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XBL Content Roundup: October 21st, 2016

Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4 and WWE 2K17 provide the highlights, while there are plenty of new bundles and indie games. Rise of the Tomb Raider and Rock Band 4 add DLC with achievements.

Posted 2 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 12 comments

TA Podcast: Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefield 1 and Industry News

It's been a slower week for new AAA releases but there's still a lot to discuss as it has been a huge week for news; a certain cowboy game was announced and a we saw short trailer showing what Nintendo has to offer next.

Posted 3 days ago by Dave Horobin, 14 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: October 18th, 2016

In this week's Deals with Gold, Tomb Raider titles and other games join the familiar GTA V bundles. There's also a Fallout sale, discounts on Rock Band tracks and Team 17 bundles.

Posted 6 days ago by Chewie, 43 comments

SMITE's Terror of the Night Patch Introduces Camazotz, Themed Arena Map and More

Between the creepy new god, the decorated Arena map and the slew of costume-inspired skins, SMITE's next patch all but screams Halloween. Expect these additions and more when the patch arrives early next week.

Posted 9 days ago by Kelly Packard, 8 comments

Mantis Burn Racing Review

While other top down racers may have failed to deliver, in drifts Mantis Burn Racing. We've been promised "stunning visuals, tactile gameplay and bumper to bumper racing", but does it deliver?

Posted 10 days ago by Megan Walton, 12 comments

All Gods Free and Double Everything in SMITE's Reaping Event

It must be October. Halloween-themed gaming events are crawling out of the woodwork like insects. SMITE is throwing their hat in the ring with The Reaping, offering all gods free alongside a double everything weekend.

Posted 10 days ago by Kelly Packard, 5 comments

We Happy Few Video - Improved Conversation System

Survival roguelike adventure We Happy Few, currently in Preview on Xbox One, is set to receive a major overhaul to its encounter systems to improve realism and reduce bugs.

Posted 12 days ago by Luc1d, 3 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: October 11th, 2016

As well as a decent amount of Deals with Gold offers, including some indie discounts, there's a massive Xbox 360 Super Sale with some rare DLC savings. A big list of Rocksmith tracks rounds things off.

Posted 13 days ago by Chewie, 62 comments

TA@EGX 2016: Pixel Blimp Reveals Zone 100 and Puts Jump Stars Through Its Paces

Last year at EGX, we revealed Pixel Blimp's upcoming title Jump Stars. Not only was the game at EGX again this year, it was joined by another of their titles that was being revealed for consoles.

Posted 13 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

Manual Samuel Review

In collaboration with developer Perfectly ParaNormal, Manual Samuel is the latest offering from Curve Digital and it's a game that can make you laugh out loud.

Posted 13 days ago by Cindy Minguez, 5 comments

TGN First Impression: Manual Samuel

In Manual Samuel, you strike a deal with the devil where you have to do everything manually for 24 hours. What does that mean for us as a player? Can you walk up a set of stairs?

Posted 14 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 4 comments

TGN First Impression: Clustertruck

Have you ever wanted to play Frogger but on semi-trucks and in first person view? Yes. Well, now's your chance. Our first impression gives you the details on this rather unique title.

Posted 16 days ago by Kevin Tavore, 10 comments

XBL Content Roundup: October 7th, 2016

We're back to a normal week and a normal format. Mafia III is the headliner, while WRC 6 and RIDE 2 bring racing fun to Europe. Ultimate Edition holders will also be away playing Gears of War 4.

Posted 16 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 8 comments

Axiom Verge Review

True nostalgia without the need of rose tinted spectacles. A brilliant addition to the 'Metroidvania' genre packaged in a wonderful homage to the 8-bit origins. A must-have title for the fans of the genre.

Posted 17 days ago by Andrew Ogley, 20 comments

Mantis Burn Racing Drifts Into Release Next Week

Top-down racer Mantis Burn Racing sparked an interest in our community from its first announcement. The game will be debuting in the ID@Xbox program next week and has received very positive feedback at gaming conventions.

Posted 17 days ago by Kelly Packard, 9 comments

SMITE Double Fantasy Points Weekend

As the jam-packed fall release season begins, it's easy to forget about the free-to-play titles that often demand our attention, too. Earn double fantasy points for both wins and predictions in this weekend's SMITE event.

Posted 17 days ago by Kelly Packard, 3 comments

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Dated

If the intensity meter on that Outlast 2 demo was set a few notches too high for you, there is something more whimsical you could engage in on Halloween night... squeeze onto the couch for some Jackbox!

Posted 17 days ago by Kelly Packard, 10 comments

GRIDD: Retroenhanced Trailer Brings the Neon & the Synth

Indie developer Antab Studio has released an updated gameplay trailer for their upcoming shooter GRIDD: Retroenhanced, which features procedurally generated action and plenty of neon and synthwave

Posted 17 days ago by Chewie, 1 comment

TA@EGX 2016: Wired Productions Announces Victor Vran and The Town of Light

As well as bringing We Sing and Super Dungeon Bros to EGX, publisher Wired Productions took the time to announce two more titles that they will be bringing to consoles. Of course, we tried out both of them.

Posted 18 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 2 comments

Voodoo Vince: Remastered Announced

In a world where "remasters" are announced before games even celebrate their fifth anniversaries (yes, Skyrim, I'm talking about you), there comes one man — doll — actually deserving of redemption... Voodoo Vince.

Posted 19 days ago by Kelly Packard, 30 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: October 4th, 2016

This week's Deals with Gold is very Ubisoft-centric with titles big and small on offer across both consoles. There are a few indie titles discounted on the One. There's also a Ubisoft bundle sale for everyone.

Posted 20 days ago by Chewie, 49 comments

Retail Releases: Week of October 3rd, 2016

There is another big week ahead as the latest Gears adventure begins early, and crime-fighting fans can venture out on to the streets of New Bordeaux in the latest Mafia outing

Posted 20 days ago by Keith Gray, 17 comments

TA@EGX 2016: Sniper Elite 4 Debuts Co-op Campaign Gameplay

The game's lead designer Paul Wright and Rebellion's community manager Rob Dale took to the stage to demonstrate co-op gameplay for the first time on the large Viaduct level.

Posted 21 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 5 comments

The Odyssey Continues in SMITE's Rising Flames Patch

SMITE patches are as regular as Chronos' ever-ticking clock. Hot on the heels of "The Odyssey" update, the "Rising Flames" patch will continue the epic adventure its predecessor started with new quests, skins and more.

Posted 23 days ago by Kelly Packard, 7 comments

XBL Content Roundup: September 30th, 2016

Due to my attendance at EGX, we weren't able to publish a store update last week. As such, this week's store update includes two weeks of content and we're keeping it brief again.

Posted 23 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 7 comments

TrueAchievements Viral Event 2016

Prepare to have your minds blown! This October we'll be bringing not just one but TWO events to the TA community: Viral Event and Zombie Event.

Posted 24 days ago by Chad and Jessie, 64 comments

TA Podcast: Forza Horizon 3, FIFA 17, BATMAN: The Telltale Series, UHH2 and more

On this week's show, we finally get to talk about Forza Horizon 3, our journey with FIFA 17, Batman: The Telltale Series, the first round of UHH2 match ups, and much more.

Posted 24 days ago by Dave Horobin, 4 comments

TA@EGX 2016: Yooka-Laylee Preview

When Project Ukulele was announced over 18 months ago, the excitement was real. Now known as Yooka-Laylee, we gatecrashed the Rezzed Zone at EGX to get a hands-on preview with the upcoming title.

Posted 24 days ago by Rebecca Smith, 8 comments

Earn Double Worshipers, XP and Favor in SMITE This Weekend

Chalk up another weekend event for the mythological MOBA SMITE. Starting on Friday, players will be earning a double boost of worshipers, experience and favor all weekend long. Perhaps it's time to grind out that Diamond?

Posted 25 days ago by Kelly Packard, 2 comments

Super Dungeon Bros Set To Release This November

New screens and a new video accompany the newly confirmed release date for React! Games' upcoming 3D rock-themed dungeon crawler Super Dungeon Bros.

Posted 26 days ago by Ashley Woodcock, 14 comments

[UPDATED] XBL Sale Roundup: September 27th, 2016

This week's Deals with Gold brings us a small selection of indie titles on offer, as well as Mirror's Edge: Catalyst & Grand Theft Auto V. Unfortunately, the 360 deals aren't yet live. Updates on those deals to follow.

Posted 27 days ago by Chewie, 80 comments

Winners: The Bunker

Our latest competition to win one of two Xbox One download codes for The Bunker ended yesterday, and it is now time to reveal the names of our two lucky winners.

Posted 1 month ago by Dave Horobin, 12 comments

The Bunker Review

I think it's safe to say that game developers ultimately strive for graphics as real as the world around us. When they go that little bit further into live-action territory, though, is it something that's going to turn heads?

Posted 1 month ago by Marc Hollinshead, 20 comments

Rocket League Previews Underwater Arena

Psyonix is wasting no time moving Rocket League right along after this month's addition of Rumble mode. Today a trailer was released for the next new arena, an underwater playing field called AquaDome.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 11 comments

October's Games with Gold Announced

Major Nelson has just announced the Games with Gold line up for October: MX vs. ATV: Reflex, I Am Alive, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings and The Escapists.

Posted 1 month ago by Dave Horobin, 183 comments

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Review

Do games need to be fun? Pardon the rhetoric, but this question ties into one of the central questions that games, gamers, game designers, and critics have struggled with for decades: Are games art?

Posted 1 month ago by Jonathan Barnes, 19 comments

XBL Sale Roundup: September 20th, 2016

After a few weeks of bigger sales, this week things settle down to just a handful of offerings through Deals with Gold, including Dragon Age Inquisition DLC offered separate to the main game.

Posted 1 month ago by Chewie, 45 comments

Play All Gods Free in SMITE This Week

Starting on Tuesday, September 20th in SMITE, every player will be able to be an Ultimate God Pack Owner for the next several days. This is a good time to try out new characters or pick up any god-specific achievements you need.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 7 comments

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 Reveals Games in Latest Trailer

Ahh, the Jack series. I have such pleasant memories of Cookie Masterson screaming at me while I get every trivia question wrong. Jackbox Games hopes to bring back that same feel of idiocy with The Jackbox Party Pack 3.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 7 comments

The Odyssey Returns in SMITE Patch 3.17

SMITE's latest patch will bring the return of The Odyssey, a special PvE mode in the form of Xing Tian's Mountain, new achievements, new skins, the usual balance adjustments and more. It'll be available early next week.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 3 comments

TA Competition: The Bunker

Live-action horror title The Bunker releases on the Xbox One next Friday, 23rd September and our good friends over at the game's publisher, Wales Interactive, have supplied us with two codes to giveaway.

Posted 1 month ago by Dave Horobin, 1098 comments

Party Up This Weekend for 2x the Rewards in SMITE

There's always something to strive for in SMITE. Whatever that happens to be for you, this weekend will make it a little easier with double worshipers, experience and favor when playing in a party of two or more.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 2 comments

The Bunker Launch Trailer, Screens and Release Date

Upcoming live-action psychological horror game The Bunker has been given a release date, along with a launch trailer and some new screenshots.

Posted 1 month ago by Luc1d, 11 comments

Axiom Verge Dated for This Month

Axiom Verge, the smash-hit, retro-inspired Metroidvania (Retroidvania?) title from PC, PS4 and WiiU, will finally be launching on Xbox One at the end of this month. In the developer's words, "Achievement Unlocked!"

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 8 comments

Clustertruck Previews Platforming Highway Madness

Clustertruck, which rhymes with "clusterpuck" (what did you think I was going to say?), is a platformer that takes place on top of badly-driven trucks flying down the highway. It's out on Steam this month and Xbox One later.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 8 comments

UPDATED: XBL Sale Roundup: September 13th, 2016

This week we get a mixed bag of Deals with Gold titles, including Dead Island. We also get a Warner Brothers publisher sale for everyone, including some rarely offered "Season Passes". Finally, all Battlefield 4 DLC is free.

Posted 1 month ago by Chewie, 81 comments

Rocket League Hotfix on the Way for Framerate Issues Caused by Rumble Patch

If you're a big Rocket League fan, you already know about Rocket League's huge Rumble update that went live on Thursday. You might have also noticed there have been some performance issues caused by the update.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 15 comments

IGA Delays Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night to 2018; Adds More Devs

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's famous dev IGA, concerned about the quality of the game, has pushed back the release of the title to 2018 and brought another development team on-board.

Posted 1 month ago by Kelly Packard, 10 comments

TA Podcast: Forza Horizon 3 Interview with Grant Orban from Playground Games

Today is a very special podcast for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because it marks our 50th show (including specials), but most importantly because we were lucky enough to be joined at the end of the show by a very special guest!

Posted 1 month ago by Dave Horobin, 5 comments

King Oddball Review

An oddball-shaped king hell-bent on destroying everything in his path -- that's who you take on the role of in King Oddball. 10tons newest offering moves you on from hitting baseballs about to destroying tanks with rocks.

Posted 1 month ago by Megan Walton, 6 comments