys

Last week we commenced a process of server maintenance to improve the performance of the site.

Hopefully you've noticed the benefits of that already.

We have a second (and final) maintenance job to perform that will move the entire system onto new servers that should bring another speed boost.

We are planning to move the system on Wednesday (9th July) at 8am British Summer Time (1 hour ahead of GMT). We will again put the site into Read Only mode and you won't be able to post comments or forum posts, add solutions etc. The scanners will also be turned off during the maintenance.

We expect the maintenance to last no longer than 4 hours, but we'll keep you updated as to our expected finish time on our Twitter page and our Facebook group.

Thanks for your patience during this final period of down-time.

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Database Maintenance Starting Shortly
Hi guys

As we let you know last week, we are about to carry out some essential maintenance on some of our servers.

The site will be going into "read only" mode in the next 30 minutes, after which the scanners will be turned off and you will not be able to do anything that "writes" to the database, i.e. send messages, post in the forums, change settings, add solutions etc.

We expect the maintenance to last around 8 hours, but we'll keep you updated as to our expected finish time on our Twitter page and our Facebook group.

Thanks for your patience during this period of downtime; it should benefit everyone in the long run.

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