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my thoughts of the new gow judgment
so I decided to write my first blog since I had nothing else to do on this Saturday. I decided to give my thoughts on the new gears game and just how far ms will milk the series and just how badly we need a new console.Well let me first start off by saying this game feels like it was supposed to b a dlc for gears 3 and ms said wait we have no exclusives for 2013 so just sell it as a full retail game.Next is the campaign wich is a series of segmented missions where u do challenges to earn stars for each mission and for the achievement I actualy didn't mind the campaign that much except how they throw so many special locusts at you more than gow 1 I mean come on 5 mallers and 3 boomers in 1 area gow 1 didn't even pull anything that crazy and its set after that time.Now as for the multiplayer heres where you feel ripped off I mean come on 4 maps for each game mode and modes that are taken out that didn't need to b talk about pushing away your hardcore fan base wow as for the gametypes they all feel like fast paced gametypes that belong in a call of duty game and not gears I mean come on free for all in gears all it is is a cluster of people killing each other with mindless reguard sure its easy xp but that's about it the only worthwile gamemode that people might enjoy for a bit is overrun this mode is interesting because it feels like horde vs beast with real players the only problem is it goes on for to long sometimes and it can definitely take a bit to get into it last point I would like to address is the choice to be able to carry shields with certain weapons this makes the game feel unbalanced at times o and by the way as of when I last played melee attacks were overpowered and cheap as well in conclusion this is just another example of a game that is being run into the ground by ms and epic no wonder cliffy b left the company thanks to all who read my first attempt at a blog ps I know spelling isn't the best 2 bad
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