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[UPDATED] XBL Sale Roundup: September 27th, 2016

This week's Deals with Gold brings us a small selection of indie titles on offer, as well as Mirror's Edge: Catalyst & Grand Theft Auto V. Unfortunately, the 360 deals aren't yet live. Updates on those deals to follow.

Posted 15 hours ago by Chewie, 41 comments

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Double XP Week

The Coalition is giving Gears of War: Ultimate Edition a proper sendoff before next week's early access launch of Gears of War 4. Starting on Wednesday, September 28th, there will be a 2x experience boost active in multiplayer.

Posted 7 hours ago by Kelly Packard, 4 comments

How To Fix Done! Unlocking... Achievement Problems on Xbox One

We've made it easy for you to banish your Done Unlocking and 100% Complete achievements for good. Completionists can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

Posted 23 hours ago by Rich Stone, 102 comments

This Week Only: Buy an Xbox One S, Get a Free Game

If you've been looking to get an Xbox One or Xbox One S, now may just be your chance. With the purchase of any bundle, you can get any game in addition for free until October 1st.

Posted yesterday by Kevin Tavore, 27 comments

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

Last week, Bungie finally gave players another content drop with "Rise of Iron". While the content does scratch the itch for "more Destiny", does it reach the high bar that Bungie set with "The Taken King"?

Posted 2 days ago by Jonathan Barnes, 29 comments

TA Community Interview – II Kazz II

Who better to have at your side in a zombie apocalypse than someone who knows the genre like the back of their hand? Read on to learn a little more about this hardcore achievement hunter with a penchant for the shuffling horde...

Posted 3 days ago by Sam Quirke, 14 comments

Plenty of Double RP and GTA$ Opportunities in This Week's GTA Online Event

This week, your buddy Lamar needs your help in GTA Online, and you'll receive double RP and GTA$ for doing so. You can also receive double bonuses in a special Stunt Race playlist and the usual discounts are available.

Posted 4 days ago by Kelly Packard, 3 comments

Winners: The Bunker

Our latest competition to win one of two Xbox One download codes for The Bunker ended yesterday, and it is now time to reveal the names of our two lucky winners.

Posted 5 days ago by Dave Horobin, 12 comments

The Bunker Review

I think it's safe to say that game developers ultimately strive for graphics as real as the world around us. When they go that little bit further into live-action territory, though, is it something that's going to turn heads?

Posted 5 days ago by Marc Hollinshead, 20 comments

Star Wars Battlefront Double Score Weekend

Prepare to double down on the new "Death Star" maps with an approaching Double Score Weekend in Star Wars Battlefront. For clarification, "double score" makes both credits and experience x2!

Posted 5 days ago by Kelly Packard, 16 comments

Virginia Review

The so-called walking simulator has been a polarizing genre since it came onto the scene a few years ago. Variable State's Virginia offers up the latest in the passive genre and puts all of the focus on its Lynchian mystery.

Posted 6 days ago by Mark Delaney, 17 comments

Battleborn One-Day-Only 4x XP Starts Tomorrow

Starting on Thursday, Gearbox is hosting a one-day-only quadruple XP event to make up for some faulty codes they handed out this week prior. Time to get to Command Rank 100 or level up some Battleborn!

Posted 7 days ago by Kelly Packard, 9 comments

Batman - The Telltale Series Episode 2 Review

Episode two, "Children of Arkham", returns all of the issues the studio and the game's premiere are known for, but surrounds it with even more exciting story developments that will leave you anxious for the next episode.

Posted 7 days ago by Mark Delaney, 17 comments

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Review

Do games need to be fun? Pardon the rhetoric, but this question ties into one of the central questions that games, gamers, game designers, and critics have struggled with for decades: Are games art?

Posted 7 days ago by Jonathan Barnes, 17 comments

Join the TrueAchievements Club on Xbox LIVE

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft announced that the the latest Xbox One preview update would give program members access to the brand new clubs feature.

Posted 7 days ago by Dave Horobin, 50 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: September 20th, 2016

After a few weeks of bigger sales, this week things settle down to just a handful of offerings through Deals with Gold, including Dragon Age Inquisition DLC offered separate to the main game.

Posted 8 days ago by Chewie, 45 comments

Forza Horizon 3 Review

Playground Games' open-world racing sim is back for its third release in six years, and as one of the game's achievements put it simply; this is the Best. Horizon. Ever.

Posted 8 days ago by Dave Horobin, 79 comments

ReCore Review

Recore's open world 3D adventure gives the studio a chance to move away from their most famous creations, but will it be their next big hit?

Posted 8 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 40 comments

Play All Gods Free in SMITE This Week

Starting on Tuesday, September 20th in SMITE, every player will be able to be an Ultimate God Pack Owner for the next several days. This is a good time to try out new characters or pick up any god-specific achievements you need.

Posted 8 days ago by Kelly Packard, 7 comments

PES 2017 Review

With one of gaming's biggest and longest-running rivalries between PES and FIFA set to kick off soon, we see how the first title, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, fares in the battle for footballing dominance.

Posted 9 days ago by Andy Mills, 12 comments

Ultimate Head To Head 2 - Final Few Days To Register

Registration is soon to close for the Ultimate Head To Head Contest 2 - don't miss out on one of the greatest TrueAchievements events we've ever run!

Posted 9 days ago by Rich Stone, 27 comments

Mount & Blade – Warband Review

A realistic depiction of a fictional medieval world, Mount & Blade - Warband's ultimate goal is to bring the world together under your banner, like some sort of game involving thrones.

Posted 11 days ago by Lexley Ford, 17 comments

TGN Debate: Do Multiplayer Achievements Ruin Games?

On one hand, they tell us how to play, potentially to the detriment of the team. On the other hand, they bring us closer together with friends old and new. Is the cost really worth the benefit?

Posted 11 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 263 comments

Parachute Into Grand Theft Auto V's Latest Weekly Event

It's time for the weekly event in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V online mode. This week's mode brings the usual benefits: a double RP and GTA$ playlist, in-game discounts and a new Premium Stunt Race.

Posted 11 days ago by Kelly Packard, 0 comments

Remember September '44 Achievement Reminder In Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

An achievement from the different regional versions of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway will be on offer tomorrow as people will remember Operation Market Garden that took place on September 17th 1944.

Posted 12 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 7 comments

TA Competition: The Bunker

Live-action horror title The Bunker releases on the Xbox One next Friday, 23rd September and our good friends over at the game's publisher, Wales Interactive, have supplied us with two codes to giveaway.

Posted 12 days ago by Dave Horobin, 1098 comments

TA Podcast: Forza Horizon 3, NBA 2K17: The Prelude, PES 17 and More

Welcome to the latest episode of the TrueAchievements Podcast with Rich, Jack and myself, where we sit down to discuss all of the hottest news and new releases from the past week.

Posted 12 days ago by Dave Horobin, 5 comments

HITMAN Welcomes Elusive Target #10 and the Latest Reward

It's hard to believe we're already at the 10th Elusive Target in HITMAN. For those of you who have been diligently removing these individuals from the planet, you'll also get a new suit as a reward for 10x successful targets.

Posted 12 days ago by Kelly Packard, 8 comments

Party Up This Weekend for 2x the Rewards in SMITE

There's always something to strive for in SMITE. Whatever that happens to be for you, this weekend will make it a little easier with double worshipers, experience and favor when playing in a party of two or more.

Posted 12 days ago by Kelly Packard, 2 comments

UPDATED: XBL Sale Roundup: September 13th, 2016

This week we get a mixed bag of Deals with Gold titles, including Dead Island. We also get a Warner Brothers publisher sale for everyone, including some rarely offered "Season Passes". Finally, all Battlefield 4 DLC is free.

Posted 15 days ago by Chewie, 81 comments

Star Trek Online Review

Star Trek Online brings the popular MMO to consoles. For non-fans of Star Trek, the game could begin to pall rather quickly, but for trekkies the game is well worth the ride.

Posted 15 days ago by Cindy Minguez, 35 comments

Multi-Genre System Voting Update

After a couple of months of your hard work we've pretty much hit the end of the initial genre voting periods - which is absolutely amazing!

Posted 15 days ago by Jack Watling, 54 comments

Star Wars Battlefront Bespin DLC Free Week

It's time for another all-expenses-paid visit to the Cloud City, with the second free trial weekend for the Star Wars Battlefront "Bespin" DLC in less than a month. This one lasts the whole week!

Posted 17 days ago by Kelly Packard, 13 comments

TA Community Interview - Strategy One

We all know him as Le Lone Wolf, the purveyor of fine solutions and a strong personality on the site. Today we'll get a closer look at the man himself, so next time you see his work you can finally put a face to the name.

Posted 17 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 53 comments

Walkthroughs Update - August 2016

August was a slow month for walkthroughs here on TA, so there is not much to report. Hopefully, September will bring more excitement to this roundup!

Posted 18 days ago by SpiralGamerpro, 7 comments

GTA Online Double RP, GTA$ Bonuses and More September 9th-15th

Bonus events in Grand Theft Auto V's online mode are a weekly tradition at this point. Rockstar has been switching them up every week for at least six months. This week is no different, with double GTA$ and RP bonuses and more.

Posted 19 days ago by Kelly Packard, 3 comments

Permanent XP Boost Added to Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

It's a Gears of War tradition to hand out crazy XP boosts before the newest title launches! This week, such is the case with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, which has had XP gains permanently boosted in all of its playlists.

Posted 19 days ago by Kelly Packard, 21 comments

TA Podcast: Forza Horizon 3 Interview with Grant Orban from Playground Games

Today is a very special podcast for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because it marks our 50th show (including specials), but most importantly because we were lucky enough to be joined at the end of the show by a very special guest!

Posted 19 days ago by Dave Horobin, 5 comments

King Oddball Review

An oddball-shaped king hell-bent on destroying everything in his path -- that's who you take on the role of in King Oddball. 10tons newest offering moves you on from hitting baseballs about to destroying tanks with rocks.

Posted 19 days ago by Megan Walton, 6 comments

Play With TA Staff This Saturday During Overwatch's Free Play Weekend!

Have you ever wanted to play Overwatch for free, without worrying about popping achievements, in the same party as some of your favorite TA Staff personalities? Now's your chance.

Posted 19 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 25 comments

Announcing The Ultimate Head to Head Contest 2

TrueAchievements most successful event, The Ultimate Head to Head Contest, is back! And it now comes with a group stage so you get to play for longer

Posted 20 days ago by Rich Stone, 181 comments

New Clubs and Looking for Group Features Come to the Xbox LIVE Preview Program

Scott Nelson of the Xbox Engineering Team dishes all of the details with Larry Hryb, Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson, about the new Clubs and Looking For Group features.

Posted 20 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 25 comments

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

It’s time for Adam Jensen to continue his journey with the release of one of the most engaging and rewarding single-player experiences on the Xbox One to date, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Posted 20 days ago by Dave Horobin, 28 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: September 6th, 2016

This week we again get multiple sales running. On Deals with Gold, we get an Assassin's Creed focus. There's also a fairly sizeable sale for everyone on Bandai Namco titles, including many of their Backwards Compatible games.

Posted 22 days ago by Chewie, 61 comments

Leap Frog 2016 Winner and Days 111 - 120 Stats

We thought that the change from number of achievements won each period to increased ratio would make this year's Leap Frog contest shorter, but we were very wrong.

Posted 22 days ago by Dave Horobin, 36 comments

Reminder: The Great Achievement Hunt In Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader

Do you already own the de-listed arcade title Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Make sure to pop the time-sensitive "The Great Achievement Hunt" on September 6th if you haven't already got it. 10 TA score is still TA score!

Posted 22 days ago by Sam Quirke, 12 comments

Assetto Corsa Review

Unquestionably by far the best physics and handling model of any racing title currently available on the console, but the gaming elements of the title still need some polishing and will leave console racers wanting more.

Posted 23 days ago by Andrew Ogley, 49 comments

Winners: Worms W.M.D.

Our latest competition to win some Worms W.M.D. goodies ended on Friday, and it is now time to reveal the names of our lucky winners.

Posted 23 days ago by Dave Horobin, 12 comments

The Final Station Review

How would it feel to start out an ordinary day headed to work only to find yourself caught up in a desperate fight to keep yourself and others alive as you travel through once familiar landscape now turned into a literal war zone?

Posted 25 days ago by Cindy Minguez, 13 comments

GTA Online's Sunday Drivers Week Brings Double RP and GTA$

The conclusion of last week's Freemode Week in GTA Online brings the onset of a new event. Sunday Drivers Week will feature the usual variety of double RP and GTA$ opportunities, in-game discounts and more.

Posted 25 days ago by Kelly Packard, 1 comment